The need for christianity in politics; an extension to economics

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I have been thinking again about what does it mean to be a christian nation; And I think I have evolved to looking outside of the border; and I think it ties in closer to the cultural mess we are presently in, and the greater need to rediscover political Christianity.
One doesn't have to be a christian to project the christian value of treating others better than the pagans did. Pagan values by definition is the minimum standard, and by definition the pagans should project at least that much. Our country is failing substantially in this regard.

It is with a heavy heart to say, but many of us as slavers by proxy. I try to avoid china, but when my mouse died last year-who else could I turn to? Some people I know just purchased Alaskan cod; they found out it was shipped by China. It is getting harder and harder to avoid China it appears. Much of the American economy is big corporations buying from china, and dealing with the marketing and logistics to get us to part with our wealth so China can expand its spear of influence more. Granted, the closer one is to the executive level of a company, or entrusted with larger sales, the more of a slice they stand to get. The further away ones gets from the corporate elites, the harder the struggle to have a voice in anything-save for models whose primary ware is their body; a safer form of the world's oldest profession.

It used to be the cries of liberals who once stood against sweat shop labor, finding a slave labor factory would tarnish the companies or celebrities using them; but when it comes to china they seem to be all for slave camps, or 80+ hour weeks locked in living places with suicide nets so they can get their over priced iphone status symbol. But it was also democrats who created NAFTA which opened up free trade. Suddenly our corporations could leave the unions behind as they could seek the cheapest labor in the world that met their business needs, they could seek out third world countries and ignore environmental regulations, they could ignore our taxes. Not only did we lose our union jobs, but cheap electronics overseas created a disposable society and gone were the tv/vcr repairmen.
Economist touted the benefits of creating much needed jobs in the third world, and that we would benefit too from lower prices under a system of competitive advantages. All the supposed global environmental benefits were lost to bad actors; air being toxic to breath, and many of the rivers of the earth became undrinkable. We ended child slavery decades ago, now little kids are are picking up radioactive cobalt for your rechargable batteries. In buying products from these companies, whose names may all be forgettable Chinese, we are voting with out dollars to harm these people.

A few days ago, Joe Biden bombed a syrian militia to teach Iran a lesson; He's killing innocent people for the crimes of others to set an example. What "Catholic" Biden did wasn't Justified; it was murder, it was unchristian, it was an act of war, and should the Syrians retaliate against us they would technically be just as long as they leave civilians alone. Biden also is legitimizing the slave labor camps. AT&T is trying to pull favors for a Chinese telecommunication reportedly involved in the slave camps.

Many of us know that what controls politics is money. While there are many examples of legitimate American companies who abstain from China labour, 30 years of this abuse has lead to mega multinational corporations who legitimately are fine with enslaving people, who are fine with crippling peoples ability to partake in basic essential life necessities, they are poisoning people. These are the elitists who are ruling over us now, and participated in stealing the election.

Domestically these same companies virtue signal the latest definitions of social responsibility and social justice. Whether it is forcing a christian baker to bake a gay wedding cake, or ensuring a man with a gender identity crisis can shatter the skull of women in sports and take her sports scholarship too, or taking particular glee in shutting down conservatives, or waging a "war" on christians. The mechanism or trying to hire a multicultural and diverse workplace really isn't about merit. The merit is being done by the engineers, the laborers, and those who control the machines; diversity hiring is just a side show. It is trying to hawk their Chinese made crap to all of us. But undermining their claim to being socially responsible, is the fact that they are hiring everyone-but the white man [the people who ended slavery]-in a machine that directly enslaves and pollutes 3rd world countries who are mostly populated by people of color. That basically a rich diversity of people representing nearly all the castes on earth have decided a worker in a 3rd world country is of the lowest caste who should forfeit his life to enrich their pocketbook. And the powers that be are trying to say that white people are inherently racists, domestic terrorists, and privilege. Wanting good paying jobs in America, wanting to be hired fairly, wanting a livable wage here in America is somehow nationalistic and evil. How dare an American insists on getting paid $60/hour to do the same work a welder is doing for 80 cents a day in the third world. How dare an American want to go out in a field in 120 degree weather to pick vegetables at $40/hour, when a farmer can hire a Mexican for $10/hour.

Every argument against lowering the bar is branded racists or nationalist, by the very people literally killing their poc employers overseas. I think that the ideas of Jesus also need to return here more than ever. This return to Christianity so to speak would cripple corporatists and globalists. We have to identify the minimum standard in which a law abiding hard working human being [employee] should be subjected to if they [the foreign employer] wants to do business in the United states-else be heavily taxed or banned. This includes a comparable pay to the United states, safe working standards and practices, access to clean water, air, and food, shelter, access to education, access to stable currencies, a maximum number of hours before overtime pay, a prohibition on child labor, It's not just trying to treat all people above a certain standard, but it is recognizing also that we are all created in God's images and protecting our neighbors all over the globe from the vultures. It doesn't have to start out 100%, some countries may need time to get up to our standards.Should this age old concept return, there will be time to debate the finer details. But it is the ideas that need be spoken.
We are dealing with a lot of race based distractions by some of the largest companies in the world. I can understand why they are afraid, why they are terrified Christianity and western values and by extension that Christians [whom the left projects as white males] should rediscover arcane European political thought. The Wisdom of Christ is their biggest threat and the Wisdom of Jesus is for everyone. These basic teachings is stuff we already know, read or otherwise heard hundreds of times; what has been lost is the political application. Let's start applying it. If the globalists want us to be anti-racists, let's start by protecting our brown brothers from the globalist warmongering antichrists.