Indonesia's New Normal

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Today I chat my friend who are living in the different island and we talked about how is the New Normal in her place. And it took me by surprise, that the are having a completely New Normal there. These are the difference that she feels after the Pandemic

  • Using mask and care for hygiene
    When the old normal, Indonesian tends to ignore a big about hygiene, not to mention using mask or any other protecting gears when it is necessary. They now thinks that precaution is better then treatment.

  • Law Obedience
    This is one of the biggest improvement she feels in the New Normal. Everyone follow the law and order which put in place by the government. Now everything is in a good state as everyone follow the rule. Everything seems so organized and tidy. they now feel ashamed when disobeying the law and order.

  • No more racial deeds
    another big leap that she feels in the society. One might think that having a lots of culture, several religion, thousands of island and the tribe in it is a blessing. But in the Old Normal, that not the case, it seems like a curse. As most of the time it is the cause of frictions in the society, everyone feels that one religion is true and above the other. Not to mention the hate for America and Chinese, while we are a big consumer for the product made in those country. And Thank God, those are old, we are now doing things based on humanity, not based on religion anymore.

  • No More Bad Politician and Corruption
    This might be the source of all the improvement. Because there is no more bad politician who using racial, religion based argument to gain support and attack the ruling party, or vise versa. They are now working hard to make the country better, working along to fight and eradicate the corruption. They will face a certain death penalty if proved to do corruption.

  • priest and holy person are spreading love and peace
    There has never been any sermon or social media speech from priest, holly person from any religion that spread hate, encouraging terrorism, they never said that there is only one true religion, but all are good as long as they are doing good toward each other.

But in the end of the chat, I asked her again why I have never read those news on TV or Internet. She then replied that "That was Indonesia New Normal according to my dream, but in reality we are still fucked up as usual, and what happen now are in contrast to those I mention above"

I can't believe i was pranked by her, and we all end the chat with emojies and hope that those kind of things will eventually happening in Indonesia.


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