It took me over 1.5 years to reach the reputation level 60!

in india •  6 months ago 

So it was a long wait for me to see reputation 60 written next to my steemit profile! And I'm glad I've achieved it after a loooong period of close to 2 years after starting posting my 1st on steemit! Many steemians I've known of have reached this milestone in little less than 6 months provided they are regular. But in my case, even though i used to be regular for most part of my existance here, I must admit that it took me a mixture of use of bidbots and organic curation to reach this level.


I know that reputation is of no real value and it is the steem power one holds that matters the most. In that sense I'm far ahead of many of my co-steemians whose reputaiton reads much higher than what mine does. It does not come as a surprise to spot steemians with nearly 70 reputation having no substantial SP value. Steem as a community is not benefitting from the concept of reputation. To be of any use one must have enough steem power, something I'm proud of having, though it appears small as compared to many others!

Despite me being a non-believer of reputation, I thought of marking this day in block chain through this post, as it provides an option to look back from future. I hope I can reach the level of reputation that @haejin now has in little over 50 years!

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Very happy for you

Thank you Rohit... And welcome to steemit! Hope to see you around.

Congratulations to reach rep 60 is the best proof of having invested a lot in Steem.

Thank you @sifondeseltz ! I've invested a lot of my time and fiat into this. Waiting to see good days.

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Congrats 😊

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Thanks senior.. you are 61..!!

Ha ha... Senior 😝 Yeah, I remember I was so happy when I saw it turned 60, somehow it felt not something I would reach when I started. So enjoy your day and I'll wait for your rep 70 post 👍🏼😁

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Recently I heard about esteem tokens. Are they available for sale in steem engine?

Congrats!! Your reputation have no any relation with your SP. It is all about community attention towards your content.

Thank you! And nowadays it is all about how good you are at using bidbots.

congratulations. I always talk with pride when I mention about you to my family. i tell them always about how you worked sincerely. I am glad you reached this level.

Thank you chechi.

Congratulations @sathyasankar.! It is a big achievement as it is not an easy thing to survive on this platform.

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Thank you @akdx. I totally agree with you that it is really hard to survive here.