3 Year Olds to be Sterilised

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Now it is claimed that three year old children are old enough to choose their sex - and have the operation!

It is typical of how this world works. Give a finger and they'll want to take your hand. We were told to be tolerant and understanding as to the gay community - I too was...but see now where this is leading us!

If it means ONE child being harmed, I would rather join the moslem community in throwing ALL gays off a roof


What makes this even more sickening is that we already know that this is deliberate, a plan by the globalists and abetted by the MSM, priests, teachers, doctors and corporations. For just how long do we have to tolerate the existence of these evil people? I would like to see them being arrested, starting with the Gates, Sorros family, the Rothschilds and so on....then I'll know we have at least a chance of saving ourselves.

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No way can a three year old be able to choose their sex.

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They are not doing it because of the need of the child. That is why the word 'sterilised' is used.

It is part of the globalist plan and in line with the UN Agenda21 etc.

What is amazing is that parents are going along with this, thinking that by doing so it proves they are liberals - when all it proves is that they are idiots who are betraying their own children.

You are aware that the suicide rate among trans is the highest in the world?

At least they are ensuring their bloodline is removed from the future of mankind. As long as there are enough people with the commonsense to see all this shit for what it is, we just might come out of it stronger.

Yes let's hope we come through all crap stronger and better.

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I already read 1-2 years ago children in a school we're allowed to choose their race and gender....

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They were preparing the way for what they now want to do: operate and actually change their sex (while they are still toddlers

I think other parent would be a bigger help and a shrink

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I did not understand what you mean.

I've always believed this whole gender identity propaganda is only aimed at sterilising a lot of young people...

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...and, sadly, you were right.


¡Eso “Esta de locos”! Porque ya elegimos el sexo con el que naceríamos cuando estábamos en el vientre de nuestra madre; eso ocurre entre las semanas 16 y la 20.
Gracias @arthur.grafo por compartir esta información…

That's crazy! Because we already chose the sex with which we would be born when we were in our mother's womb; that happens between weeks 16 and 20.
Thank you @arthur.grafo for sharing this information...

See? You managed to teach an old man something he did not know. Thank you.