Put down your bloody weapons !

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A cartoon by Free Rebels artist drawing on the situation in Hong Kong in August 2019.
On November 19, Hong Kong Special Chief (The Honourable)also called on protesters who remain on campus "to lower their weapons and go out peacefully under police orders" to reach a peaceful solution.

China’s state-run media issued the warning to pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong. The mass demonstrations have been largely peaceful. [2]

Dragon in the tradition of the east, this animal belongs to the sacred animal, symbolizing strength and in many cases it represents the good. However, when watching western movies with dragon images in them, it was different from the dragons in Asia. And often bring many bad things to people.

I think using dragon images to metaphor China is not suitable for Asians. And you, what do you think?

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    I think you are a victim! LOL
    This account has very little activity, I'm sure you already have your main account.
    I see Steem's rankings going down, maybe what they're trying to make this community as good as their claims are counterproductive. You and I must have only one umbrella to use as a weapon But not all of us benefit when things plummet. But it's plummeting! So bad
    Thanks for being here @kiwisteem !