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RE: Artificial intelligence, everyday uses and presence in our homes.

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I believe that google translate app is very helpful for everyone. Americans can learn our local language too, and they can try to speak few words and it can be very funny as well. And in websites from Germany and we couldn't use their website unless we translate them into English language. I've once encountered a website like this before, and google translate was able to help me efficiently by translating it to English language coz I couldn't really comprehend the German language, thanx for the AI of google too.

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Hi friend @joyluckclub, thanks for commenting.

In fact, these applications are very useful, they work based on AI and help us with tasks like the one you just mentioned. Definitely the artificial intelligence is having many significant advances that come to facilitate some daily tasks.

Although it is a technology that lacks much to develop, I think it promises a lot for the future.