Corona: Will you fight or die suffocating on your own blood?

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There there little one don't despair, wipe away those tears sweet thing. Come here, give me a hug through a layer of hazmat suit. Everything should be OK, Corona is a game of chess...

Oh dear, things are heating up my vision is getting blurry. Hard to cough but extremely pinched and tight lungs make me want to so bad. Ears are ringing with tinnitus. Throat raspy and dry, my voice is starting to croak. I must self-isolate.

I must play chess.

Moving chess pieces around the global chessboard, chequered black and white squares. It's a timeless game of tactics best played with the future.

So what was the purpose of this post?

I can't remember the intent behind it. Corona Virus looks like a chessboard in the shape of a globe?

In all seriousness, I will try to make my next post most informative. This is just some catharthis and intentional triggering here...


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  ·  3 months ago (edited) how to boost your immune system... vit.c zink magnesium iodine, lots of fruits, seeds, garlic... etc... be safe! And fight the forced vaccination agenda.

Garlic Yes

Vitamin D, Garlic, Cayenne Pepper. Still need something more

That is a good start.

Always :-)

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Thanks man.
Gonna pump out what I can to refocus and perhaps it can help others.

Knowing so much and leaving it unpublished can be a burden.


That chessboard is an important part of the puzzle! We are simply all pawns in a bigger game ;)

The chessboard as a globe looks so muc like the Corona molecules.

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