WHY I love steemit

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kz42phzfwn.jpg my picture holding A4 paper that says I LOVE STEEM taken by a friend.

And thanks to Ned Scott for creating this precious platform. Also, thanks to the contributors who uphold steemit steadily.

Big thanks to @stephenkendal for creating this crucial contest/challenge, basically, to promote steem and to create more awareness to steem.

I love steem-I'd like to go straight to the point in highlighting few reasons WHY I love steem.

1. Users are getting rewards from the content the shared/posted, as a result, I concluded and affirmed that "good creativity enriches great productivity and great productivity is earned by a huge classy reward". I myself I've gotten series of rewards from my post, comment and gifts. By this, it improves and developes users' creative instincts and wide their creativity faculties based on partaking and consistency.

2. It makes users to invest and save with the believe of having great gain prospect very soon (2 years at least) - imagine having steemit account worth $20 equivalent to 139.1304347826 steems for now and steem appreciates in two years time, as a result of that, 1 steem worth $1000 (assuming); proportionally, the then 139.1304347826 Steems worth $20 would be valued $139,130.4347826 (boom! Saying bye bye to poverty): simple rough calculation. (I'm a writer not a mathematician; I hope my statistics is correct, lol)

3. I also love steem because it gives people the avenue/privilege to meet elites across the globe who are ready to help fellow steemians to grow and achieve on a long run. There are different writers/educators in this platform whose offices are opened for any kind of research helps and the likes.

I've not been to USA, Europe and Asia but with the help of steemit, I've seen great pictures of places from above mentioned country/continents respectively which I have the desire to visit if I'm opportune.....WHY won't I like steem?
I love steem and above stated points are just little reasons why I love steem and I'm proud to be a steemian.

ke6gyb8em2.jpg my picture taken by a friend while designing I love steem on A4 paper.


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