Very fancy. Haven't seen you around lately. I can only assume you've gotten into NFTs. Am I right?

Actually I haven't minted one yet. Warming up to the idea but at the same time, not in a hurry. Haven't been doing much in the content creation department either. I'm mostly around just browsing the merchandise here, plopping down a few votes and words.

Just a chill hang. What's your mechanism for browsing? Do you search words or scroll a community or what?

PeakD. Nothing special I just look around. No searching, no communities. Talk with these folks. They follow, you snoop their blog, follow if interesting, vote down the road if the planets align. Just whatever.

Cool cool. I mostly follow the people I followed when it was still Steem. Branching out and finding new gold hasn't been something I've tried much in the past few months. Not sure if it's the new UI or just that I'm tired all the time.

I actually spent the time going through my list and removing dead accounts. Of course I kept the people that at one time would hang out. Was kind of depressing though. About 300 accounts. Majority were low rep and stuck around for maybe a few posts. I tried. Found one that powered down completely, with 4000 Hive just sitting there, so I'm not sure? Does that mean they don't have resource credits, like, at all, and can't interact? I was confused why someone who gave up would just leave it there.

We're both entertainers. I'm more of a cartoon character but still. Dude without people around to just enjoy the show, this is always going to be weird. It's like we're all on stage having a blast with one another but the seats are empty. I was yapping about it for so long. My recent post takes another shot at it. A hard one. It just got to the point where I'd rather just do as I say instead of say what I want. There's a lot of good stuff around. A lot of talent.

And to go back into history. I was right about the 50/50. You were right about the stupid curve.

Indeedily do. I have no problem with 50/50, it's just the way it is now. But the damn curve is definitely a "the rich get richer" scheme. I haven't thought about or talked about that in ages, though. I guess I've kind of given up on the idea that we're all voices in a collaborative governing effort, and it just is what it is. Ah, well. It was never real life anyways.

That was a good burn.