Make Steem Great Again

in #idiots2 years ago (edited)

@southernwolf thinks that by doing nothing, Steem will be great again.

He also thinks, like many of the incredibly intelligent and well reasoned individuals here, that steemit is evil, incompetent to the point of complete retardo, or both.

He thinks that the changes for the upcoming hf are hidden by steemit, that on a transparent, open source platform, that is possible.

These people, the legitimate retards of the world, fear change, and among their irrationality they have absolutely no problem with smearing shit on the development, witnesses and largest stakeholders.

The entertainment is so hilarious, that these idiots couldn't form a valid, unassailable position out of anything they say in a billion years. I mean, for the love of all that is not nonsense, how the fuck can you make something great, by fervently keeping it the same.

O yeah, duh, Steem IS great. Nothing like a gander at the most rewarded content on here to solidify that steem is great.


Sad, strange little man...

Lol you're reduced to repeating the same sweet opinion word for word you've first shared of me when I confronted your very intelligent and well thought out remark of doing nothing to make it great, and who could forget the poignant observation you made about steemit trying to hide these upcoming changes that haven't been discussed by hundreds of people for years now.