Will the Biden flavored Communism genocide MAGA?

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The latest wave of the left has my autistic brain wondering why the left is trying to do everything policy wise it can to increase the roster of white nationalists and Nazi's. White nationalist and Nazi's are not MAGA, and most of them are national socialist-and many of them I spoke to endorsed Biden. Most Nazis hate Trump, because Trump isn't a socialist But despite their love of Biden, they still hate their Jews.
Many of the Nazi groups have a modern revisionist or quasi-revisionist sense of history that seems to want to say Hitler was fighting Rothchilds and the Nazis was burning pedo literature, but obviously that doesn't match what really happened.Even when the Nazi's did capture a Rothschild, he [Louis} was allowed to pay $21 000 000 and was released. Also the 6 million Jews they killed probably had nothing to do with the Rothschild family, communism, etc. There are inherent dangers in allowing just a certain group of people to control historical narratives, or excluding certain sets of people from public discourse.
Despite their strongly held convictions in well researched false info, they are starting to hit the nail on the head on the Biden administration. Of course their focus was on jewish appointees to top position; To me that is natural because Jews tend to be high IQ. I do, however, object to communist who pretend to be Jewish as to avoid criticism by crying anti-semitism; They are fueling the very thing that cause the rise of the nazi party to begin with. But increasingly and unrelated,I am finding myself asking how are certain Biden policies or people supposed to reduce white nationalism. After so much repetition of asking this question, it dawns on you that they want the exact opposite outcome. That they want to ferment and radicalize as many people as they can.
I have my own reservations against Biden. But I need to list the reservations that white nationalist of nazi's may have.

125k new immigrants a year from islamic countries. https://www.businessinsider.com/biden-calls-for-accepting-as-many-as-125000-refugees-year-2021-2 . How is that going for Europe? The open border European states soon face surges of people turning to nationalism.

Biden signs executive orders preventing states and communities from objecting to immigrants. https://www.breitbart.com/immigration/2021/02/05/biden-revoking-ability-reject-refugee-dumping/ Yeah, when the Somalies move to Lewiston maine, the democratic mayor asked them to go back-they don't have the resources. Soon the kkk's world church was moving in. https://www.nytimes.com/2005/02/09/movies/hatred-and-love-for-somali-neighbors.html . Biden is essentially free to terrorize any community with unsustainable immigration, odds are he's gunning to destroy red states.

Black reparations. https://www.thesouthafrican.com/news/us/we-gotta-have-them-rapping-about-reparations-raps-rapper-ice-cube/ . Although it hasn't happened yet, when the democrats control the house, the senate, and the president, they can pretty much do anything they want-absent court intervention....and they plan to flood the courts. Now this is offensive to many people whose ancestors fought to free the slaves, and never owned a slave. A few people will point to the homestead act and argue there was reparations available for over 100 years. But to white supremacists and Nazis, they believe the slave owners and slave traffickers were mostly Jewish. To them, they would see it as white people paying for the crimes of the Jews. All this during a time the new York times admits a white genocide is going on.

The military trying to crack down on "white supremecy", Even forcing troops to avoid pepe the frog. https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-military/2021/02/03/defense-secretary-orders-60-day-stand-down-to-confront-extremism-in-the-military/ . When the democratic party is calling the Cuban American lead proud boys a white nationalist group, you quickly understand that the left wants to attack western values and dominate those who have them. I would dare our troops to paint pepe the frog on a fighter jet, and wear a lapel of Pepe anytime they are visited by the top brass. But I need not dare this, the first step anyone would do to these ridiculous orders is break them. Worse, they are likely to become radicalized as a means of protest-especially if they are punished for it.

The appointment of anti-white prosecutors who just so happen to claim to be bisexual Jewish women, Pamala Karlan. https://thenationalpulse.com/breaking/pamela-karla-joins-biden-doj/ I think this was really where I reach my limit; That this was too obvious. If a Nazi really came up to you about her, what can you really say. Technically, she isn't a jew. Under the Mosaic law, it wouldn't be permitted for a Jewish woman to be bisexual. But let's be quite frank for a moment, no real jew would ever be a communist. Even the times of Israel is worried about what these fake Jews are doing to jewish perception including the conduct of Karlan in their baseless attack on Trump, https://www.timesofisrael.com/three-of-the-trump-impeachment-witness-lawyers-were-jewish-and-it-matters/ .The national socialist hated the global communists, and the Nazi's were convinced the global communist were Jewish. Seriously, what could go wrong when you appoint racist communists to position of power who falsely claim to be Jewish...except repeating the darkest moment in human history.

Now, the reader doesn't have to agree with me that the Biden administration is doing all these things intentionally to stir up white nationalists and Nazis. I can't delete you nor disappear you, and because this is the block chain, twitter, Amazon, google, facebook, etc, can't delete this. The practice of Deleting videos, and blogs, and cancelling speakers; The left has engaged in a modern variant of the book burning of Nazi Germany under the idea of uniting one people; the communists. Nazi Germany found a country of one people (race) to be particularly strong, the communists are trying this over political ideology. While some of the left may be fantasizing about defeating the Nazis some 76 years after the war, I would dare say the modern left is trying to outdue the Nazis by projecting the image of their political opponents as Nazis in which to cull. These communist have become exactly what they claimed to hate.

MAGA has nothing to do with white nationalists or Nazis, but you really can't convince the left that. MAGA had 4-5 members killed when they peacefully stormed the capitol to verbally oppose the fraudulent election. No one is prosecuting the murderers, but they are prosecuting and denying bond to people who dared step inside-even threatening conservatives who happen to live or work in the area that weren't there. Despite antifa burning down virtually every major city in the USA killing dozens of people, the ones who get called the "terrorists" are MAGA. The liberal judges hold MAGA without any bond, but liberal prosecutors will drop the charge of antifa and Kamala Harris was working to bond them out. For now, middle America can see this contradiction. I am sure many are scared. How could the left convince middle America that MAGA is bad.

Already the left is drooling about cleansing Maga-they can hardly contain their ambitions. Plans to kill capitalist are not new, they are at least 50 years old in the USA among Obama's mentor-which we'll get back to Obama later. Former head of the CIA John Brennan called to re-educated MAGA folks through mass humiliation like Maoist China; remember the SDS wanted to kill the capitalist who couldn't be re-educated. https://www.robertsonreport.com/former-cia-director-john-brennan-calls-for-mao-like-public-humiliation-sessions-for-trump-supporters-before-they-are-accepted-back-into-society/ A Cia operative wanted to carry out military operations on maga. ABC news called for a cleansing. https://www.foxnews.com/media/abc-news-movement-trump-supporters-following-capitol-riots. MSNBC hinted at drone striking Americans. https://www.theblaze.com/news/msnbc-host-drone-strike-kill-americans MSNBC also called for MAGA supporters to be confronted and destroyed. https://www.air.tv/watch?v=1ZL2SjyVRNKTX_RPwWtSaw Former CIA also called for hunting down MAGA. https://www.jihadwatch.org/2021/02/former-cia-top-dog-robert-grenier-we-should-hunt-down-trump-supporting-americans-as-we-hunted-down-al-qaeda-members . The liberals are drooling with violence excitement over options that are not viable yet, but we won't see big tech demonetizing them nor deleting their social media profiles. They can openly speak about their desire to kill us, but we'll be the ones censored and fact checked for saying that's not fair. Some of there statements may be "true threats" or "unlawful incitement" but no charges despite these statements being acts of overt terrorism. Yet if any one of us were to criticize a communist goon in office, there would be federal agents knocking on our door the next day.
I've brought this up before, but about 8 years ago Obama purchased for domestic use 1.6 billion rounds of ammo for domestic use. that is 5 rounds of ammo per person. Our congress tried to get answers on why all this ammo was needed, none was provided https://www.investors.com/politics/editorials/dhs-wont-answer-congress-on-ammunition-purchases/ . Suddenly Biden Decides Trump shouldn't get intelligence briefings in fear he might say something. I wonder what that something is.

Still the ordinary person wouldn't want this kind of use used against political speakers. The left hasn't unified anyone yet. But through projection, they can get the support of middle America. All they need to do is keep pissing off the white nationalists until one or more of those nutcases cracks. The left and the media would control the narrative and blame it on maga extremists. It may be the leftists who actually carry out the attack, just so they can do evil things. Such isn't unheard of. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Northwoods

Maybe my thinking is wrong, I hope it is. But when an autistic brain starts stringing similarly related events together into one complex system, one might want to pay attention.

Whatever you do, well obviously don't join any White nationalists or Nazi groups. Secondly plan your escape route. If you think "oh, I can drive to Mexico or Canada" then know some of these nations may be compromised; Canada just named the proud boys a terrorist group. https://www.npr.org/2021/02/06/964893549/canada-labels-proud-boys-a-terrorist-group-what-are-the-consequences The government knows where you live. By now your driver's license and passports have biometric information, They know the Eigenlines of your face; they can track you through facial recognition. Many communities have plate readers; you can be tracked in real time. Additionally, your phone gives them a gps device as to your location. So if your emergency plan is to leave the USA with crypto, makes sure your crypto isn't stuck in an exchange with two factor authorization. You need to own your crypto. Additionally, you'll need to learn how to file for asylum, learn the language, find a place to stay, and land a job.

I am not saying this will happen, but there are two reasons for posting this: 1) To give people fair warning that all the mechanisms are in place, and 2) to place on an immutable chain the mechanism for how it happened before it happened when people in the USA are not allowed to discuss anything but what the states wants them to hear.

Hope to still see you here in in 2030; 90-95% chance you wont. [bad joke]


peacefully stormed the capitol

Your piece is replete with oxymorons like that.