More reasons to stop using facebook and twitter; they push your speech to the FBI

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Although Facebook and Twitter may be key to successful marketing campaigns, it is becoming awefully dangerous to express political expression on these platforms. And not just because your kids might have joined the Zuckerberg/Dorsey youth league and turn you in, or that your employer might fire you to cater to the mob. FBI agents admit on film that facebook and twitter pushed material directly to the FBI to be followed up on.

I am sure many people saw the headline of a video of the FBI trying to recruit/bribe a green baret to infiltrate the oathkeepers. The video is a two hour long, and while I am going to focus on about 30 seconds of it, if you hear the full thing you may recognize ideological similarities in our messages.

The video is in the following link. The part I want to focus on is about 30 minutes in.

So literally any political comment whether serious, or in jest, could end up being passed onto the FBI to be followed up on-at the discretion of facebook and twitter. Their discretion, as we see from their content moderation, we can infer is construed as having certain political biases against conservatives and libertarians. They aren't of course investigating election fraud, they aren't taking down Justin Sun for his crimes against us, they aren't arresting the crooked family court judges, they aren't investigating antifa/blm-they don't listen to the people nor real victims. Facebook/Twitter just sends the feds material to police the ideas they don't want us expressing; so why would the fbi have to do any real investigations when they are being spoon what big tech considers thought crimes and go on paid joy rides across their jurisdiction. Does our FBI work for we the people, or are they facebook employees? Even if your speech is protected, not that they care, all they have to do is scare you out of speaking up, or paint you in a negative light to your neighbors to shut you up-even cancel you- for daring to speak up. If this is the way that Facebook and twitter treats you, STOP USING THEM. Preferably stop using the federal government, but unless you are planning to be a welfare queen in a another nation that requires serious planning. But if this is how your government treats you, seriously leave it behind before it consumes you. You can express these same ideas in a foreign country without the intimidation of our federal government; Extreme cases aside, there is something wrong when you would have more rights as a foreigner than as a US citizen when it comes to speech.

And to be quite frank, I might of had something similar happen to me through g-mail earlier this year where I had a federal agent visit my door for mocking our universities position against republicans on Jan 6th. But in my case it is still an unresolved question of if it was Google AI, or a rogue administrator that wanted to intimidate and perhaps disappear a student who pumps thousands of dollars into the system each semester. I've asked the university for an investigation; they refuse to communicate back with me; not going to sue for public records this close to completion. They were spying on me, speaking to my neighbors, wanting to do a medical background, the whole 9 yards; how dare I criticize their God Joe Biden! Basically their way of marketing it to the community that I am a bad hombre for having the feds investigate me; their way of trying to cancel me locally-if that were possible.

Today on Alex Jones, a caller called in self-reporting the FBI visited him for saying the covid vaccine was the mark of the beast. Obviously you can't take everyones story seriously, but Alex Jones did acknowledge it as their intimidation tactic. So even if it was a person just telling tales in this example, it appears that Alex Jones had heard enough similar anecdotal incidents to at least validate what is going on across the country. They know most people are so dependent upon political and corporate machineries, and ensnared in debt slavery, that their lives cannot be substantially interrupted. So one visit by the feds, and they just instantly shut up before the rest of their days re spent in prison cells or as a bum on the streets.

In my experience judges and law enforcement are not properly trained in the first amendment. And to a substantial degree judges, lawyers, prosecutors, and lowly police officers are mislead about what the freedom of speech is through VAWA type programs (which the house voted to reauthorize). The average person can say freedom of speech all they want, but that alone may not adequately put law enforcement on notice-especially in this age of qualified immunity where they can plead ignorance. It is more interesting to hear their legal theories, then tell them how their theories are wrong using case laws; But that comes with dire consequences especially if you are wrong, particularly your 5th amendment right. Not everyone can do this, nor should they do this.

We do live in a period of literal domestic terrorism by our own government; They threaten to commit actual violence upon us for expressing our political ideas. The cliche play stupid games win stupid prizes, should be concerning when the game is using speech and reason and the prizes are indefinite incarceration and perpetual poverty. It is a game that none of us should consent to, and a solid argument for leaving the country.

Some may find it ironic considering my last blog entry about immigration, to advocate leaving the country. Really there are laws that restrict suggestions other than flight from the communists controlling our government. But really we need to either save this country from the communist, run the hell away, or get swallowed up by them. Can this country be saved? Well I remember there being a episode of sea lab 2021 made years after it's official run, pulled from youtube apparently (probably by adult swim), where Dr Quinn goes back in time and takes out literally everyone in the Reagan government all the way down the order of succession who all happen to be in the same building at the same time [where he can't believe they are all there as they appear one by one], so he becomes president/dictator of the USA to literally save the world from global warming....only to get distracted by women for 50 his years reign and in a similar sea lab fashion the world [usually sea lab] gets destroyed. I mention that for two reasons: One I would like to find that episode to confirm it exists as I can't find find even a mention of it online; and 2, there's really no hope in saving this country absent reversing the election or other unrealistic fantasy.


Hopefully, I'll leave the country before the democrats completely destroy everything. Reauthoriziing VAWA? We should be prosecuting our congressmen under 18 U.S. Codes 241-242 for that; there is no excuse for letting those illegitimate Godless communists rule over us.


the lost episode may be sealab 2075, written by Dave Sirus and featuring the voice actor of Dr. Quinn. Warner media [which owns adult swim for now] claimed the copyright, and purged it from youtube.

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