STEEMX - The Most Underrated STEEM Exchange!

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Hello Steemians, it's been a while since I last posted on this profile. I have been busy in the background working on several projects most of which are related to STEEM. ;)

I consider myself a full time Steemian although I have faced many hurdles in keeping this platform as my only source of income. I am now trying to build my skillset around photography and filmmaking. Why? Because I have interest in these two fields that compliment each other very well.

STEEM has helped me survive all this while. I will never leave the community although I might keep on changing the way I operate. Ultimately, I want to create content so I think I will always remain in the safe haven.


The biggest hurdle for many Indians like me right now is that cryptocurrency is banned in the country. Which means you cannot transact through crypto within India. In the recent past, all major exchanges had to shut down their business due to central government not doing anything to regulate the market. They simply put a blanket ban on cryptocurrencies and it will remain like this for a long time.

Now the question comes, how do I survive on my STEEM earning? When I cannot even transact in Crypto!


According to me, this is the most underrated STEEM exchange. I don't know why not many people know about it. Maybe because they are not quite vocal on their STEEM account @steemexchanger.

USP of this exchange is that you can exchange your STEEM & SBD with USD in a few minutes. And get it into your PayPal account in another 30 minutes.

If your country supports PayPal like India, then you can use this service. In future they will add more Payment Processors to the exchange but that's been announced a while ago.


Sign Up

You can sign up using your Email Id and Phone number.



You can deposit STEEM by sending your STEEM with your unique MEMO code to @steemexchanger. Mine is 5NRIUCUK2PamdIcLlQBy. Buy me a coffee, use my memo. You now know what to do ;)



There is an exchange fee. The amount you get after exchange can be withdrawn.



There is no withdrawal fees. In about 30 minutes, you will get the funds in your PayPal in the default currency.


I want to take this opportunity to thank the team behind this life saving exchange. :') I couldn't survive without this one. There are other ways to exchange STEEM to my local currency but they are quite time consuming and costly. This one is pretty neat. I hope they come out with more features in the future.***

Full Disclosure:
My funds get stuck once in like 5 times. Mostly due to my mistake with the memo. But their support is quite active, at least for me. They resolve issues quickly so 100 marks to their customer service.

This is not an investment advice. Sending funds to exchange is risky and you may lose your funds. I have shared my experience for entertainment purpose only.


I think my Paypal is not functioning anymore, but yeah, this is an awesome way to do it and it's great how you have mentioned it all so clearly. Got to try this the next time.

Awesome. Please go ahead and do it. Good service. ;)

Super useful! I know more people are looking for ways to convert their STEEM to FIAT and this certainly helps.

Thanks @soyrosa. For people like me who cannot transact in crypto so easily, STEEMx is a life savior. :')

thanksgiving info.

Haha. Happy Thanksgiving. ;)

I just resteemed your article for I found it to be very helpful for me and for everyone. I'm gonna try money exchange and can't wait for it. So for those who are like me who haven't tried withdrawing their earnings in, try to read this article for it will help you. Thanx for this article friend. I guess i'll simply have to follow the steps a d everything will be smooth and must be so great guys. So great to be part of this huge company and good luck to us guys.

This is actually huge! A way to directly convert Steem to PayPal. How could I not know the site until now? Answay thanks for sharing!

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Cheers @okean123. Enjoy the exchange ;)

The biggest hurdle for many Indians like me right now is that cryptocurrency is banned in the country.

A little correction that crypto is not banned in the country however there is no bank support but indians can trade and hodl without worry.

Your shared useful info about this exchange and i will try it out. Thanks

Yes @alokkumar121, you are right. Actually the government has put a ban on the transactions within the country. But yes, we can hold and exchange through multiple services. That's the best part about crypto. P2P transactions can happen among consenting individuals in a few seconds. ;) Thanks for your comment!

Absolutely @hungryhustle and I agree with you. Crypto comes with many benefits but unfortunately we are not that much lucky to have full support in India. Hope things get better in future and govt takes positive stand on this. Thanks man.

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fingers crossed :'D

Till then, keep HODLing. ;)

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This one looks interesting mate, will definitely give it a shot. I generally use CoinDCX for the purpose and now I've another option too !

Thanks bhaiya, for bringing this up !

Cheers and Good luck for your Filmakin n Photography carrer !!
Pehli movie k bad - PARTY TOH BANTI HAI !!

Steem on !

Tweet done

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What is the exchange fee that they charge?

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Hey @jacuzzi, this might help you. It's there on the website.


Dude... I never knew about this site... Underrated is an understatement... It's looks easy to use so I might just switch over to steemx... Once again thanks

Awesome buddy! Let me know if you like the exchange after using it ;)

Weird that it wasn't known before, very clean UI. The fees are huge though.

Yep @marki99. But for me, going through other channels is both costly and a huge headache. So this is the best option for me.

Yeah depending on where you live this can be the only option.

@hungryhustle, In my opinion COINDCX is doing good work brother.

But this space also sounds effective. But in my opinion when it comes to PAYPAL many users got blocked without any proper reason and when people try to communicate they never respond, this experience is faced by many, and they lock 🔒 funds too. So i don't feel safe with PAYPAL.

But thank you so much for letting us know about this Exchange.

And good wishes from my side towards all your Projects. Stay blessed.


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Thanks for your comment Chiranjeevi. Means a lot to me.

I will try COINDCX too. I did not know about it before. Maybe you can do a review on your Profile. ;) And you are absolutely right, Paypal locks money when you are new or they do not understand what kind of the business you are in. Lucky for me, I passed that locking period and then they released my money after a request I made. So I have been away from restrictions since a long time ago. And once you do business with them for a long time, they assign an account manager to you as well or dedicated support.

I haven't done any review because i am waiting to see the clear Cryptocurrency Position in India and how Government will treat it.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with PAYPAL. Stay blessed.

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Bro, after you shared about this long time ago..since then I am suing this only. Finally made a good review too. I am only using Appics these days late to notice this post. 🙏🔥🔥👍

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That's very useful information, I live in Chile and it is also a big hurdle to make withdrawals. Will definitely give it a try, thanks!

The service seems not working for me. Still waiting for my deposits after 2 days. Contacted the service and not receive any response.

Good bro.