#ImprovizChallenge — Musical Improvisation Contest: Announcement

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Hello dear friends! I want to introduce you to the music contest #ImprovizChallenge!


How it all started

I started learning to improvise on the guitar. This is useful to me to learn how to play nice music and do performances. I decided to add fun to this process and invite my friends. I challenged them to challenge. So I got the idea of a music contest.

What's next

I drew a competition logo and selected a special tag. I will support all participants who use the tag #improvizchallenge.

So that I can see your work, please indicate the tag in the publication editor:

Each week I will make reports and describe the work of the contestants. You will receive upvots from me. Add tag @creativecoin. This is a creative tribe. I collect CCC Power there and you can receive deductions from me for your musical works.

Rules for participation

  • Upload video or music with your improvisation
  • Use tag improvizchallenge

The best works will receive repost from me and 100% upvote, and it will also be in the report with links to your pages.

Let's make music together!

Some works:

Chicago Blues from @sketch.and.jam
Amazing bass sound, blues reef and cool Chicago pics. Pour me a glass of whiskey!

Blues in Am (Sax + Guitar)

Also pay attention to @tryezz. He is a very talented and strong musician.

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