Steem Clan : Northern India Mission....

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Do you or anyone you know lives close to the city of Rishikesh in Northern India?

We're On A Quest to India - and we need your help!

We have been on Satoshi's Treasure Hunt to solve riddles to keys that win Bitcoin! The puzzle we are solving right now requires someone to actually go to a little town in India called Rishikesh, on June 27th at 1:00 pm, to retrieve the 15th key. See the riddle below:

The location:

This is a time sensitive mission and we only have 2.5 days left.

North India Represent!

Contact anyone in The Discord server. Password: Key15

Steemians are going to win Satoshi's treasure and it may be because of you.

@bikergirl @coolguy123 are you in north India in 2 days?


@inuke @vibesforlife @yangyanje you happen to know anyone there? :>)

I can’t believe i almost went there.

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I can :>)

I think we have found some people.....but if you are close and can do it that would be awesome! Join our discord group for the treasure hunt

If you are not close by... don't worry we might have it. :)

seriously? You're in Portugal!

I live in Portugal. I just have some Indian friends that I reached out to, also plan to visit India later this year ;>)

Thanks for asking!

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you're welcome :>)

Hello my friend @doctorcrypto. I am not in North India and doesn't know anyone from Rishikesh. My best wishes with this to you and others.

Thank you sir. I wasn't sure so I thought I would check. :)

You might want to reach out to @firepower, he does a lot in India, and has even been in the news in India promoting crypto currencies, so he may be a real good source. I am not sure what part of India he is in, but he might know someone close by.

I think we are set with two different folks. Thank you for the heads up. :)
Join the hunt!
We just got a crazy new clue and need coders and math heads.

Good to know that multiple teams can win this...
We just need some feet on the ground.