IMF Head Lagarde is officially a Criminal (and so is the organisation she heads)

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IMF Head Christine Lagarde was found guilty in 2016 of criminal charges over massive (Eu 400 million) government payout scandal.

She was found guilt of criminal negligence over approving a massive payout to an associate of former french President Sarkozy.


A week ago she criticised Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for being used for criminal money laudering.

Of course she is the REAL criminal and that use of cryptocurrencies for money laundering is a miniscule fraction of overall cryptocurrency transactions and indeed is no higher than the use of the US Dollar of Euro in money laundering.

What is even more disgusting is that she was not fired as head of the IMF or even punished for her criminal acts.

Obviously the nature of the trial, with multiple defendants, made it impossible to not convict her, but the Judge decided to let her off with no punishment because the IMF didn't want to have a leadership change.

As if this is even a relevant consideration for whether she should be punished. The person running one of the biggest financial organisations in the world should be beyond reproach, clean as a whistle, not a convicted criminal.

No further evidence is needed of the corruption and double standards applied to the criminals running the world's financial system.

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And here I thought it was only the United States that didnt through bankers in jail.

The world does not seem to want to convict bankers.

The only thing to do is make them obsolete.

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So true!

"We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office." Quoting Aesop

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I recently wrote a post, in reaction to the statements of this official. This legal sentence shows us that she is a worthy representative of an abusive financial system, without moral authority to demand global regulation for the crypto market.

In my country there is a saying that says something like "it is not good to spit on your head." Her actions speak for her.

However, the world is unhinged and the masks fall every day. It only remains for us to react as united citizens.

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And she has the audacity to lay such claims on Bitcoin, disgusting that the IMF is standing back from taking appropriate sanctions.

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Lock her up.

she should be fired as head of the IMF. Government should punish her.

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I did not even hear this on the news. Another proof new media are controlled by the elite.

The good thing in the token economy is the influence people have over every action.
In democracy you only vote once and then you are helpless no matter what your representitives do.

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This comes just a week after she criticised Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for being used for criminal money laudering.

She should have used a privacy coin for the 400M :D

In the world we live in the criminals are punished by being given absolute power.


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