We are at War With China

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For many years i have told friends that we are at war with China.
Usually this results in laughter.

However if you have listened to Chinese Leaders' speeches you get a horrifying view of what the CCP thinks of Americans.

Here are two such speeches:

[basically,] Germany failed because they attacked too many people at once, when they should have been sneaky and destroyed their enemies little by little... and of course the Chinese people are superior to the Germans and have a longer history.

Don't know if they are just war-mongers doing what war-mongers in the highest levels do, but the CPP's actions, and how they have been posturing is in line with what these two have said.

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I have had people on my f-c-book feed telling/complaining of Chinese-Australian people going into stores in Australia, being the first waiting in line and buying pallets of whatever they could get and shipping them to China.

And there are many other stories of China (CPP) doing awful things.

The above video makes one wonder if the "failures" of certain products was deliberate or was it just the Chinese way of thinking, "If you can scam a person, scam them". (not really caring about the loss of reputation, because they feel they have none)

  • lead in paint of children's toys
  • good metal, that was provided, sold, and then cheaper metal used on critical parts

Currently, the CPP is blaming the COVID-19 on the Americans, and have gotten all the news agencies to stop calling it the China virus.

All in all, the CPP can only be trusted to do what is favour of the CPP.

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I don’t know much about politics, especially what is truly going on in politics (and not what we can detect as regular people, not insiders), but what do you think about this? In this article from 2015 they briefly speak of the U.S. scientists doing experiments on Chinese bats which resulted in creating a potentially deadly virus hybrid


Just to be clear, I blame neither country for what’s going on now, I don’t know the essence of their games, but it bothers me that in case of this virus in particular many people assume it’s Chinese or made by them... what if it’s not


Yes I have a friend that works in security in Melbourne Australia that told me of Chinese-Australian people buying up what they could and sending it to China.

I have zero respect for Pool. He's completely ignoring that the lies from China that began before the outbreak became public information were known lies. Any public figures that acted based on that false information should be shunned, disgraced, and probably prosecuted, not given a pass.

I did some hankerchief math back in the '80s and pointed out China could construct 100M hot air balloons with wicker baskets full of soldiers and SKS's that would drift on air currents to the USA in a few days and there's almost nothing our military could do about it. At least 10M of those soldiers could get to US clay, and cost almost nothing to drop here.

Turns out they didn't need the SKS's, or even the baskets and balloons.

Tim Pool... what i can i say. I like him for middle of the road, "normal" type information.

He is only slightly red-pilled.

And so, if he is saying something, then its already in your face big for conspiracy realists.

i really have a feeling that one of the ports on the west coast of The USSA is already set up to fall... to become a Chinese beachhead overnight.

Like, someone in the oligarchy things they are using China to keep america in check and fear.... but things are going to go there way.

But who knows. Bignewzabrinski has been over there so much when no diplomacy supposedly existed... what did they set up?