Time for Fulton county, Ga to fire Elections director Richard L Barron

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Much of the attention yesterday was on about 4 employees who appear to start counting votes after everyone was reportedly told to go home.

source: right side broadcasting (time 14:00)

Although some people may dispute some of the facts, such as if there was really an order to go home. We hear from Rich Barron that the employees did in deed start scanning votes, and that it was he who ordered them to, and he confirms that there were no observers.

Richard of course denies that he was the one who instructed everyone to head home. Whoever did this committed a felony under Georgia Law

Any person, including any poll officer, who willfully prevents any poll officer from performing the duties imposed on him or her by this chapter shall be guilty of a felony.

And was there a go home order. Cbs46 seems to indicate as much.

(time 0:25-30)
source cbs46.
And the leak looked like a puddle Richard Says. (1:01-103).

Reportedly this was caused by a leaky toilet. Maybe a clogged toilet. Might I ask, How many public places actually let people use the rest room during covid19?

In yet another video, Richard says that it looked like it was raining and he may have posted a video of it.

source:11 alive (18:47+)

Regardless of the water situation, there was yet more felonies committed that night:

(a) Any person who willfully:[] (3) Takes or removes any book, affidavit, return, account, ballot, or other document or record from the custody of any person having lawful charge thereof, in order to prevent the same from being used or inspected or copied as required or permitted by this chapter

shall be guilty of a felony and, upon conviction thereof, shall be sentenced to imprisonment for not less than one nor more than ten years or to pay a fine not to exceed $100,000.00, or both.

ocga 21-2-562

And in regard to the military absentee vote going all to Joe Biden, using the same code section

(1) Inserts or permits to be inserted any fictitious name, false figure, false statement, or other fraudulent entry on or in any registration card, electors list, voter's certificate, affidavit, tally paper, general or duplicate return sheet, statement, certificate, oath, voucher, account, ballot, or other record or document authorized or required to be made, used, signed, returned, or preserved for any public purpose in connection with any primary or election;

see id.


(a) Any person who makes, constructs, or has in his or her possession any counterfeit of an official ballot or ballot label shall be guilty of a felony.
OCGA 21-2-575
OCGA 21-2-575
There was a lot of felonies committed in Fulton county.

(a) Any superintendent or employee of his or her office who willfully refuses to permit the public inspection or copying, in accordance with this chapter, of any general or duplicate return sheet, tally paper, affidavit, petition, certificate, paper, account, contract, report, or any other document or record in his or her custody, or who willfully removes any such document or record from his or her office during said period, or who permits the same to be removed, except pursuant to the direction of any competent authority, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

OCGA 21-2-585

That could be enough to burn him with a misdemeanor.

Additionally, because there were other participants this constituted a conspiracy under Georgia law.

A person commits the offense of conspiracy to commit election fraud when he or she conspires or agrees with another to commit a violation of this chapter. The crime shall be complete when the conspiracy or agreement is effected and an overt act in furtherance thereof has been committed, regardless of whether the violation of this chapter is consummated. A person convicted of the offense of conspiracy to commit election fraud involving a violation of this chapter which is a felony shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than one year nor more than one-half the maximum period of time for which he or she could have been sentenced if he or she had been convicted of the crime conspired to have been committed, by one-half the maximum fine to which he or she could have been subjected if he or she had been convicted of such crime, or both. A person convicted of the offense of conspiracy to commit election fraud involving a violation of this chapter which is a misdemeanor shall be punished as for a misdemeanor.

O.C.G.A 21-2-603

Richard describes the cases of ballots under the table as maintaining a work space.

source:11 alive (39:45-ish)

Aaron Johnson reports the secretary of state investigator says that the box was empty, and that it was filled up when people were cleaning up to go Home. The Trump team has not yet identify when the box was put under the table, so this will require further investigation. However, it doesn't justify the illegal conduct of scanning the ballots without inspection. But the secretary of state's office doesn't care.

source:11 alive (45:20 ish)

But let us be clear, it was Mr. Richard Barron who ordered (about 10:30pm he says) that they continue counting ballot and in the absence of observers after people where told to go home and they were ceasing operations for the night. He knew What had happened and allowed the unsupervised scanning of ballots to take place.

source:11 alive (7:47)

For this, Fulton county needs to fire him, and the district attorneys should press charges against him.

And if that isn't enough. Georgia state law required that Mr. Barron turn over the chips to the superior court (or other agent as define in law) that contain the programming used in the tabulation. The server was reset. Not only would this be in violation of state law, but he knew that there was a strong likelihood that the machines would be called for inspection in a civil suit. This is spoliation of evidence.

(a) Immediately upon completing the returns required by this article...the superintendent shall deliver in sealed containers to the clerk of the superior court or...as provided in Code Section 50-18-99,...computer chips containing ballot tabulation programs.

OCGA 21-2-500(a)


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