Fork in the Road - Are you prepared?

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They say, "You don't know what you have until it is gone."

Freedom comes to mind as well as equal treatment under the law.

I am happy to be thousands of miles outside the American borders as events reach a crescendo there. I see two primary alternate realities that have been brewing for many years.

One reality is the frequently incorrect narrative pushed by the corporate media giants that have frightened the entire world into an over reaction to something that has over ninety nine percent survival rate. The omission of information key to navigate these trying times and out right bias in reporting. This has lead to ignorance and unpreparedness for those who buy into the stories they tell.

The other reality is that of conspiracy theories, distrust of the media, and a search for real facts that cause further distrust of everything from money, to government, to institutions and even doctors. This leads to much division of the country and even of families themselves.

The Election

This is just one aspect of the fork in realities that will come to a head tomorrow. Nothing about this transition seems normal. Four years ago, the main event was the media trying to push unpopularity of the new President, showing images of smaller crowds. They went on for days and days about the crowd size.

This year, we have Capitol buildings nation-wide surrounded my more nearly 100,000 troops to keep peace during the virtual inauguration of Joe Biden. Thirty five thousand of those are in Washington and they have ten plus blocks cordoned off with check points throughout.

The Sides

Many on the "Media" side of the reality war believe that Trump supporters will storm the city and try to take down the government before Biden can be sworn in. The Democrats, after all, are the ones that put this huge force of armed military people in place to stop them. The worries do not really make sense. The people at Trump rallies never caused any harm to person or property during then and there were hundreds of rallies across the country, millions attended. Those same supporters were forty minutes away when the break it at the Capitol occurred January sixth.

Many on the "Conspiracy" side feel that the troops are there to arrest and detain people in the government for their crimes. All that research has brought this group of people up to speed on what is or is not legal according the the founding documents. Treason, sedition, bribery, blackmail, and selling out the country to China are on the list. Much of that can be proven, but never has anyone in the government had to face charges for their crimes, not in my lifetime anyway.

One example is the laptop of Biden's son which documents payments from Russia and China for access to Biden dating back ten to twelve years. Then there are the pedophile photos and videos that were found on the same laptop, Hunter's participation included. Many would like that man and anyone who enabled him to do those kinds of things jailed.

Truth or Nightmare

Either the Media side or the Conspiracy side will prove to be true. Maybe not tomorrow, but over the next days, weeks or months it will happen and one side will have their entire reality collapse around them and the minds of those who believed in 'stated reality' will be shattered. Think about the many who screamed at the sky when they found out the media had lied to them about polls and Trump's chances four years ago. Shattered.

If the truth does not come out, the nightmare of having a pedophile in office will be sad. The reality that China will rule the previously free United States of America will be a nightmare that few have bothered to look into. The nightmare of China's control and inhumanity towards its people - that will descend on the U.S.. Economic gains, world reserve status, freedom will be gone as 'The Great Reset' takes place.

If the arrests are to take place, it would surely explain the huge over reaction to a virtual inauguration that has been put on display. It would also mean the exposure of what we have all known about our government for many years, as far as bribery and corruption goes at least. It would mean solid proof of what evil is possible when a country bans God form its schools and homes. It would be a sad day as many hang their heads knowing that people have been sold for sex and the youngest members of the human race suffered.

I have looked at both sides and I am prepared for either. But those who have abdicated their ability to think and reason are not prepared for the polar opposite reality fork that is coming.

Unlike a crypto fork, this will be a One or The Other kind of thing.


See you on the other side!



News media have the potential to support economic, political, and social improvements. Some media actions are harmful. For this reason, it leads to much division of the country and even of families.

¿Es un poco confuso o es lo que generan? De todas manera hay un plan mundial que necesitan por todos los medios llevar a cabo y ese plan está en marcha. De este lado hacemos nuestra parte y lo detenemos por un poco más de tiempo! Saludos amigo!

A sound assessment of our situation.. and at the moment it doesn't look good ... Knowing this can go either way is nerve racking..

You say you are prepared for both sides.. more power to you.. You looked ahead and did something about it.. Most of us aren't that fortunate... Either way it turns out our world is at a pivot point..and we are in for a rough ride ... Good luck everyone....

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