Unifying the country through coerced socialism will fail. Fuck Joe Biden.

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Some of my reflection of the family court system, compounded by the cancel culture, perhaps give me a morbid insight into how this nation will be unified. It is a fake savior complex. In short there will be no true unity: the soon to be expanded entitlement class will grow by present cancelled conservatives who are greatly resentful at what happened to them; The policies they once opposed, they will now through coercion be demanding food and shelter for survival; and, they will recognize the so called savior as a spiteful political party who brought ruin to them expects to delude them into the idea they save them. And so the circle will be complete, nearly everyone left will be forced to adopt socialism less they....hahaha starve to death-which will happen soon enough under socialism. Kamala was also laughing about starving prisoners begging for more food like Oliver Twist, as reported in a now deleted Washington post article. We literally live in 1984.

Unless a person runs their own business, or can survive in the wilderness, most people are dependent upon other business and/or the state. And a business owner is still dependent upon his customers both internal or external. There is presently a purge going on, if you supported Donald Trump you might lose your job, social media access, your bank account, etc. The congress is contemplating banning MAGA from joining the U.S. military or from holding other federal jobs-while also planning to legalize 10-20 million illegals perhaps to fill them and ensure America never votes red again. If you express the wrong ideas, you or your company can be cancelled. People are attacking the professional licenses of attorneys, students at Harvard want the university to rescind the degrees of conservatives, mercer law wants to rescind the naming on a courtroom who Lin Wood paid $1m to have it named after him. If you worked in the wrong industry, you may have found out Joe Biden signed executive orders banning your Job...that just so happens to compete with Burisma and Chinese Energy. Fracking is good enough for him, hunter, and the people of Ukraine, but it is bad if it economically benefits Americans and their families. We went from America first to America last in the first few days of a Biden Presidency in an economy that needs to heal.

One can obviously debate the fallout of losing out ability to be energy independent including more wars, ore trade deficits, and giving more money to the middle east and Venezuela. Or how many jobs can we afford to lose as we try to recover from this covid economy. While these are serious issues worthy of discussion, perhaps another day.

For the average adult they will likely have rent or a mortgage payment, a car payment, and student loans. If you lost your job due to the pandemic then you could qualify for special types of federal unemployment benefits. But if you lost your job due to an executive order because you worked in the energy sector, well too bad and hopefully your state will cover it. The Biden's response since at least 2017 has been find a different job as more and more good paying American jobs went to foreigners. That kind of logic might work with political families in Washington D.C with all the cronyism there, but out in the country these industries may be the only thing the community had. The industries brought in people who earned money who could patron grocery stores, retailers, restaurants, gas stations, car dealerships, the real estate market, and by extension hotels for when family visited. So it's not really poof 5 days in and Biden kills 70k jobs, the actual pain will be a multiplier [great than 1] of that and could be hundreds of thousands. Businesses will be shuttering, there won't be any local jobs for these workers, homes and business liquidated, property values drop while mil rates increase. New opportunities for them may not pop up anywhere in the country. It was a nightmare many of us rural folks growing up in union households seen in the 1990s when Clinton/Biden sent all our jobs overseas to china. Union Jobs are the types of jobs people work hard to find to make a living for them and their family. If they should happen to find a new job with no planning, it might be a Mcjob when what they need is a career. If they want a career then they are going to have to retrain for new skills, might have to go further into student loan debt-It might be easier to stick with a mcjob, then come out later in life with no experience in the new field and no guarantee the marketplace in 2-4 tears will find a home for them.

When Obama saved General motors, they shuttered the car dealerships belonging to conservatives. When the government does these things, it is a form of economical terrorism designed not just to break people and their family, but it is also to squash them from ever affording to have a voice or run for congress. I mean having to leave all your friends behind, likely liquidate your home and belongings, having to move hundreds of miles away....Please tell me how that isn't how the Greeks would have treated their murderers. In Joe Biden's America, all you'll known is pain, shattered dreams, hardships, sacrifices, and emptiness-no rewards, no achievements, just endless despair. This Anti-Christ will suck all the reasons for living out of you, when you have done nothing wrong.

Similar forms of economic terrorism goes on in the family courts. When a woman can go before a judge and argue the man looked at her the wrong way, and effectively take his kids, half his wealth including his home and future income, and his voice-without even so much as a hearing let alone a fair one. A decent family man just had his world collapse on him. Perhaps it is brought on from...a job loss and she found someone to screw and live with rent free. Effectively talented young men have been driven to suicide by the family court systems from the bereavement, abandonment, depression, anxiety, substance abuse they cause by perhaps tens of thousands a year. Others who survive may lose their careers from the same thing. Homelessness and jail soon follows because child support won't pay itself, now a person has an arrest record and employment gaps, and has to try to find a job to not only pay child support but to try to give himself some kind of life. The Marxist have fought hard to destroy the family unit, and where have all the PACs gone defending the family or traditional family values. Who is filling the void in corporate America; who are being placed into executive positions? Those who financially refuse to have or are hostile towards families. And who are they hiring? What candidates are they giving money too. Who are they firing? Who are they refusing to do business with? How could the gays, lesbians/feminists, pedos, and trannys get corporate America to stab American families in the Back if a great replacement didn't take place? The most important things in life aren't a corporation, a government, or other man made construct-it is the family. A family completes the soul, and the present state of governments and corporations these days empties nearly every soul in exchange for paper.

Thee new entitlement culture (those living on welfare) of the future will be todays conservatives, and living off of scraps will not be enough to erase debt obligations save for a few. They will always be serfs in a feudal lord system. The political power of the socialist is growing; comply or rot. But even Complying is rot, just not as an immediate shock to the system. The left may think they are winning. But they won't because all they cause is death and despair. In my advanced age, I really hate the find a new job argument. When I completed my programming type degree, the job market shrank up and companies started hiring hi-Bs in mass. The media 15 years was reporting illegals were finding $15/hour in the cities, figure I might pick up 2 only to find out the only jobs were paying minimum wage ($5.xx?). Tried to enlist in the military as a coder to develop professional experience, they didn't want me. Went back to college to be a math teacher; false arrest before graduation. Heard California was paying $22/hour to pick grapes a few years ago, looked to the websites and only saw I think $10/hour. Went to study metal working, employer didn't want me due to a work gap created from litigating the false arrest claim. Gone back to study paralegal. Life in America is really to fragile, and this find a new job propaganda is a bunch of bull shit. No one after putting in years of college or work experience wants to see the government cancel their job prematurely and say, don't worry have a Mcjob for the rest of your life, move into a smaller apartment, and sell your car, while paying off your student loans. This isn't the 1940s; you need a college degree now in many states to grab a pair of scissor to cut hair. What Joe Biden did to these people is a special kind of evil, and nearly all his political aspirations involve sending people to prison for life or otherwise instantly destroying the entire life work of the average citizen. Yet the media will be quiet about how many suicides his policies have caused; As a top global communist, he's always been immune to any and all criticism-including rape allegations. Detroit was once a mighty and great city, once they lost their jobs the city has yet to recovery decades later. Decades later You can still tell Detroit to find another job for every job lost all you want; they still haven't materialized.

All terrorist regimes like to create this savior complex, where the poor people are able to eat and have shelter because of the good will of a sadistic madman. For Hammas it convinces young people to engage in suicide attacks against Israel for the party. This savior complex won't work here, because Joe Biden has always been the Enemy of the people-and increasingly people are becoming aware of this. His plans of unify a destroyed people by throwing them table scraps won't work because he's the one who shattered their lives, hopes, and aspirations in the first place. The tyrant is a vampire of the worst kind.

When the executive branch is engaged is doing this against their own people, and claiming the remedy is find a new Job [or new wife/home/etc]....No. We need to call out the executive branch for what it is; He is committing acts of economic terrorism to silence and destroy his opposition. He's turning them and their progeny into beggars, and some may have to become criminals to get by, and destroying their political voices. There is sadly, short of me being interviewed by the secret service for saying it, nothing we can do to save these people from this tyrant. In regards to public and private companies who are modern slavers or committing economic terrorism against conservatives, we need to stop doing business with them immediately. We are going to have to be like the blacks of 60 years ago, and start patronizing only conservative owned businesses. Get off Amazon.com [and facebook and twitter], and [health permitting] go to a local store-but not a Simon's owned mall. We have to build the good guys up to destroy the current establishment, or get used to being second class citizens.
Unless you want to live as second class citizens in Joe Biden's America, either get the hell out of America while you still can, or push your state into seceding immediately. If we want to save the people of the United states; the best thing to do is balkanize and to force it to collapse under its own rot and decay. Joe Biden is the anti-life; he's a modern antichrist, he sucks everything good out of life replacing it with despair; if you want to live you have to remove him from having any jurisdiction over you.
We must also start to defend the family, we must allow a system when men can afford to have kids when they are younger, have more kids, and to instill the values of masculinity, competition, and aggressiveness, and dealing with siblings into our youth. We also have to destroy the system of divorce, and support defending our families from invaders with lethal force, and perhaps to some degrees the law should allow minor acts of petty violence amongst healthy youths provided fair notice and consent was given. We need to turn men back into men, and let boys be boys again. We need to end the era of boys growing up to be soyboys, cucks, weebs, women, bronies, ethot or waifu(sp) idolers, democrats, or some other mental abominations. We also need to destroy the power of women and the courts to destroy the family, and let reason dominate.

In short, Fuck Joe Biden and everything he stands for.