Hydra the largest Russian black market expands

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A problem of modern states is the reactivity in their laws. That is, in general, states do not attempt to generate regulations in advance. But they react to the events that occur in society, and try to regulate them so that they do not affect, but benefit the collective.

This is problematic when the pace of change is so rapid that governments do not have the capacity to react on time. And when they implement new regulations on an issue, it has already evolved. The laws are obsolete before birth.

That is why the Internet is such a complex issue for all governments, including Russia. Well, the progress within this world, and how difficult it is to find a way to regulate it efficiently. They make the same, and therefore the sectors that make life in it like the crypto world. One of the most complex for the state to enforce its law.

However, in recent times, all the governments of the world have begun important efforts to integrate into the virtual world. Exerting influence and regulating new advances as quickly as possible. Especially the progress made in the field of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology.

Hydra expansion

However, this effort may not be enough. Well, even in countries with significant cyber capabilities, such as Russia. There are problems such as those generated by Hydra, the main black online market in the country. Which would now seek to expand internationally.

For this, Hydra would plan to launch an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) with its own token. Aiming to get 146 million dollars through this round of financing. Which would begin on December 16, with a value of $ 100 for each token.

With each token, the buyer would acquire 0.003% of the total Hydra earnings. Which are obtained by serving as an intermediary between buyers and sellers of illegal products. Such as drugs, hacker service, fake documents, among others.

An activity they would plan to take to the western world through Eternal. A platform that they hope will generate up to 15 million dollars a month. And that would show that despite the attempts of governments, there is still much to do in the area of ​​cybersecurity.

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