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I was inspired to scribble a fun song parody called, 'Die Corona' based on 'My Sharona' by the Knack (1979). The parody was so obvious and so I had to... couldn't resist. I think of the irony of the governmental masked deception and how it is killing the family. The CPS offices will be working overtime.

A Bio-weapon by design... Corona.

Finally, I am including two videos as Corvid 19 updates to help keep the public informed. The first is 'Corona virus is Out of Control' by Steve Bannon. The second is a daily report by Peak Prosperity. Each video is 30 minutes in length. I would ad that SGT Report is also a good source for Corona analytical spin and 'China in Focus' for reporting.

No, Bubba, it is not the beer we're talking about!

The Irony

It seems that China, and likely other countries, are not coming clean about the statistics of deaths and those who have contracted it. In that respect, the governments are wearing a filthy mask of lies, while the innocent struggle to stay alive with a mask. Also My Sharona speaks of the lust for sex that overcomes them. In likeness My Corona the body is overcome with a different infection. But this one kills.

China created a bio-weapon to kill throughout the world, yet think of how many of their own they have murdered in the process. - Did they not care?

As It Kills Families

They used to steal... now they kill too?

I often write of how the government breaks up the family through the theft of the CPS system. I think of the needless broken homes this will produce. I have read where children can survive this better than adults. That being said, many children will be absent their parents. How sad. This is not because of the CPS but as a result of the government and a bio-weapons lab in Wuhan, China.

Think of how many children may need to be adopted because mom or dad is gone. Oh my, the CPS offices will be on overload.

This may well be more effective and faster than the CPS in tearing up families. Did the powers that be that run this world get impatient in the population reduction/control strategy they have been using thus far with Planned Parenthood, CPS and other items in their toolbox? If they can kill the parents with a deadly virus, it is less work than creating documentation based on lies or moving through the judicial system.

It has the potential to outperform the CPS killing machine, if it truly goes pandemic global.

And think of the psychological damage, as folks die, are cremated and discarded, without a way to grieve or find closure. For these children and family members, there is no going back... no rewind. Those left behind will have paramount emotional baggage to carry with them. And some are even being Cremated Alive as being reported by China in Focus.

Killing families... families
A first rate bio-weapon by design, Corona.

They Will Need Our Help

I believe will will need the pro-family spirit more than ever now. With motherless and fatherless children, it is up to those who care to be a friend to the innocent, helpless and left behind. We must insure their innocence is preserved and their dignity is respected.

We must reach out to our pro-family folks locally in your community who can use our help. I know we have @familyprotection here on Steemit who works tirelessly to defend families and protect children. They will be in the trenches for sure. If this goes pandemic global, we will need to be a light to others in our communities. I encourage you to lend a hand to families hurting and helpless.

Now enjoy the fun song parody and updates, and remember to help those affected by the Corona virus.

We hear the writer telling the virus to die. There is an irony here.

Die Corona

Oo my deathly sickly one, sickly one
When you gonna end your reign on time, Corona?
Oo The world has come undone, come undone.
A cough and flu is just a starting sign, corona
It has got to stop, give it up, the ugly mask we find
Now quarantined, your so mean... your killing folks so kind
Die-ee ey-ee by-ee ahee ah woo!
Da da da die Corona

Stay away from me, way from me.
Can't you see I got it in my eyes, Corona
It's such a mystery, it's misery
The lab produced a virus now the lies, Corona
It has got to stop, give it up, the ugly mask we find
Now quarantined, your so mean... your killing folks so kind
Die-ee ey-ee by-ee ahee ah woo!
Da da da die Corona
Da da da die Corona

When ya gonna get to me, get to me
Is it just a matter of time, Corona.
Killing families... families
A first rate bio-weapon by design, Corona.
It has got to stop, give it up, the ugly mask we find
Now quarantined, your so mean... your killing folks so kind
Die-ee ey-ee by-ee ahee ah woo!
Da da da da da da da da
Die ee ey-ee by-ee ahee ah woo!
Da da da die Corona
Ma ma ma my Corona
Da da da die Corona
Da da da die Corona

Ooooh die Corona.
Ooooh die Corona.
Ooooh die Corona.

The video is 50 minutes.

#China says the #coronavirus #epidemic is calming down, but is it really so? Stephen K Bannon, host of #WarRoomPandemic sat down with me to discuss the most critical aspects of this pandemic: What’s the truth in China? Why did the Chinese government still refuse to let the American experts in? Could the virus be made in a lab? Why does the Chinese Communist Leadership rush #biosafety legislation? Could America see generic drug shortages if the epidemic prolongs?

Peak Prosperity

The video is 30 minutes

OK...despite more worldwide infections than ever, the WHO has decided to stop using the (technically very accurate) term "pandemic" to describe covid-19, presumably because they don't want to scare folks. The CDC is claiming that the US is not seeing "community level" spreading of the virus. But of course it isn't, because it's NOT testing at the community level. And only 3 US states currently have the capacity to run such tests, due to faulty kits being provided to the other states.

Then there's State Department's botched rescue of US citizens stuck on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, during which poor safety controls allowed 25 more folks to get infected on the flight back to the US. And these are the authorities we're depending on??

China, meanwhile, is lowering response levels in several provinces, setting the stage for workers to head back to the factories. BUT...they've postponed the National People's Conference. So, it's still too serious for the the 'important' people to be in public, but the plebes have nothing to worry about?? China is facing a lose-lose decision: maintain their widespread quarantines to contain the virus, but kill their economy? Or send people back to work, and risk infecting millions more?

Today, the markets finally started to show concern for the hit global trade is taking from this growing crisis. If the euphoria pushing markets to new highs is dissipating, there is an awful lot of empty space below today's asset prices compared to their fundamentals-based valuations. Translation = the markets can fall a LOT farther from here.

To reiterate our guidance: the time to prepare -- physically and financially -- is NOW. As China, Italy, South Korea, Iran and other countries are showing us, a government lockdown happens swiftly, slamming shut your window to act. Use the time you still have as the precious gift it is, and strengthen your preparations.

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The song is great! How about a video of you playing and singing it?!

I would need to get the equipment to do it. But yeah, that would be fun! You made my day. I have been down and depressed today and you are my bright spot of sunshine. Thanks @squirrelbait.

Hang in there pal. Don't let the evil one drag you down. That's the goal. Can't devour you if you taste bad and joy tastes bad. Depression, hopelessness, resentfulness, hate and fear are his favorite dishes. You are not a goulish snack my friend!

Here...I just uploaded an episode of FANTASTIC just for you.

FANTASTIC Episode 8: No more Pregnancies and Cognitive Dissonance Explained.

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