The Anti-Communist Manifesto Chapter Two: What Is Necessary (Pages 32 To 40)

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Chapter Two: What Is Necessary

What is necessary for the right-wing in order to succeed is to set its emotions aside and to analyze
every movement or action it takes like if it was a chess move. Our enemies are cold and calculative, this is a
good thing we can learn from them (Either from national socialists (Nazis), fascists or communists).
We are currently immersed in a cultural war that could be considered as a second cold war, since it’s
consequences may be extremely devastating if it is not taken seriously. Remembers that the socialist followers
are usually lazy, resentful or ignorant; but the political party leaders are heartless, smart, cold as winter and as
history showed us countless times; murderous. The only thing I like about socialist governments is that
they killed more leftists than I could personally ever dream of disappearing myself (Same with national
socialist (Nazi) and fascist regimes). We have more than 100 million martyrs and to be clear we must
specify that our movement is not seeking personal revenge, we are seeking to prevent unspeakable
horrors from ever happening again. Our enemies are a waste of space, oxygen and natural resources; since their existence doesn’t contribute in anything productive to society, they can`t
really justify it. In the case of a national emergency we must be willing to line traitors against the wall and to
give them death provided by a firing squad. Socialism and leftist ideologies in general go against human
nature, for this reason they are lost causes and shall not be regarded as alternative systems to the free market in
a civilized society. Capitalism will win anyways at the end; we already debunked and destroyed the reds once
and we shall do it again with absolutely no shame or mercy this time. I will now start writing down things
that are necessary to do if we wish to succeed. First; we must never let history be written only
with the left hand; as we may see by the public educational system in school and universities cultural
Marxism is a real issue. We must calmly publicly debate with our enemies and totally shame them by
pointing out the utter failures of socialism; don’t forget to add the exact numbers of how many innocent lives
were lost due to the Marxist-Leninist cancer. We must accept that we are powerful and that most people are
right wing by their very own nature, but we are a silent majority. We shall never see national socialists
(Nazis), fascists, socialists and communists as people since that means that we will struggle to fight them
when it is necessary; since our enemies have absolutely no human empathy or soul they are only
biologically human beings; but they are possessed by evil or maybe the devil himself. It’s ridiculously to see
how coward the modern right is; but there are a few exceptions to this claim that are visible in parts of
Europe due to the migration and the welfare state crisis. It is necessary to embrace rational pragmatism
between groups or ideologies that are truly right-wing since in that way our chances of winning are
exponentially higher (Don’t ever lose your principles for anyone though). It’s time to disobey and rebel
against the modern world, since we must be self reliant and we can’t let humanity be turned into a
domesticated specie by the state. As I like to say history proves the fact that the devil is inside of the
hearts of communists, socialists, national socialists (Nazis) and fascists; our duty is to send these demons with God himself in order to be judged or to somehow change their minds (Which is way harder since the
groups mentioned are violent extremists with absolutely no human empathy, compassion and love for humanity). None of them are welcome in heaven (Pastor Steven Anderson proved this in a rant).

As Edmund Burke once said “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do
nothing.” Indeed, if we remain passive and inactive against the threats of socialism of the 21st century and Cultural Marxism our society based on libertarian western values will be absolutely corrupted, rotten and destroyed. I always wonder how leftists in general believe that wanting to keep what you earn through hard work is greedy, but somehow stealing from others to give away the fruits of their labor to other individuals who didn’t work for it is not. As Margaret Thatcher once said “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money”. Also, Ludwig Von Mises proved the impossibility of economic calculation under a socialist regime in the text known as “Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth” and in other books. The biggest enemy of socialism is not capitalism, it is reality.

Indeed, the truth hurts dogmatic leftists like garlic scares away a vampire (Socialists are leeches sucking the blood out of the productive members of society). This book is meant as a reaction against the worst kind of hegemony the world has ever seen, if the radical left wants to play stupid games then we should give them stupid prices. I don’t love my enemy at all as you may see, look how that worked out for our only lord and savior Jesus Christ. Marxist leaning sympathizers are not only wrong, they have the blood of countless people in their hands and they are also wrong. The author of this book believes that an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth are the way to go in retaliation against the violence and political correctness dictatorship that is currently being perpetuated by the radical left. I will write this text anonymously, share it around with as many people as you can in order to actually change the world a little bit. It is necessary to lose all respect and admiration for leftist crooks or right-wing politicians (We are individuals who seek our principles to be implemented not partisanship), as Jordan Peterson said “It is more difficult to rule yourself than to rule a city”. As the mass murderer Vladimir Ilych Lenin once said “The most important thing when ill is to never lose heart”, we shall never stop fighting against the evil threat to humanity known as socialism. Remember than an organized gang may kill a dozen, a thousand or tens of thousands of innocent people; but an organized gang of socialist slave owners/dictators will definitely kill a country and destroy our very own humanity by stealing all of our precious liberties. We must expose our enemies to the people (The red devils as I call them), we must open up a history book to show countless cases of rapes, broken hopes (Failed attempts to implement a “utopia” (Even if socialism worked it would still be undesirable and immoral), mass killings, innocent lives lost due to starvation and famines, the number of concentration camps and other atrocities committed under the banner of the antisocial ideology known as socialism. Socialism is a greedy, selfish and definitely a criminal ideology that has caused innumerable deaths, countless instances of human suffering and truly nothing good has ever came out of trying to implement it. We must remember that the collective is nothing but a group of individuals, that the most oppressed minority is the individual and that collectivism is just a euphemism for advocating slavery. Equality is a false god, we need equal rights but not equal outcomes, trying to make what is different equal kills diversity and ends up in a tribalistic tyranny. It is also necessary to have absolutely no fear of death, since our mission is transcendental and we could make the world a better place. In case the authoritarian route is chosen only terrorists should get a military tribunal case and if found guilty get hanged, get a deadly injection or get shot in a black wall by a firing squad; remember no innocent civilians should be killed for obvious moral and ethical reasons, but also because the right-wing authoritarian regime that will be implemented needs to be loved and supported by the people. There is no surrender or retreat, we are the kind of people who cheer for death and danger. Any “social justice warrior” (SJW) who is polarizing the world is slowly digging his own grave, as in an emergency situation caused by the leftist policies, he/she supports people will lynch any radical leftist “progressive” they find when they revolt and organize. We must remember that there are a lot of anticommunist heroes who were true liberators as they believed in national sovereignty and freedom themselves, a great example of this is the Finnish sniper Simo Häyhä (Nicknamed the “White Death”). We must also laugh and cheer by cracking jokes about how miserable socialists are, since leftists themselves are an absolute joke (Leftism is a mental disease). Smash Cultural Marxism before it destroys the family structure, before it destroys the nation, before it enters churches, radios and before it brainwashes children through the institution of public education. Specially in Latin America we need to restore the death penalty for terrorist acts and we need to prevent governments from negotiating with terrorists before the subversive elements of the poverty spreading radical left infiltrate the state to use it to achieve their totalitarian ends. We need to spread our ideas as quickly as we can before it is too late.

We need to share books like the “Black Book of Communism” and make sure that the information being written inside them is real by stating un-debatable facts. We must start anticommunist youth organizations and try to make right-wing media organizations with objective journalists. Our enemies are weak if they are alone and we must realize that in most places in the world we outnumber them, we must close our hearts to pity in the worst-case scenario since these ignorant pricks can easily destroy everything we love. Remember that obedience is not a virtue, we must dismantle the leftist establishment fully before they decide to fully get rid of us. Remember that behind hate there is always sadness, in my case for the innocent people who lost their lives and human dignity because of socialist regimes, in their case for themselves since they know that they are losers who are incapable of bearing a competitive market and achieving anything by themselves. We must make our nations glorious by giving only death to thieves and wannabe dictators! Our enemies embrace irrationality since just their brains don’t work just like the contradictory ideas, they constantly try to shove down our throats. We must be passive or aggressive in debates depending on the circumstances, but we shall never forget that leftism is a mental disorder and that there are only two cures for it (Death or changing the mindset). If you only needed to remember one phrase from this book to get its message it would be this one; you should never be authoritarian nor libertarian; you should be just what is necessary.


I love you all, I'm out/cambio y fuera... Addio/do pobachennya/do svidaniya, bis später!

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