The Solitude of Ideas

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"Either you have many ideas and few friends or many friends and few ideas."

Santiago Ramón y Cajal

It is not something that many people like, but people who are very intelligent are, in some ways and in some cases, quite unbearable. It can be said that there is a great variety of thinkers and each one of them suffers from some peculiarity that makes him a different human being from the majority.

It is not that they want to be different, it is that they are different and it shows. Thus, complying with the old precept that "the nail that protrudes is the one that is struck first", then, there is a rejection of the people by these so rare humans. On the other hand, a certain variety of people with many ideas are usually not very sociable or do not pay much attention to the gregarious need of their human nature, thus, they can spend a good time reflecting or locked in their experiments, forgetting to interact with others. people or coming to consider that other people are simple distractions or obstacles to their work.

I do not want to think that all people with many ideas are so antisocial, after all, there are cases of people who are quite intelligent at their logical-mathematical level and also have healthy emotional intelligence and social intelligence.

Perhaps what we need is not only to have many ideas, but to coordinate this productivity of our logical aspects, with the development of social and emotional aspects that allow us to continue to be considered, to some extent healthy, part of the social environment.

Of course, we must remember that old phrase, which pointed out that "it is dangerous to be well adapted to a sick society", but, assuming that every society has a certain touch of madness that is considered normal, then, it may do us more good than badly, adapt or at least know how to live with those collective follies that they call normality.

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