The Globalist Agenda is Impossible to Implement.

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The government is talking about central bank digital currencies.

The globalists conspiracy nuts are going batshit right now.
They see everything that's going down as a way for the "deep-state" to push the globalist agenda:

One world government; one world currency.

American politicians are talking about this right now:
It would be easier to airdrop money onto citizens if a digital fiat currency were in place.
The SWIFT system is garbage and was invented in the 1970's.


The problem with all this talk... is WTF!?!?

We don't have the infrastructure to implement what they are talking about so quickly. As if the government could get something like that done fast enough to react to the current pandemic. Either they've already been working on the 'solution' for while, which would mean this entire crisis was scripted, or they expect this crisis to last a lot longer than any pandemic normally would.

So which is it?

Is this a false flag or do they just know it's going to last forever?

Everyone knows how inefficient and slow the government is. In reality they are probably just spitballing ideas while on the backfoot that will not help us at the moment. Still, it remains alarming that everyone is talking about getting rid of cash simply due to a virus, while at the same time claiming the opposite. COVID-19 is the ultimate scapegoat.

And I thought Trump was an amazing scapegoat!

He's got nothin' on Corona Virus.


This is not globalism.

There will be no one-world government. There will be no one currency to rule them all (more than there already is). Power distribution throughout the world is much more decentralized than many of these conspiracy theorists believe. Even 1984 had Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia.

I'm very skeptical of the possibility.

The reason I can't subscribe to the whole globalist agenda is that it requires all the most powerful people on the planet to get together and agree how to take over the world using the military industrial complex. This kind of consensus is impossible.

The people at the top got there by being cutthroat capitalists. They stab each other in the back all the time to get ahead. That's how they got there in the first place. To think that these very same people are going to step into a room and then come to an agreement about how to fuck everyone else over and share that power fairly with each other is absurd. They all want more than their fair share of power; Every last one of them.


Satan is in control.

Using my perspective as an atheist, religion is the only way someone can logically believe that globalism is possible. There has to be a single entity above all the humans in charge that actually is calling all the shots; delegating power to the most evil/greedy humans on the planet that are willing to do ANYTHING to get ahead. Because I don't believe in the existence of Satan, it's hard to believe that a single centralized entity could possibly take over the planet.

Everyone in this world has at least a tiny bit of power over the space around them, some much more than others. There is a full spectrum of power here. A single person wouldn't even be able to delegate all that responsibility to everyone else. That's too big of a job for one person. Capitalism and greed are the real governance structures. We can always depend on the consistency of greed to govern itself; it needs no delegations.

Counterpoint: The Steem blockchain is a psyop.

This is a fun one that a lot of people like to throw around here. Steem (and even Bitcoin) are controlled by the deep-state. Let's run with this one for a second.

What has just happened on Steem? Justin Sun tried to take over and we all rallied against him. We would have never been able to come to consensus and forge the path that we did without this immense outside threat to unite us.


Let's take a look at the witness list, shall we?

Because of Justin Sun's attack against us, our top 20 witnesses are completely stagnant. There is no way for anyone else to become a top 20 witness now.

@smooth.witness #31 has 53000M Vests and needs more than double that to get into the top 20 at this point. @mahdiyari witness #37 has 26000M vests and needs more than 4 times that to become a top 20 witness. The witnesses in the top 100 need x40 to x60 more votes to get into the top 20. Compared to before our elections are abysmal. Thank you, Justin, I can still smell your stench on Hive.

In defending the blockchain from Justin Sun, our witness list has been fully centralized and possibly doomed to stagnation. We all came together to defend against a crippling threat, but the chance of doing the same just to make elections a little more fair is highly unlikely. Even I haven't changed my votes yet. Everyone needs to remove their votes from the top 20 just to make it a little more even.

In fact, we need to seriously consider changing votes to 1:1 and resetting the entire election process so we can start over.

What's the point?

Well, if you think Steem is a psyop, isn't this the perfect test for globalism? Unite the world against against a common enemy; once that enemy is defeated the "heroes" who won the war will stay in power, quite possibly forever.

The problem with globalism is this:

What entity on the planet is stronger than all other entities on the planet combined? That entity not only has to conquer every territory, but also has to hold said territory over time and prevent uprising. This is an absolute impossibility unless you believe Satan will reveal himself and use his magic powers against us in the final apocalyptic battle.


Barring the possibility of being enslaved by a magical mythical being.

The only other way to do it would be just as crazy. I'm thinking something like a black-flag alien invasion, which I've also seen the "crazies" talking about. Yeah I guess that would work if the military industrial complex was able to advance technology in secret long enough to pull it off.

However, this also assumes that all the competing military forces were left completely in the dust and no one ever saw it coming. It would also assume that we eventually beat the 'aliens' in a war and the ones who led us to victory are the people already in charge. Pretty far fetched if you ask me.

Going through all that trouble just to gain a tiny bit more power? That is not a viable strategy. This is especially true because the world that they've inherited after the fact is left in shambles. No one wants to own an empire of dirt and scorched earth. There's no value in that prospect.

Like I've already stated before, we can always count on greed to be consistent. No greedy groups of reptiles are going to wait around and tech up for decades in secret on the off chance they'll take over the world one day. People want what they want, and they want it now. New technology gets used immediately for personal gain. These things have a progression.

The military industrial complex is not some harmonious clump of demons fluidly working together to fuck over us pure-of-heart humans.

The world is chaos.
Humans aren't that great.

Competitive chaos.

We need to start here before we extrapolate the rest. Being the little guy, it's easy to lose sight of the facts and come to the conclusion that every aspect of this existence is tilted against us by the Evil One. This is incorrect. The world economy is a nonsensical meat-grinder with all kinds of unpredictable outcomes based on thousands of variables. The bottom of the debt-spewing pyramid chews us up and spits us out. That is all.


Get to the point already!

The point is that if America makes a digital currency, why would we think that currency is going to take over the whole world and begin a new reign of terror ushered in by Satan and his globalist agenda? Every country is going to make their own currency just as they always have over and over again.

When a fiat currency fails... they just inevitably make another one.
Either that or the hyperinflation ends and becomes the new standard.

There are 7 BILLION people here.

That puts 7000 people in the top 0.0001%.

Do we really think the top 7000 people are going to agree on anything whatsoever?
What about the top 700?

We can't even get our top 20 witnesses to agree on anything.

Get real.

Brave new world.jpg


America spends more on military than every other nation combined, yet we still can't get oil-producing Podunk nations like Venezuela to come to heel. They would rather suffer greatly than serve as our lapdog as many other countries have (Saudi Arabia).

The Great Satan

In the middle-east, America is viewed as the "Great Satan". A lot of these guys literally believe that America's imperialist economic strategy and foreign policy is Satan trying to take over the world. They can not be fully controlled by US, no matter how militarily dominated they are. They literally think they would go to hell and be tortured for all eternity if they sold out to US. Remember that the next time a "cowardly terrorist" blows himself up for his beliefs. I get the feeling there might be a lot more of that nonsense going on in the years to come.


Don't get me wrong...

I do not believe that politicians hold any real power.
Their power is delegated.

I've been very clear:

Politicians are designed to be purchased by the elite.
Why else would they be paid so little, relatively to how much power they wield?

It's money that rules the world, which is obviously why crypto is so important. Currency is the language of value transfer. Language and communication are the only aspects of humanity that elevate us above other animals. We stand on the backs of our ancestors, and we are due for an evolution.

To say that a single central bank is somehow going to take over everything is ridiculous.

Not only are central banks in competition with other central banks, they also have to answer to corporations and governments. Everyone wants the biggest piece of the pie they can get.

This is capitalism.

Even communism is capitalism.
Even socialism is capitalism.
These are just words.
The real power structure takes the form of the pyramid.


Open your third eye.

These facts are not a secret.
It's even printed on our currency in the creepiest way possible.
The eye straight up floating above the pyramid is not humanity.

God? Satan? Aliens?

Who knows.
Do you believe it?
I don't.
It's just a myth.




Because I'm sure if these things were true it would still be the first thing Google spat out at me.
Google would never hide important information like this from us.

"Don't be evil."


Google is under the thumb of the government.

The government is under the thumb of central banks.

Central banks are under the thumb of the elite.

The elite...

They want us to believe stupid shit like Satan is in control.
Religion is the ultimate control lever.
Fight the battle for your eternal soul, friends.

Remember the French Revolution?

If poor people came to consensus about who is actually to blame for their indentured servitude, the heads of the elite would be on pikes.

We can't have that.
Interestingly enough, The French Revolution happened right after 1776 in 1789.


The planet is more decentralized than we think it is.
It's impossible to rule the world.


The price of Bitcoin has crossed through the $6666.66 mark 21 times on the hourly candlesticks over the past 2 days. Coincidence?


Not everything needs to be a conspiracy, however fun that may be.

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Thank you for this.

I've nearly spun out in the past few days, watching alot of the "conspiracy" takes on things - which is interesting, as I'd been in that camp years ago and felt I'd moved past it. Perhaps revisiting alot of the "theories" with such a condensed intensity in the extra-tense climate of these times, I've been more susceptible to slipping back into the low-theta brainwaves where all the diabolical plots seem all the more tangible.

It was refreshing to hear your perspective as a healthy counterbalance.

The example of recent Steemit events as a comparable metaphor, I found impactful too... while one could take a conspiratorial stance on it, it is rather obvious that it was merely an organic course of events, that Sun was merely looking for capitalistic gains, the system was imperfect to start with, and human ego had its usual interference. It is possible that much of the same could be said for larger global events, despite the webs of complex research and interconnectivity of institutions, etc that provide "evidence" for many theories.

I'd be curious to read more of your perspectives on different aspects of the larger "globalist agenda," including the whole depopulation/vaccine thing and all what's been happening with Qanon...


As someone who comes from a left-wing radical background, Q-anon is an absolute joke. The idea that some 4chan troll is risking his life and evading the most intricate surveillance network on the planet to bring us cryptic messages... is beyond ludicrous.

You can't really subscribe to Q-anon as a liberal, just like you can't really subscribe to underground reptiles without religion. A lot of conspiracy theories are like this: they target certain groups. It makes them a lot less plausible. Find me a flat-Earther who isn't Christian. It's a hard thing to do.

Meanwhile there are other conspiracies like nine 1 1 that have full on been proven 1000 times over yet still hardly anyone believes it. Anyone with rudimentary knowledge of demolitions/architecture should know this, yet still they are able to brainwash the masses. It is quite a spectacle to behold.

Even my girlfriend, who's dad is a straight up licensed architect and says, "Yes, obviously this was a demolition..." It doesn't matter, she refuses to believe that the people in power could possibly do the thing. It would destroy the entire foundation of her world view. The same is true for the majority of the population, it seems.

As far as depopulation is concerned... I'm not sure.
Thanos had some good points.
I haven't looked into it as much.
Although I will say that I'm not keen on getting a COVID vaccination.

One of the few times I disagree with you. I do believe that there is a central group running the show. I believe most military and ruling class are little but pawns for this group, expendable to further their scripts. Much of what we know is based on blind acceptance of what experts have been telling us for years. Of one thing I became convinced of years ago. While most people at best plan things out for days, maybe weeks or a few years, there are those who make generational plans that will escape the notice/belief of the majority of people. This thinking naturally places them in the winner seat.

Yeah I know your stance pretty well.
Things are moving pretty quickly at this point.
It will be interesting to see where we are at in a few months.

Logistically it doesn't matter either way to me.
My actions would be the same.

The reason I can't subscribe to the whole globalist agenda is that it requires all the most powerful people on the planet to get together and agree how to take over the world using the military industrial complex. This kind of consensus is impossible.

This is how I see it. I was in the Military for a short while, and have worked in enough companies to know that they stay afloat despite themselves, not because of their decisions..

I submit you equate the 7k with plebs in terms of breeding, education, and rising through competition. Do consider such influences on their actions, particularly in view of historical accomplishments. These folks actually do get some shit done. The EU exists. Israel exists. This pandemic does exist.

Consider that their success at global implementation of totalitarian government is a winxwin^ situation. None of them have to take a pay cut to become part of the deified class.

They'll own everything on Earth, untermensch will be chemically castrated, even if not sterilized by SARS2 attacking their testes, and utterly dependent on the DRACO infused overlords for their every breath. Women,who survive covid-19 2x the rate of men, will be no less desperate, and remain fertile, since their ovaries don't express ACE2.

Who's gonna fudge that deal? Not smart people competent to wrassle $T's.

For centuries this investor class has been shown competent to ruthlessly compete internally, while acting en bloc externally. WWI and II show this well. You underestimate them, and reveal the curse of academia: hubris.

I had to accept a decade ago they were better than me, when they stripped me of my assets, and tried to kill me more than once. I survived out of luck. Maybe providence. Not skill, anyway.

Humbled, I know now they can coordinate actions across jurisdictions, industries, and classes, because that's how they took me down.

Now they're in position to drop the hammer globally. I can't even imagine any of them being so sophomoric as to blow this. This has been the work of centuries. The equivalent of multiple degrees of training and education have been planned, mastered, and delivered to their posterity, for generations.

These aren't union thugs on the waterfront, bro. They've had $T's to spend for generations on covert research, and we can observe the results if we look close at society.


Your misapprehension of their intransigence is naive IMHO. They are mostly psychopaths, and immune to ordinary human attachments, which makes them comparable to automata relative to societal factors we find impossible to negate - as your thesis of incorrigibility demonstrates.

They aren't ordinary people, and have been trained from birth to succeed at this task by generations before them that trained to make this moment possible, and literally had unlimited funds to enable the very best research and development of that training since before the invention of electricity.

Do reconsider.

I don't need to reconsider.
How would that change my strategy?

It may. I can't tell you how it will change your strategy - but neither can you until you reassess their capabilities.

I want to beat these fuckers. I cannot do so without inconceivably competent compatriots, and you're that kind of compatriot. I want you to beat these fuckers too. If you underestimate them, you may be uanble to nominally plan to defeat them, and that won't help either of us.

Do you however you want, but I hope you add your strength and skill to mine so we can contribute to a global decentralized community that succeeds in preventing our ubiquitous enslavement to psychopaths.

That's a good speech.
That kinda shit jacks me up.

It is true, getting close to winning would likely put me in a manic state to rashly go all in and be destroyed. Gotta remember not to fly too close to the sun.

It may lead you to not underestimating the 'enemy' ?
(I generally concur with @valued-customer, in this issue)

Literally everyone in the #informationwar gang concurs with @valued-customer.
That was kinda the point.
Poking the bee hive.
Seeing what I get in return.

Please cease and desist in employing my strategies - immediately! lolol

The people at the top got there by being cutthroat capitalists. They stab each other in the back all the time to get ahead. That's how they got there in the first place. To think that these very same people are going to step into a room and then come to an agreement about how to fuck everyone else over and share that power fairly with each other is absurd. They all want more than their fair share of power; Every last one of them.

they ain't hardcore capitalists and it doesnt need satan for this centralized mess..
it's called ultra communism (one world government with one currency and planned economy basically is communism)

  ·  14 days ago (edited)

Okay, then why is America the nation with the most anti-communist agenda? Seems like that wouldn't serve globalism's interest. We still see the echos of the Red Scare today.

Communism is too much work. Why plan an economy when you can let the economy run itself while still staying on control?

Why plan an economy when you can let the economy run itself while still staying on control?

still sounds like communism

you have anti-communist and capitalist agenda, eh?
why no free markets then? you crapitalists

Like I said, there is no communism, capitalism, or socialism.
There is only the pyramid.

How you choose to define which version of the pyramid we're looking at is a futile attempt because everything is interconnected.

Crypto is flat architecture.
Pyramids will be built but then fall back into the shifting sands of time much more quickly.

"who can build the highest pyramid"


"capitalism, socialism, communism, they are just words bruh, they are all the same, bruh"

for what do you do we have words? to describe different things

also you already admitted that everywhere are pyramids. why not just connect them? put another pyramid on top?

ultra communism

Just cuz you have high debt doesnt mean everything doesnt matter and is wayne.
Not important if capitalism (free markets) or communism (centralised totalitarian regime)...

I have a bit of a worry that you fell for nihilism.

The key against nihilism is to understand that there is no objective purpose, but a subjective.
You have to give everything you do a meaning by yourself!

Open the doors for anarchy and Self-responsibility

Greets :)

“Sometimes you have to pick the gun up to put the Gun down.”
Malcom X

Do you think something big is happening in the background?

  ·  14 days ago (edited)

There always is...
But yeah, there are a lot of red flags.

Best case scenario this is just the middle class being fleeced and the population losing more privacy and rights as they roll out the G5 facial recognition tech.

you mean, we f%&#ed up?

There's no atheists in foxholes; but you are right world leaders have no idea what they are doing. However as power structures and money solidify there may not be a consensus on domination; but there's surely a consensus on how to preserve power. Good chain enomics.

I was a atheist in a foxhole.. even when being shot at...

Rule by force is the disease, who and how are symptoms.


  ·  14 days ago Reveal Comment