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Hello everyone @truthforce writing.

I do this post each week and choose some of the best or under-rewarded content I can find on the blockchain. You might be featured next! Help me give you GREAT rewards, make sure you post on Hive.Blog and use the #palnet tag or use the front end. If you are into a centrally controlled censorship chain you can also use Steem. If you post on Hive using the #palnet tag and also on Steem you will earn Hive/Palcoin/Steem from @msp-curation, and will probably hit trending on What are you waiting for? Get creating!

1 @richq11

Riots Across America: The Bigger Picture

2 @johnvibes

Why Can Cops Use Chemicals Weapons That Are Banned In Warfare During Protests?

3 @wakeupnd

Deputy Chief Resigns after pretending to be BLM protester, holding a beer and saying fuck the police in Fargo rioting.

4 @jasonliberty

This is What a Police State Looks Like

5 @apolymask

Police shoot homeless man in wheelchair in the face with non lethal round...?

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