It is irresponsible to say no voter fraud from an open records point of view.

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There are allegations of fraud made by watchers and others with sworn affidavits alleging fraud, van loads of ballots, dead people voting, post dating by mail carriers, people voting from out of state, etc; there are also PHD Mathematicians from MIT creating computer models alleging fraud. It may surprise some of you, but I see faults in Dr Shiva's report-but would encourage the reader to truly comprehend what he is saying and identify any fallacies for yourself.

The media, rather than doing any journalism, is saying there is no fraud. They are pointing to early Trump lawsuits claiming he lost all his suits, even though they won a few-even an injunction issued from supreme court justice Samuel Alito. You have the neocons demanding that Trump concede for the good of democracy, and I suspect many of them benefitted from said fraud in the past; Potentially puppetmasters playing both sides of the isle to get what they want done, in a non-partisan manner, and their puppets aren't complaining about the 6 figure income and a direct say in congress. Former Cia director John Brennan is scared what Trump will reveal, certainly Brennan must be scared that he [Brennan] will be tried for treason and exposed for numerous acts of election fraud across the we killed thousands upon thousands of people in the name of democratization, and perhaps those who won their "democratic" elections in these newly "democratized" states had strong CIA ties.

If the media cannot report that Trump has succeeding in some of his suits, it is safe to say that they aren't doing any research. The media goes on to say Biden is the president elect, controlled down to the local level from the top down, even though not one state has confirmed Biden. The media is advocating that Biden be granted intelligence access, which perhaps reflect what Lu de Media has warned that American media has been purchased by Chinese Intelligence and Biden is a CCP agent earning billions in political favors for China. Why so eager to give to China US intelligence? Digressions aside, The media are sticking to the same studies put out by twitter saying voter fraud is rare, rather than going out and do any work. And for the case of Pennsylvania where the clerks cured defective ballots, the Trump team asserts case law that says those ballots, amounting to the hundreds of thousands, be voided as a matter of law-even though I wouldn't call it fraud per se. That procedural goof from the state Ag or secretary of state gave special treatment to absentee ballots in blue cities that could give trump the lead there once the "cured" voted are voided-but mind you there is a "pandemic" so in a balancing of public interest that could give the court some flexibility to act against the color of law.

But in regards to dead voters, social security death index records are public information. Ideally a political party [or journalist] should have these records in advance from the SS office. But there are 3rd parties with these records as well. Here is familysearch for example, but sadly to get the zip code requires an additional link to load. To avoid being seen as a ddos attack, you either have to send a request every 4 seconds-or try to contact them to buy a data dump. I am sure there are better sources to get data than family search, I just happen to be used to them for genealogical purposes. But let's assume we are poor, just pulling up some 600k records would take some 4 weeks just to collect the zip code data. hence the need to have a hard copy to utilize the full power of a single computer. Granted there might be a collection of people with different ip addresses using a divide and conquer tactic or might have access to multiple ip addresses, Just 4 ip addresses could reduce dumping the familysearch data to about a week. I think even a small media operation, especially with distributed workers, could pull that off at the cost of some raspberry pis and a coder. Most good coders tend to be autistic with limited social skills, and those with nice salary could easily afford 4 different internet connections. I just happen to be in the 85% displaced aspies-and going back to college online to hopefully get a career beneath my true skill levels.


famiy search seems to use ,so they might have a better way for collecting mass info than one at a time-but there might be a learning curve to learn their system.

Many states put their voter records online where a person can search a record one at a time, including Michigan; presumable this could be easily automated through curl or other means by using the social security death indexes.


Ideally one should follow the 4 second rule which could take a month, or they can perform an open records request. They don't have to follow the 4 second rule, but I wouldn't want to risk state a federal prosecutions. On theDonald, someone reportedly paid $25000 for a copy of the Wisconsin voter roll. . I told the state of Michigan in an open records request I wasn't willing to pay more than $25 for the city of Detroit-at last look they haven't got back to me. The process from a single machine with a single ip address could take a month. And of course the process could be distributed to other computers on other networks-assuming cloudflare isn't triggered in either case. Certainly a big media company could afford $25k+-/contested state for a potentially big story; $25k/state would bust most small firms if the investment failed to pay off, and for coders an extra $25k/state could better be invested in finding a good woman-not that Biden wants them to which may be why they may want to foot the bill. But it can still be done on a small budget with enough people networking skills.

Now assuming we did obtain a full copy of the voter record. We also have the registrar of deeds in each county. Every time a property is bought or sold, there is a record put on the deed book. For example, in Clark county, Nevada, the registrar's record search for deed by name is:
It isn't very helpful since it gives names and properties linked to a map and lot number-deed books do not include people who rent apartments. The problem with deed searches is they typically don't map to a street address-some do, or they may be supplemented in a towns tax records. But one can expect the books could provide a look at if a name on the voter record also sold property in the county as a name to flag for further research. I am not sure how reverse mortgages work at the deed book level, but again a program would just flag these names for further manual research. Title searches can be a pain, but this is one method to detect fraudulent voting from open records sources.

Is it possible to request a list of everyone who filed a change of address form at the USPS. That I don't know, but when I move I tend to get a booklet for local businesses in the mail-so I am assuming that these are records people can buy. Obtaining those records would be better than searching through a county registrars of deeds since presumably they can be checked for addresses including people who live in apartments. DMV records I don't think can be accessed through open records. One can ask; the worst they can do isn't in refusing the records to you-the worst they can do is bill you and send you records missing the data you need.

In many of the centers being used to count votes they are publically owned buildings. As a public building people should be able to request open records for the security footage of these buildings both inside and outside. If there are vanloads of ballots being brought in. or people filling out absentee ballots in white vans outside of these centers they should be on film. Additionally there are reports of campaign workers stumping for Biden, counting previously counted ballots, counting rejected ballets, and so on. The Detroit's Cobo center is a place of controversy for example. It is operated by the Detroit Regional Convention Facility Authority, and even on their webpage it makes clear people can do open records research. Now supposing one were to obtain say 40 hour security footage from each camera, and assuming that the cameras were of adequate quality, it could be quite expensive. Unless you are an otaku, it would take 6 8 hour days to review the firms at normal speed-let's reduce this down to a work week for convenience. Let's suppose there are 50 cameras. You then have a years worth of footage to review in a short time, not to mention a hella large bill. You can either pay for competent people to review the footage [while taping their eye lids open, and since you can multiple people to watch the same footage], or you can put them on the internet and beg for volunteers to watch them AND report back. I mean competent, if someone moves ballots off of cameras view or onto cameras view they will have to log it and identify which set of cameras should have the connecting footage, They will likely have to create a labeling system for each batch or other collection of ballot, and where it went at all times-including in the tabulation machines. There are tactics large media companies can do and smaller media companies alike, but very little an individual without clout can do to get the process started.

For the postal worker alleging USPS employees backdating envelopes, there is a chance that is on film also. I am not sure if that recording would generally be privileged and exempt from open records, but the postal inspectors would have access to it and likely team trump could subpoena footage. It is presently the subject of an investigation so it is unlikely that the footage would be released to an open records request, but FOIA requests can be made through FOIA request can include request for phone call recordings.

When they say there is no evidence of fraud, and there are all these allegations, the thing to do isn't to just dismiss them. if you are a journalist, you have to stop sucking off of AP feeds, you have to stop sucking off of what other people submit for stories, you have to get off Big China's t__ts, you have to go out there and do some field work. But we live in an era of state media-a potential coup based upon propaganda.

It isn't to say that the propaganda is all one sided. if I were team trump and I couldn't even begin to describe the full scope of the fraud, yeah I would want to create the message for potential schemers that we are ready to riot, that our federal prosecutors are going to break protocol and start cracking down, that we have statistical evidence and mathematical models of fraud, and that we are going to get you. There were reports (likely false) that the ballots were watermarked and stored on an immutable block chain, and Trump will come out nailing all the guilty parties. This scare and intimidation tactic is how to get people either with a conscious or with weak knees into talking hoping to become protected whistleblowers, or seeking leniency if there is a prosecution. It's to get the rats to start squealing on each other. And they are starting too squeal, but it started by refusing to give in and maybe the whole system of fraud will collapse like dominoes.

There is significant fraud, but it is hard to measure. Just refusing to allow observers is an act of fraud, but it doesn't mean those counting the ballots necessarily affected the outcome. The precise or approximate measurements of misconduct is undefined because proof of further fraud was fraudulently prevented from obtaining [hence why the media says no evidence], but open records should allow us to create some estimate. The filing of lawsuits is just the beginning. Getting people to squeal is just the beginning. Finding out who the players are (Pelosi and Clinton foundation connection to dominion software for example) is just the beginning. The law suits are just the beginning. But the open records portion should have been completed by the media, but they are sitting on their duff with nothing but denials. No wonder the people can't trust them.

A complaint makes allegations and legal claims among other things, the discovery process will be the collection the evidence to prove or disprove the claims. A subpoena works different in a way than open records (open records don't apply to private parties, and the denial of open records usually mean filing a suit to get them); the defendant/respondent has to turn over the records at their expense-but it can bite the plaintiffs in the butt in the end. So the state of Wisconsin, for example, would be footing the $25k bill to provide documents. Dominion software will likely have to provide internal emails and documents, the Clinton foundation too. Will things be decided quickly enough? I doubt it.

I am literally too far away from these controversies, and literally in the sticks and not a public wifi for miles. The best I could do is code from two ip address (not that I like my webhost) [or see if I can get free access to some amazon servers as I heard some can do], or wait until I got the raw data from my targets (Detroit, Michigan). It would be nice if those eager enough out there to rally could organize on what states and precincts to focus on, focus on getting the videos, organize the videos and layout of the buildings and how things will be accounted, and sit down and watch and take notes-even if they have to project and record the video [and audio] onto a smart board and add circles and labels to track movement. The other records will need coders. The truth is out there, but going out and rally is mostly just cheerleading.

You can hate the media all you want, but to crack the fraud, you really do need a bunch of people getting together (centralized or decentralized) and focus on a specific task. The legacy media has failed us. They aren't even saying what they have done to reach the conclusions they have, they haven't even had the time to before the first denials began. They are cherry picking reports to say voting fraud is rare, and ignoring others that spell out how easily abused it is-especially with absentee ballots. The people themselves really shouldn't have to do this in such a large scale often without any formal training, but it is better than taking up arms and using them. But the sad reality is, the media has failed us and we have to depend not only upon ourselves but to organize with strangers in a fairly large effort in strange new territory.

There are a few people who have enough computation resources, access to data, and skills that they can work on certain elements by themselves-but even then it would be focused research on targeted areas like Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Detroit, Madison (Mi), ann arbor, Clark county (Nv), Fulton county (Ga), Cobb county (Ga), etc to make deadlines. They won't have time before elections are called to test all of California for example.

There are also people who have enough computation resources, access to data, skills, and money, to also know of exact vulnerabilities in the system and exploit them; That would be the Dorseys, the Zuckerbergs, google, china, etc. If you disappear from social media, they will generally know where you live and how likely you are to be missed (based upon how many friends you have), they may know if you die by what people tell them, post to their wall, or if your name appears in any various death listings (including findagrave). Tens of millions of dollars were given by the zuckerbergs to communities where fraud is high. Remember the Big tech employees were in tears that Trump won in 2016, and they pledged to do everything they could to prevent it from happening again.


Seriously deport their H11-B butts back to their home country; and, if supported by the evidence, prosecute Big tech executives for treason.


another trump team legal victory, notice it is procedural matter and the result was the void certain uncounted ballets.

The national change of address database. access to it is only $190k...certainly out of most peoples ability to pay.

reportedly some IT specialist with access to the voters record and the national change of address databases did just that.