Google Whistleblower Zachary Vorhies Goes Public

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Google insider Zachary Vorhies went public and released evidence of Google's liberal bias and meddling with elections.

Vorhies is a new hero for coming out and exposing Google despite their threats and intimidation after his first leak in June 2019, when Project Veritas published internal Google documents revealing "algorithmic unfairness". Yes, Google is as efficient as the NSA, it didn't take them long to figure it out. He was a senior software engineer who made $260k/year at Google. He could have stayed there and kept collecting a comfortable paycheck, but his conscience compelled him to do the right thing by blowing the whistle on them.

Vorhies said:

“I gave the documents to Project Veritas, I had been collecting the documents for over a year. And the reason why I collected these documents was because I saw something dark and nefarious going on with the company and I realized that there were going to not only tamper with the elections, but use that tampering with the elections to essentially overthrow the United States.”

Vorhies underlines that Google is playing two sides:

  • As a platform: Immune from being sued for the content that they host on their websites such as and Youtube)
  • As a publisher: Deterring the editorial agenda of their companies and applying that. People who don't fall in line with that agenda get deboosted and deranked. Inversely, people who do fall in line get boosted and pushed to the top of the searches.

By the way, Facebook and Twitter have also been playing the same platform+publisher game. It's fine if those companies want to have a bias; they must be clear about that to their users and shareholders, but they're not. They must choose which side they want to be, they can't be both because platforms and publishers are governed by different regulations and responsibilities. The overwhelming evidence of their manipulations, lies to the people and congress, and deceptions keep growing without being held accountable.

Google's liberal bias against conservatives must be stopped and they must be held accountable along with any other company that follow the same practices. The issue is not about conservatives vs liberals, it's about a giant tech companies influencing our lives and way of thinking, with their own agenda. If we let them get away with it now, who knows what they could do in the future. It's funny that Google often portrayed themselves as advocates for net neutrality, yet their insidious agenda is far from what they preach.

Full Vorhies interview on Youtube:

Full story at

The internal Google documents are available at

The dump contains sections concerning:

  • Censorship
  • Election Tampering
  • Fake News
  • Hiring Practices
  • Leadership Training
  • Machine Learning Fairness
  • Partisanship
  • Psychological Research

The documents are a mix of screenshots, PDF and HTML, totaling 299MB.

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As I stated in my video from earlier today - I have been censored by Google for many years, possibly among the first to realise that this was taking place. Their agenda is NOT a political one against 'conservatives' - though there may be some within Google who are pointing aspects in that direction. Their agenda is simply censoring WHATEVER goes against the desires of their controllers. is not a 'conservative' site in any way as far as I am aware - yet has been totally blocked for years. My own work is in no way right wing, yet routinely get censored.
The issue is whether or not a challenge is presented to the controlling entities and not much else.

You can see some simple examples of this censorship in the way my recent video connecting Bill Gates to Jeffrey Epstein has been mysteriously 'missing' from various places in Youtube where it would be expected to be:

Oh well what a surprise to see you as ever peddling your post and your BS here on the back of somebody else,s work and then upvoting it so it totally dominates his commnet section, so impolite ! STOP IT !
Why is it always about you ?? WTF !! Stop being so greedy and oh by the way thank you so much for having downvoted a vote which somebody decided to give me for having called you out on your post! I dont make much here on this platform ,im sure you are aware,yet I have invested 15 BTC here into this community, thanks to people like me you can do what you do, but just please do it differently , its getting paper thin ! What have you invested ?? I wager nothing, So please just stop sucking and sticking to big accounts to getting your cut of somebody elses pie ! Horrible !!

I commented here because I'm pretty sure that Drakos saw the video in this post in my own video from earlier today. I'm not claiming to own anything here, we are just discussing international topics as you and most people do here every day. I downvoted a post that you accused me of lying in, without backing it up with coherent logic as you continue your almost deranged and enraged tirade. I suggest you stop taking your anger out, perhaps due to losing so much money, on me - there are people here who are far more responsible for any problems on Steem than I am - you are sounding delusional at this point.

Actually, I found out about Vorhies from other non-Steemit sources including Project Veritas website, not from your video. Then shared it here with some personal views.

Hello @drakos,yes i am sure you have other sources for information than @ura-soul ! I cant say I blame you, but then I am apparently delusional for being tired of his behaviour and way of talking to others ! Funny how projection of their own traits is the main weapon employed by these people amongst us that don,t seem to get that we are indeed here too !! Im glad you came out and defended yourself here ! Great post by the way and we should all be striving in these extremely dark spiritually speaking days to strive to lift this human race of which we are all active members from this mud in which clearly we have been forced to wallow and eat for too long ) A new Era and Way is here, embrace it with all of your might, we shall and must win my !

  1. drakos had nothing to defend. i wasn't attacking him.
  2. you are literally the only person in about 5 years that i can think of who has claimed i am insulting or some kind of problem to them in communication online.
  3. you are the only person i have downvoted in 6 - 12 months (as I recall). i downvoted you because you became offended that I criticised Trump and instead of dealing with the facts you just accused me of lying. I downvoted a comment that you were upvoted on by 3speak, the platform that hosted the video that i uploaded - who also upvoted my post and who generally upvotes those who stimulate conversation.
  4. YOU Then became insulting to a degree I rarely see. So as for projection, as always, it's understanding begins with tracing the situation to it's origin to understand who is the source. You have provided basically zero real evidence of any wrongdoing on my part. you are avoiding the issues I raise, but continuing your attack dog stance. Why?
  5. If you really have an open mind, I suggest looking at this information on Jeffrey Epstein's web and it's connections to Trump - considered to be amongst the best there is in the public domain:

OK fair enough. No problem. ;)

It is an insidious way to politically influence all the while portraying net neutrality. I use duckduckgo now to search. This man may well become mysteriously silenced. I commend his bravery and pray he doesn't become yet another statistic.

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I, personally, hate google so much.
They act selfishly, authoritarian, and violating others right.

I still butthurt when they banned my Adsense + AdMob account without any disclosure on my violations (cause they can't prove anything, and I was only a small publisher, organically grew my site and apps for years!)

I hope blockchain technology will disrupt Google's domination in the future.

I had enough!

I hate it too. I use for my searches and stopped using Gmail for 10 years now (unless for some picky places that demand a google account).

yeah, for me, it's close to 5 years. I've been the Google-less advocate by driving my family and friends to avoid Google products.

I always tell them, when you're using Free products from Google, You ARE becoming their products!

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Are you using any Google alternatives for email, search engine, video platform, productivity tools, software distribution or others?

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Unfortunately, this happens because ethics has been lost, and greed can be more than the ethics, so they are on both sides, they are fine with each other, and they are not sincere with any!

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Google is one of oldest search machine, so long I remember me using Internet it exists. In my opinion everything and everyone who is so long remains monopoly in any area they create their own rules and regulations. Only we can influence it by decision to use or not to use Google, but many people they get used to and do not like to change.

Platforms should not have this ability. More of a reason we need move to decentralized platforms. Everyone's word deserves to be heard.

Can't wait their immunity getting stripped!

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Interesting and not overly dramatic the way much of this topic is covered.

I enjoyed the read.

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That is why everyone needs to switch to the brave browser. It seems much faster to me too. I have been using it for months now. I did try cryptobrowser and use it some on one laptop I have. I like brave when I watch tv shows or movies because it blocks most of the ads and even pop ups from the sites I use. I am new and hope it is ok to put links here. I have only posted my links a few times and it would be nice to get a few referrals. I am currently at 0 on both. Lol. It just seems like a good spot to give a shout out to the brave browser. Especially since a guy from mozilla helped to make it. I know in school the entire faculty would always tell you to use mozilla . That is a reason I was attracted to it at first. I was extremely new to crypto when I started using it. Links:
Brave broswer:
Cryptotab browser
Cryptobrowser seems alright too. If you could get a bunch of referrals then you could mine a little bit for just using it instead of google. It is really easy to use. I know they mine monero using some of your cpu and then convert it to btc. I am really new to it so I do not know much. It could hurt your computer but I am not sure of that.
I would recommend brave first for sure as of now. Maybe some others know more to say or can verify that they are better to use. Maybe they do some of the same and there is not a perfect browser to use. I have enjoyed using steem so far and learning more about it. It just seems pretty complicated or overwhelming for a new user like me. With time I learn more like with anything. I love crypto and the technology it is fascinating to me.

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