companies that did business in dominion software building-data dump

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What is going on with dominion software at the moment if spoken by an ordinary person may result in that person being diagnosed with schizophrenia because group of foreigners working in a massive CIA plot to commit electronic ballot fraud to perform a coup d'etat on the worlds largest superpower. Only there is reportedly hard evidence backing this up, affidavits from founders, instruction manual detailing how it is done and various attack vectors, statistical analysis, and a history of abuse. Joe Biden always had a foot in the mouth disease, and he admitted to having the best voter fraud organization.

Dominion software is the active player in the coup d'etat. There are more players, and there are reports that the military seized a German server that contains the actual results which show Trump won 410 electoral votes-including California. Winning California, to mind, seems unlikely. But it is information that is out there. Reach your own conclusions.

Dominion is located at 215 Spadina avenue, Toronto, Canada. In hindsight, after doing my research, I probably should have included 192 spadina which is across the street. But others can continue from here.

originally I was going to post the directory of businesses as seen in the video produce by rebel media, as seen also on the gatewaypundit.

But I also took interest in other companies that might have been scrubbed. So I also turned to google, for what that is worth and made a list of companies and events that were located at 215 spadina. This is just a preliminary list for people who want to research it further. Just because they did business or held events in the same building doesn't mean that they were even aware that dominion was involved in one of the biggest acts of treason in US history. I was originally going to post this on the Donald but wasn't sure if this counted as a dox or not, so there won't be any images nor any names unfortunately with few exceptions. I also considered 4chan, but maybe this will help add value to hive.

There may be mistakes, I am pretty sure I linked and sourced everything. You'll see many ordinary looking businesses, some you may wonder how they ever did business, and you'll also see people who may be clinically insane. I'll let the reader set their own standards of what is insane. So here is the list

potential building proprietor
kipling group

former clients
center for social innovation [csi] (moved across the street)
see also:
see also
Toronto Centre of Gravity Buddhist Association (remember al gore)
engineers without borders

Group 1:
bleu blanc rouge (blue white red/red white blue) (marketing, room 150)

glassroom (marketting, r 150, same Montreal address as bleublancrouge, and alice and smith)

Alice and/et smith (independent game developer, r 150, according to video-but 2.7 miles away per google maps at their king street location; shares same montreal address as bleublackrouge, glassroon)

field trip (unknown, 150)
no webpage, but part of a pertnership of 8 businesses
these include the three named above, humanrise (shell of business solutions, , L' institute idée (consulting,, tulipe (management consulting, , u92 ("digital solutions",, youville haussman park (experience (and poor design, , same locations as the others; have new york address (possibly ddb canada) COO's tweets are protected. one of the COO has a similar name to a french socialist in Wikipedia (

end group 1

client continued:
The Association for Women's Rights in Development (feminist group/un/sjw movement, r 225, 2 job openings)

client continued:
AV communications (marketting group for multiculturalism, r 560)

client continued:
Canada art foundation/magazine ([lame] sjw woke art magazine, r, 330)

client continued:
cluep (online advertizer/stalker, r 120)

client continued:
Forest hill group (properly related services (development, spas, valets, janitorial), r 570)

client continued:
future design schools (education related, r 350)

client continued:
hot top factory (laser cutting/engraving, 3d printing, r B05)

client continued
jobillico (job recruiter, r 210)

client coninued
North One (bank with offices in Ny, San Francisco, and Toronto, r500)

client continue
Pollen (entertainment located in Toronto, London, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, r 510)

client continued
silofit (rents small offices out as fitness centers, r B06)

client continued
sustainalytics (part of the Morningstar company [morning star is another word for satan], group scoring companies environmental and social impact), r 300) [Chicago based company]

client continued
teach for Canada (group trying to make education "more equal" [what do we call it when everyone is equal: communism], r 550)

others not listed
asexual outreach (totally gay rights which isn't anything to do with asexuals, r 400)
see also caribanna (some carribean appreciation group)
it should also be noted this pennsylvania company has an event in the same suite as the above.
techraiser was seen on at same address
green market (cannabis, suite 400)
see also Canadian Unitarian counsel.

not listed:
Hewitt and Johnston Consultants, (suite 510) (see pollen above)

examspm (certificate prep)

anamorphic (marketing, 4rth floor)

awake labs (develops psych apps, likely moved across the street to 192)


switch marketing group

purely infinite design
wbsite gone :

greenskills network (employment, formerly in r 350) (website down, )

phoenix rising ("healing photography for non-binary, bipoc womxn, and trans women")

dark horse bar (bar, r 102?)

rethink breast cancer (possible old address)
link omitted

responsible investment association (socially and environmentally friendly investments, possibly old address)

tech soup (tech for non-profits, may have moved accross the street)

forever spin (toy top company, likely old address)
great customer service (sarcasm):

CatalystsX Network Community Inc. (former)

riversoul creative (last update 2016)

mommy monitor (provides culturally sensitive care to mothers, likely moved across the street) (notice it is also associated with csi)

sonic boom music

ARTEZ INTERACTIVE INC ( crowd sourcingsuite 500)

booknet canada (likely relocated)

Urban farmerz (urban farming related)
website down, last archive wasin a construction period.

Brokrete (concrete sods, also has office in San Francisco)

"Share your journey through the wilderness of Toronto’s mental health care system." even, 4rth floor

"Sexplore with Den Temin"
website omitted


"Liberty Village Toastmasters Toronto"


In some cases the webpages didn't do much, in many cases the webpages themselves didn't reveal who operated them, or where they did business. Somehow it was registered on 3rd party sites, but not their own. A few san fran connections. It's a wonder many of these businesses make money; Even ignoring the outright crazy ones, many aren't in the business of providing services per se, but in the business of telling other people how to do their job. One can speculate as to if they were even doing that much.

western child rapists control dominion, cia / fbi / doj are with the child rapists. yes it's the take down of the usa, however it can't be describe as an hyperpower or superpower... a country so dumb to let it's own children destroyed for the profits of a few traitors and raped on islands while being able to muster only 2 arrests is just a banana republic. the former usa.