The democrats are nucking futz-GET out while you still can before you are up to your armpits in Nazis

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We start out 2021 much like how 2020 began; As a major pandemic is spreading, they are focused not upon the American people but in impeaching Donald Trump. Impeachment is set to begin on January 11; When Trump has just 9 days in office. You would that if their priority was in representing the American people that they would have something for Joe Biden to sign to help the people-like a stimulus package, or ending qualified immunity. As they increasingly scorn Trump and the patriots for storming the capitol, all they are proving is that the Patriots were right that the democrats have a blood lust for power.

There is a chance that the raid was planned. Nancy Pelosi's laptop was stolen. Lt. General Mcineeny claims the lap top is in the hands of the good guys. Some say there were white and black hat operations involved. Still others say antifa hijacked the peaceful rally, and indeed there were antifa elements...who were arrested but weren't charged. Meanwhile patriotics are being treated as public enemy #1 by the fbi.

Naturally, Nancy is afraid the truth will come out, enough that she tried to pull a military coup. Big tech is afraid too and why they are censoring everyone. There is a great purge going on in social media where conservatives, including the president, are being depersoned and they are being deprived of logos. Social Media companies says it is in the interest of safety. One would think that with Nasim Aghdam and other lesser incidents they would understand that this is a bad idea. They just aren't censoring their own platforms, google and apple are demanding new social media competitors cave in-they refused. As a consequence of refusing, Amazon is shutting down parler's services. I told people long ago not to use parler because of their TOS at the time; to think all the parler data is in the hands of Amazon and likely soon the FBI. Could they get access to the passwords? maybe. Literally if you are a webservicer and you are going to collect private information, you had better own your data.


Conservatives aren't just losing their speech; they are losing important contacts including for litigation, business, and shopify is shutting off their businesses too-and guess who has access to this data? Big tech. Companies are firing conservatives for attending the rally, banks, like chase, have ended their banking relationship with conservatives who merely attended the rally. We literally have the chinese social credit system and it is going to get worse. We sold the communist the rope to hang us with, and we must cease doing business with the communists if possible.

The concept that speech is the best venue for peace is not something new, it's only been in the literature for some 2500 years. And here is what our own scotus said about the matter.


Once again, the left is proving the patriots right. These unelected masters are dangerous and their policies will drive us to a full civil war as they delusionally think censorship provides safety. I don't think they actually believe that; I think that is their propaganda to get idiots to defend them.


Now that the democrats have given the Romans 14 federalist exactly what they wanted, I am sure they are delighted. I been saying for some time the federalist are no good. Now Ironically, it is for the states to immediately secede from the union.

Also they (including apple and google) are shutting down the patriots who were told to act peacefully and only acted up one day, While antifa is still active and attacking our institutions for years and year and years. Make no mistake, the tech giants endorse actual terrorism so long as it aligns to their politics-but a relatively minor break in and they treat it as an act of terrorism. A armed but similar incident happened in California in 1969 when black panthers broke into their chambers-the matter was resolved with misdemeanors and the left screaming racism for the next 60 years.

And while antifa gets the green light to continue burning and pillaging our cities, and while the NRA who seemingly has been missing this election cycle due to compromising the 2nd amendment and legal woes, Joe Biden decides that he will defeat the NRA -as if they weren't already self-defeated. Joe is still blaming the NRA for blocking the reauthorization of the violence against womens act, which has nothing to do about preventing violence upon women. VAWA is about using star chambers to destroy mens speech, gun ownership, family, and reputational rights....See a common theme in all this, he hates your freedom of speech. This kind of s___ has been going on for some 30 years, don't say I didn't try to warn you. Meanwhile, Biden won't lay a finger on Antifa who are still active in new york, san diego, and violently so in Portland still. And look at how strong the American family is new to leftist:


Not even life long best friends are safe:


Because with the family court no one is free to truly love anyone anymore, the people who you thought cared about you will sell you down the river for 30 pieces of Silver. Isn't that right Mike Pence?


Joe Biden is calling for unity, so he calls all Trump supporters Nazis as his supporters have literally become members of the Hitler You league and reporting their own family to the authorities. Calling 75 million Americans nazis, and cutting off their speech is not uniting. What are they doing? Many are talking about a red gaurd; re-education; Trump supporters not allowed to return to society unless they turn against him.




Now the feds have infiltrated some conservative groups. They sent us at least a wave of neo-nazis to dominate the chat, as to paint a false narrative, They are also promoting the ideas of a million man militia march, and a mass pardon and just to contact them. It's obvious that they are feds and get called out on it as glowies. A militia isn't by itself violent, but one of the first things a totalitarian regime does is squash the militia...And remember Joe is after the NRA and guns.


Below is just some stuff from a pro se plaintiff whom the 11th circuit decided Ga Counties could go all Nazi Germany on an inmate. The following year after the brief, this jail became one of the deadliest in the nation including additional examples of the sheriff starving inmates. This is a jail where they will continue to hold you even after you beat your charge, and the federal courts are ok with it.



because of the Terms of some of the goups I belong to, I am not going to say what must be done to the actual literal nazis. But having said that, Don't think for a moment you can play he-man and beat what's coming. Don't think a militia you might join hasn't already been infiltrated by or owned by the feds. The framework for Nazi Germany has been here for quite a while. It is being advanced at a rapid rate and Biden isn't even president yet. The s___ hasn't even hit the fan yet, but its coming faster than ever. GTFO out the united states while you still can. They been preparing to re-educate Americans/capitalist or slaughter them for 50 years now. They are going to unify this country by torturing us, or outright killing us. We need to leave America. By Secession or in mass exodus, we need to leave NOW!


we are gonna frag them, there is no choice ... highest value are the formal coup plotters : nancy, pence etc... is trump a pedo too?

if you wanted to "frag" them, the last thing you would do is say it and give them fair warning. I can understand you are pissed; the deep state stole this election and new information keeps being released. There are already 7k troops in d.c., I don't think anyone is getting close to Biden except his fellow deep state. What they know is that only 14 Biden supporters would show up to the inauguration, and a million protestors. I wonder if the media will use cgi to generate a supportive audience like they do with sports.

Nancy Pelosi's dead brother Franklin was actually arrested and prosecuted for gang raping some infant girls in 1953, but not convicted. The other two boys involved were convicted which is substantial. The FBI dumped the filed on her dad who hung out with gangsters, including a man arrested for murder.

There are some posters on telegram suggesting that pence was into young infant boys when he was younger, but I have no way to validate those claims. infant legally means someone who hasn't yet reached adult hood;.

There are more photos of Hunter Biden that have come out. One where he is completely nude with a clothed young girl (7-11), and another with a young girl (maybe 7-11) in a bikini. Rumors are there are more damning evidence coming out in the next 10-14 days on him, but there appears to be more rumors than truths. There are pictures of Pelosi's son caught up in this too with a young girl all bandage up, although it isn't as outwardly damning as the hunter images. For all I know Pelosi's son could have made a PR visit to kids at a hospital.

It seems Trump is clean, but there is no shortage of law suits suggesting otherwise over the years but nothing of substance coming out of them. It's a burden of being a wealthy/powerful man in this country, any false allegation of that nature is ruinous and often times it is better to shed 6-7 figures to shut people up.

It seems Trump is clean,

thanks for your lenghty post...

  1. it will by pla... so i don't care, when we move, we already won :D.
  2. if trump clean who isn't at doj, dod, fbi, and cia and why aren't they dead?

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It should come as no surprise to anyone that those who parroted the stolen election lie are now peddling a bogus false flag canard to explain away the sedition they enabled.

Does Trump have enough military to save us from a Chinese takeover as leftists install Biden as a remote puppet agent of China?

I don't think Trump can stop it before Biden takes office. There is another video of lt general mcinerney that I have become aware of; video as dated Jan 5th, he said details of high treason would come out in a week. But almost a week has passed.

Yeah, I want to trust a general and yet I am out of patience.