Daily coronavirus rates in Wisconsin has doubled since Kenosha's fiery but mostly peaceful protests

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Which was deadlier in Wisconsin: Kyle Rittenhouse or the fiery but peaceful protests of BLM and antifa?

image source: Clinton news network (cnn)

While there has been some debates between conservatives about who is allowed to organize in public and express a view point and who isn't, with medical "experts" saying its ok for blm to protest outdoors but not others, Medical experts have also been saying, without evidence, that racism is deadlier than coronavirus. The experts try to pretend that the second wave of coronavirus wasn't a result of the George Floyd protest and instead blame Trump and his policies. These experts also ignore how deadly the virus is for black people, or maybe these experts truly believe that black lives are expendable to their political causes. In addition, these claims that it is ok for some but not for others have lead to many others to declare that covid19 and facemasks are a hoax used to control the population. These so called scientist do more harm than good, and I will say the same about Alex Jones' infowars. But will leave it as people are free to believe, advocate, and interrogate any idea they want.

But let's take a look at the case of Wisconsin since August 23rd. The Date a cop did their merciless religious duty of shooting unarmed black citizens in the back to appease their pagan federalist Gods in the US supreme court who will in return bless them with legal protection. Kenosha has rewarded the shoot em in the back occifer Rusty Sheskey with a full paid vacation during an investigation, while the police investigate themselves to determine they done nothing wrong in the eyes of the cult of the federalist. Please not, I am not defending Jacob Blake.

And so now I present to my readers the chart of daily cases in Wisconsin. While unethical cropping of the map could be used argued the number of cases increased almost 6 fold, I am using a peak to peak method to argue that the rates doubled. Certainly readers could look at a spike in cases just before the 23rd to try to argue the rates were increasing before the 23rd, but the that spike is most certainly two days worth of data.

Certainly this data is incomplete. Just because there is a spike in Wisconsin doesn't mean they are all attributed to cases in Kenosha. I tried to pull up a chart of Kenosha like the john Hopkins site did for Wisconsin, but that feature wasn't working. instead we have a chart of current accumulated cases from John Hopkins. Kenosha does have their arcgis site, but it is of limited value-but it is easy to visually observe the largest prolonged velocity (rise over run or slope) was from early July to August-but is also spiking again the last few days.


But anyways, 2 days worth of cases in Wisconsin would exceed the total number of cases in Kenosha county.


I will also post the a report for milwaukee dated september 15th. in which there are 25599 cases. So in the 10 days between reports, there were 233.8 cases per day-the highest its been since July. The wording on the graph is confusing. But the upper terminals of the blue lines on a given day is the total county cases for that day; They are putting the suburb numbers on top of the city numbers.


Maybe Milwaukee was "protesting" too, and any of the 30 other cities that "protested" after the death of George floyd. https://urbanmilwaukee.com/2020/06/06/31-cities-in-wisconsin-saw-protests/ .Or, maybe it was because the kenosha "protestors" were mostly (52%) from outside of Kenosha. https://www.jsonline.com/story/news/crime/2020/09/04/most-arrests-during-kenosha-unrest-have-been-surrounding-area/5701286002/ . Maybe it one one of a number of separate blm themed protest going on all over Wisconsin.
https://milwaukeerecord.com/city-life/weekend-protest-events-include-racial-equity-rallies-save-the-post-office-marches/ . Or a petty protest before the supposed dnc convention. https://www.wuwm.com/post/groups-plan-protest-democratic-national-convention-milwaukee-despite-mostly-virtual-event . Or this irritating protest by an anti-islamic group https://www.wisn.com/article/protest-group-on-megaphone-spews-hate-filled-message-at-milwaukee-mosque/33672081#

I'm not going to force people not to peacefully protest (provided it is truly peaceful), but I do question their wisdom in a pandemic. Corona is a slow killer and can take 16 days to develop symptoms. In Wisconsin the death Rate is presently about 1%. Though I did expect the death rate to increase, since on a bad day the active number of cases increases the state's total by 2%. But leaving it at a 1% death rate, it is clear to see how hundreds of lives will be lost due to this spike that I am attributing to these protests....as they ironically protest while chanting Black lives matter.

And these protest that, even though a pittance to the national aggregate, are being used to say Donald Trump is a failure of handling the pandemic. Trump left the decisions up to the localities. One may have different view points over whether this should be a local or state decision within our framework of federalism. And even where a government told the people, no you can't enjoy our beaches-the people still risked infection and arrest and went out to enjoy them. Without the powers of a dictatorship, you cannot break the will of the people. And by violating the will of the people, a dictator risks a coup. For the left to truly get someone to crack down on the virus as they claim to want, they will have to use the police powers to force BLM and Antifa inside of their homes. But remember, Biden has his own set of politically driven scientist and experts to listen to. Under their system, you will be under house arrest unless you agree with their politics, and say the same chants they chant. Paul Joseph Watson was right, The Red Guard has come to America. Why am I not surprised it is from Joe Biden of VAWA infamy that has a history of locking up and humiliating political speakers.

Overall the rates in Wisconsin counties, for what is reported, is up at least 40% over 2 weeks compared to the two week period before, with few exception. A 40% increase is no where near the nation rate-which is about 4.5% (about 574k increase from 9-9-20 to 9-23-20, and 545k from 8-26-20-9-9-20). This suggest that this is a phenomena that is systemic to Wisconsin and not just one [state] locality but not nationally.


certainly the left may try to point to other explanations of the rise of cases. The Washington post cites health officials to blames Bad parents. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/09/24/covid-parents-school-wisconsin/ Is the increase due to back to school? It is likely in what may be the national 3rd wave, but Wisconsin's problems are more substantial than the national trend. Furthermore, many major school districts are using online classes and still seen rate increases of over 60% (see milwaukee and brown county in above chart)-waukesha chose to have normal classroom. https://spectrumnews1.com/wi/madison/news/2020/08/08/school-year-coronavirus-pandemic-reopening-plans. see also https://www.fox6now.com/news/days-after-waukesha-county-hit-record-for-new-covid-19-cases-district-votes-on-school-reopening-plan and has had problems. It is possible in some rural counties may contribute to the increase, but the top 10 counties make up 2/3rds of the total cases in Wisconsin. Additionally many states would face the same problem, but lack the 40% rate increase. There is a notable exception in Dane County (second largest county), where the supreme court ruled that couldn't ban all students from going back to school. In Dane county, their biweekly rates fell 29%. https://madison.com/wsj/news/local/crime-and-courts/wisconsin-supreme-court-temporarily-suspends-dane-county-in-person-school-restrictions/article_7f2c06d7-cff7-5432-8bfe-6cb53667042b.html . In contrast to Dane county, Racine county opened their schools and experienced a 105% biweekly rate increase. Racine also happened to border Kensosha-Milwaukee and Waukesha border Racine. It is of course worth mentioning that Walworth County, bordering both Kenosh and Racine say a 44% decrease in cases. Walworth isn't a bridge to a major city. Across the border, Lake county (home of Kyle Rittenhouse) is a bridge to Chicago, but I don't see any substantial increase in corona cases other than a few big spikes. Perhaps some data analysis should be performed on what can't be reasonably concluded visually. Chicago is also about 50% more murder away from Kenosha than Milwaukee-and bus access is about 2 hours. That is a really long bus ride; I had to do it twice a day for college when I was younger albeit a different geography.


image source: https://geology.com/county-map/wisconsin.shtml modified to reflect major counties, and areas of interest.

image source: https://covid19response-lakecountyil.hub.arcgis.com/


image source: google maps

And an additional reason why it is unlikely sourced to the schools, is because the hardest hit population in Wisconsin in the last month is reportedly 18-24 year olds. These people are too old to be in public schools, and most too young to have children in public schools. But they are college aged students. https://abcnews.go.com/Health/wisconsin-declares-public-health-emergency-due-covid-19/story?id=73172653 . Wisconsin cities in terms of covid19 include 8 of the Nations 20 20 cities, and the media is quick to point out that they are all college towns.

Is it students going back to college? 390 cases at UWMilwaukee. https://uwm.edu/coronavirus/dashboard/ . At UW Madison (Dane county) 404 students are in isolation for covid19-I guess that means it wasn't found (computer joke)-and another 112 in isolation. https://smartrestart.wisc.edu/briefings/briefing-september-25-2020/ UW-Parkside (kenosha county) had 27 cases. UW-staut had 162 cases total, including some which may be inactive cases. https://www.uwp.edu/RangerRestart/dashboard.cfm https://www.uwstout.edu/uw-stout-covid-19-testing-dashboard. 49 cases at edgewood. https://www.edgewood.edu/covid-19 . 165 at Marrquette https://www.marquette.edu/coronavirus/dashboard.php . maybe 512 in UW-la Crosse https://www.uwlax.edu/info/covid-19/dashboard/ which may be why La crosse county has the highest rate of new cases in the country per 100k people.

There is almost 111k cases of covid19 in Wisconsin, another 92k recovered. About 19k known active cases. There are many more universities in Wisconsin but even supposing the sum of covid19 cases reached 3000 aggregate, that is still a sixth of the state's active cases-some some of that 3000 have already recovered. College students by themselves only marginally affect the rates, although they do risk spreading the virus off campus. Again all states have their students going back to college. Some states have may more college students as a percentage of the population, but Wisconsin, as of 2015, is at about the national average. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/states-college-student-population_n_561b2ed4e4b0082030a30bfc . So Again, if college was a factor, we should see Wisconsin following the national trend-not 40% more cases.

Was trump mistaken to have public schools and colleges open? He recognized that each pat of the country has their own needs, even though he strongly pushed for it. Just just pause for a moment. The places deepest in doctors, the places with the more advanced medical researchers, are universities-with some offering their own hospitals. These are he experts, these are the scientist, who have the strongest sway in making most importantly local decisions on covid19. In the debate of what would the scientists do, well they advocated opening up the schools and the colleges. I advocated, maybe on twitter and not on hive, home schooling and taking classes online. But the powers that be, and the people who are less risk adverse, decided to go the path of herd immunity. Don't substitute your own reason and commonsense for the ideas of others just because they are the ideas of "scientist", but be prepared to accept better ideas when they arise. I chastised my own university system for opening up campus en light of their health insurance mandate, but I am attending online. If tens of thousands of the "brightest" students want to march to the pandemic death, who am I to risk getting trampled on when they know or should know the risks.

About the only arguments the dissent could possible have [outside of systemic incompetence of Wisconsin personnel] is that the most cases occurred outside of Kenosha (still up 38%). but that dissent is undermined because most of the fiery but protestors were from outside of Kenosha in surrounding areas. These are also the counties that are contributing the most to the overall number of cases of corona. Although there is debate about why there is a near systemic minimum of 40% across the state, Waukesha, Ravine, and Milwaukie are significantly higher than this. While there certainly are counties that seen up to a 400% increase, they are mostly small rural counties where small fluctuations could affect the local biweekly rate significantly with de minimus affect on state rates. These abnormalities [of doubling] are not caused, compared to the rest of the nation, by going back to school or college.

Given the UW system, I do think there is ample room that administrative incompetence can be argued-though again I am not convinced that this caused the rates to double but still constituted a big chuck of the new cases. It is worse than what I am hearing in other states, not that I am paying close attention. In closing, maybe Wisconsin BLM can "peacefully protest" the University scientist about whose to blame for the catastrophic mess in Wisconsin. Remember, "scientist" were pushing for BLM protests. One Marxist up against the other for blame. Will the UW professors in their defend complain about the privileged white liberals in BLM attending the pillaging and loot festivities and sharing virulent souvenirs to their classmates and roomies? Is it time for one group to red pill the other? And what will come of the, 'but I am a "scientist"' rhetoric.


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The drudgereport linked to an article claiming about 2800 cases at UW-Madison.

Upon looking for confirmation, I found the official records that state as of the 14th there were 1600 cases at UW-Madison in a two week period, and two weeks before that another 800. I will accept the 2800 figure as true, which is substantially more than the 400 students in isolation. 2800 may be more than the rest of the state universities combined. UW-Madison a few weeks ago entered a lock down, hence Dane Counties 23% decline-and certainly health records suggest the college students were spreading it into the community.

It doesn't change my opinions about the protests based upon other evidence, especially in reviewing UW-Madisons pandering to BLM more on twitter. But it certainly adds substantially more fuel to the argument of gross incompetence by our academic institutes-especially for UW-Madison. No confidence has also been voted on at the University of Michigan (go Wolverines), and they do top notch medical research-and a vote of no confidence at Appalachia state. I would probably but hesitantly now say that the doubling is a result of both Incompetence at the Academic institutes, as well as the protests. Hesitantly because a 4000 case increase is still only 2-4 days using the state's numbers.


In closing the AP article blames Trump of course [trump gets blamed for everything], and "institutional survival". For as many SJWs who complain about how unethical business practices are particularly to foreign workers, just remember what American academic institutions are doing to their customers.