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I did a recent post about things that were likely to get you downvoted. Some things I have seen make me think a companion post is needed on behaviours that do not count as abuse, but will hamper your progress.

That is me fishing some years ago. I was more into it as a kid. I may be guilty of some of these things to some extent.

Fishing for whale votes

Everyone dreams of a huge whale vote on their post. With the current HIVE price that could be worth $100 or more. They are rare things though. There are only about thirty Hive whales and some big orcas who can give out a few hundred votes per day between them, depending on vote size. As Hive grows there will be more competition for those votes. These can be busy people who may not have time to trawl the feeds for cool posts. They may just support some friends or follow specific cutation trails.

Your time could be better spent on building a following of people who actually read your posts and engage with them. That can make it more fun, if not as immediately profitable. If you build up your account and get re-posted more then the whales may notice you.

Using up all your good content too soon

When you are starting it may be tempting to post all your videos, music, art etc, but you need to spread it out. If you do not have many followers then it may not earn much in the seven day rewards period. You may need some good posts to build the following, but then spread the posts out to give you time to create more.

Not engaging

I have seen quite a few accounts that post regularly, but hardly ever comment. They do not even respond to comments on their posts. That will be a turn-off for many people and is likely to reduce the votes you get. Even if your posts are good people may lose interest.

I think in some cases the authors are more active on other platforms where they can reach a much larger audience. They just copy the posts or videos over to Hive to get some rewards. Their followers on places like Youtube may not even know about Hive. That seems a missed opportunity. If they could bring hundreds of followers over to Hive then they have potential to earn well. They may not earn directly from Youtube, but may be using things like Patreon. If their supporters invested that money in HIVE they could grow their vote and support lots of other creators, whilst earning themselves. One of the killer features of Hive is that what you invest stays yours, but allows you to reward others.

Posting for the sake of it

Another thing I see is accounts full of brief posts such as Actifit updates saying 'went for a long walk today'. That may get you some automatic votes, but is unlikely to grow your following much. I do post my running, but always try to make a bit of a story out of it so that others may get some enjoyment from it.

This is part of why I see automatic votes as an issue as they do not discriminate by post quality or actual value. Most of my voting is manual. I know many people think micro-blogging on Hive could be an issue due to tthis too. Dbuzz allows setting a reward limit to stop it getting out of control, but then the auto-voters may waste voting power on those.

It is up to you what you post, but it can be worth thinking about what you could do that has real value for others. You can also comment more as that can earn too.

Commenting for the sake of it

I do get some comments that do not say much more than 'nice post', but that is thankfully fairly rare on Hive. On the Tsu platform it was so rampant that I think they blocked comments that were variants of that as it was like a spam flood as people tried to boost their earnings.

If I get a comment notification I want it to be worth clicking on. I am likely to mute accounts who waste my time, but good comments often get a vote from me.

Getting upset over downvotes

'Rage quitting' happens. People take it personally when they get downvotes, even if they are tiny. The freedown of Hive means people can be dicks if they want. See the previous post above for things that may trigger them, but it can sometimes be totally random.

If you do attract the attention of something like Hivewatchers/Spaminator then consider if it was justified. Get on the Discord and make your appeal if you want to get off the blacklist. Having a screaming fit will not get you far. There are people who will try to help you if you can be patient. We really do need anti-abuse efforts to prevent Hive degenerating into a swamp.

Your turn

What other things do you see people doing wrong? We really cannot afford to lose users by them giving up and so it is worth trying to steer them to a better path.

Hive five!


These can be busy people who may not have time to trawl the feeds for cool posts.

Luckily they can delegate to good curators.

One thing we must always remember is that, we have some desperate people who're trying to make quick bucks and it's hard to completely eliminate their behaviour but we can reduce it by empowering second layer token economy.

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The big curation projects have a responsibility to use their delegation well. I hear about abuses, but others tell them already.

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Dumping airdrops. Powering Hive. I'm not going to invest in someone who's not going to invest in the platform.

I'm curious what this means. Can you explain it for an ignoramus like me? 😁

 last month 

I meant Powering down. :)

Understood. Thankyou!

You've probably nailed all the don't dos. The only other thing I'd probably add is to spend a bit more effort on photos especially if one is going to do a low effort single image post to milk votes. You only got one job, and there's really no excuse to take blurry photos as the camera quality on all mobile phones are pretty good nowadays.

I have seen plenty of posts that are just a crappy selfie or picture of their dinner. We don't expect everyone to be a pro, but putting in a little effort goes a long way.

I completely agree. I like seeing that a picture is self-made and not something taken from the internet, but being able to see the picture clearly is an absolute minimum.

  • I follow back.
  • I upvoted you
  • Niche content
  • Yep, I'm guilty of the lack of commenting thing. Often I don't comment because I know that if I wrote what I truly felt, it wouldn't go down well, and as you know, I don't do this lovey-dovey stuff whereby people post sugary sweet comments, which to me looks fake a lot of the time. There is another side to that, though. People can find themselves doing all the legwork, which then starts to look slightly like that class swot "Pick me!" almost like a comment phishing exercise.

    image source

    I've bored the pants off you over the years complaining about these memes [of unicorns farting rainbows] that earn $80 or more, especially when I've posted something that's taken a couple of hours to compose and format via HTML (I don't use that stinking markdown) but here's the point. It's soul-destroying to see people upvoting that dross; it makes people think "Why do I bother?" it certainly makes me think that.

    Qudos for the 'Activefit' observation. I've always thought that, but I never thought I'd see you say it. 👍

    I take my hat off to folk that can find something, anything to post about seven days a week. Maybe it's Pulp fiction; maybe the content is valid? I know I can't do it. When I do post, it's a valid post or, for me, a worthwhile one. I've never submitted a post and thought: "That should be a high earner!" although I will admit I've bitched like a two-year-old when I've felt it's not earnt enough.

    I am fortunate that I can expect votes, but I don't take them for granted. I was pleasantly surprised by how many comments this post got in a few minutes, so it shows people do read my stuff. Although you have a lot of followers I wonder how many people see your posts. Unfortunately it's not all about quality. There is favouritism and cliques. Crap will get votes. Just how it is.

    I can say I put in the work to build an audience with thousands of comments as well as the posts. I've done what I can to help lots of people. I do okay, but the hourly rate is crap.

    I think we have to be honest about what goes on and don't pretend it's all unicorns and rainbows (or rainbow unicorns). Hive will always be the wild west, but that includes opportunities to do well.

    Maybe Hive should have "Read Receipts" like MS Outlook? 🤣

    pleasantly surprised by how many comments

    Pfft don't kid yourself; I happen to be searching "porn", "unicorns", "NSFW" and you popped up. 😜


    Often I don't comment because I know that if I wrote what I truly felt, it wouldn't go down well, and as you know, I don't do this lovey-dovey stuff whereby people post sugary sweet comments, which to me looks fake a lot of the time.

    I feel like this is possibly one of the problems with Hive, well it happens also in real life, at almost all levels, when there is a potential reward, few people will speak frankly because isn't profitable acting that way.

    Hipocrisy is something unresolved in our society, when people don't want to risk their reputation often the easiest way to avoid it the auto censorship.

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    The problem I found over the years on your planet is that people are far quicker to label someone than take a breath, digest what they've just read, and then respond either in an expanding manner or, if required, pulling the shutters down. People these days prefer to label folk immediately as "Miserable" or "Always moaning", or my other favourites "Toxic" and "Tearing it down" these labels are designed to shut people up; they are most definitely not designed to find out the underlying reasons why someone says something. Remember, just because somebody disagrees with something doesn't necessarily make them right.

    Is too much work to open a debate about the ideas than to simply make an 'ad hominem' attack, laziness is stronk, but what i have to say about laziness, i'm the laziest one.

    PD* lol i upvoted my comment when i wanted to upvote yours, that's why i deleted the previous answer.

    Self voting is frowned upon. I dunno why when there's [insert swear word] with multiple accounts on Hive basically taking multiple rewards, and yet nobody says anything but you vote for yourself, and the mob is on you! 🤣

    I can relate to a lot of what you say here

    Some of the saccharine sweet posts and comments just make me roll my eyes

    I'm a fairly optimistic person too but come on, keep it real folks

    The more I get into Hive though, the less I'm seeing that kind of thing, so there's that


    I've also definitely taken the if you ain't got nothing nice to say then don't say nothing approach to commenting at times...

    I've gone from one extreme to the other over the years. From commenting on EVERYTHING on mailing lists, forums, Facebook etc., to being pretty choosey on comments. When I first joined Steemit, it was kinda drilled into me "Quality posts", so therefore, I only posted when I had something (IMO) of value to say. That was fine, but it really angered me that people would post pictures (No text) of unicorns farting rainbows and earn $80 plus in votes! It's actually an ongoing complaint of mine. The same can be said of voting. I was very choosey about voting, almost to the point of people having to "Pry my vote from my cold dead hand." then it was suggested I use While I do feel it's kind of cheating, I'm glad I did because my account, after four years, has finally started to look healthy.

    At first I thought you might have been making a joke about poor quality posts, but you mean literally a picture of a unicorn farting a rainbow?!

    Damn... That sucks

    Would have been demoralising as hell

    Didn't know about that site, I'll take a gander...


    Posting on the wrong frontend. A common thing I see on LeoFinance in particular is people posting stuff that has nothing to do with finance. There have been a number of CINETV posts recently, for example. And the music one.

    I'm sure it happens on the other frontends too but I don't follow those.

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    Guilty! I did this on my first CineTV post when posted using the Leo frontend. I've stopped doing this now. But, if anyone wants to post on Leo and CineTV, it's possible by talking about finance within the context of a movie or vice versa. As long as it makes sense.

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    if anyone wants to post on Leo and CineTV, it's possible by talking about finance within the context of a movie or vice versa.

    Yeah. A number of the original posts did this but then there seemed to be a lot that were just critques of films. 😊

    !ENGAGE 10

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    Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

    This, and it's cousin, tag abuse. People will see that a tag is popular and just use it instead of actually making sure that it fits. That annoys the piss out of me. There are some general tags like #palnet and such but geez do people abuse the not-general ones.

    !ENGAGE 20

    Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

    Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

    I tend to use peakd as I am not into just one thing. Still a good thing to have options, but some will get it wrong or try to abuse the system.

    Wow this is really great an helpful @steevc. I have not been able to make comments on some of your post for a while and it’s because I didn’t really understand the importance of the 10Hp you delegated to me till it was finished. I had a lot of difficulties commenting on a lot of valuable content I saw. I hope you saw my Appreciation post. I made a post to thank you for you help to a newbie like me. Your actions has inspired me and I wish to grow on this platform so I can also help other newbies like you done for me. Thank you so much @steevc I can’t stop saying it. Thank you again. Am really greatful. And like I earlier comented in one of you post, I love your contents. They are really good, interesting, funny at times and also educational. Nice work

    You are very welcome. I see you have lots more delegation now, so you should have plenty of resource credits (RC) to do whatever you want. Don't worry too much about voting for now. Vote on posts rather than comments so they are not wasted.

    Find what is fun for you by connecting with people who share your interests.

    Oh yes. A lot of people who are kind hearted like you help me out. Thanks for your advice. I'm already do that. I intended to grow so I can help out as well

    Very wonderful post and all beginners should read this post. I feel whatever anyone is doing should be done well. You can't come to a social network without socializing. A lot of people fail to understand this and that's my problem. Some people meet new and say they want to get into hive because of my post rewards and also my city earnings. When I tell them to engage, their energy just goes down.

    The only thing I can add is whatever you do on the hive blockchain should be for the long term..

    Very wonderful post...

    Cheers. The money aspect does distort the social one. I realise that it can be a big deal for some people to make a few dollars and I want Hive to benefit the whole world.

    !ENGAGE 20

    I agree that the money aspect distorts a lot of peoples thinking. However the hive block chain works on socializing. I told a friend that if you keep on writing for STEM you will get upvotes but if you engage you will create relationship and with time,the whole system will be fun.

    Thanks for the engage tokens

    You need to have 1000 ENGAGE, in order to use this service.

    Anyone wishing to build have to make use of commenting or fall short by a mile.

    More in-depth conversations are followed, mostly daily life or topic of choice, performs better than quick posts about little to nothing, no actual value.

    Persons who don't use English as first language should write freely in their own and use a translator with English to gain readers. Just please don't plagiarizer since there are ways of checking natural writing to scraping off the web. Readers do understand it is difficult when not in home tongue.

    @tipu curate

    I think I have been one of the most active human commenters here and that helped me build a following. I got to over 6000 recently, but I know a lot are bots or inactive. It has to be fun for me, so I really value the interaction.

    !ENGAGE 20

    Interacting with people I have never relied on bots, even Twitter each and every one I personally approved over the years off a variety of platforms, all listed from where I originally met them.

    Being in social media for many years, older places where you were able to share to various sites I tried and tested, found never offered the same result as going to each independently and posting, more personal touch, a lot more work, well worth the effort.


    Hey @steevc, here is a little bit of BEER from @joanstewart for you. Enjoy it!

    Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

    You need to have 1000 ENGAGE, in order to use this service.

    Persons who don't use English as first language should write freely in their own and use a translator with English to gain readers.

    This might work for major languages (that do not need the English version to have a shot at decent reach in the first place).

    There are a few people that post bilingual in #cesky and the WTF moment can come as early as the headline. I can read the Czech version and laugh at the literal translation. You can just keep shaking your head.

    It might be manual translation, not much difference. You do not need to thrill the entire world, you need to find your audience.

    You do not need to thrill the entire world, you need to find your audience.

    If translators are that bad, possibility of message being completely lost in translation, I totally agree with keeping within communities where same language is used.

    I have to be honest to say that I don't engage so much on Hive these days. Family and work commitments limit my time. But, an absolute must for me, is to respond to any comments made on my own posts. To not do that, at the very minimum is just plain rude.
    Success on Hive is often luck, so my own tip is to do what you want to do in your own way.

    I agree about responding being polite. We each choose how much time to spend on these things and I can be a little obsessed. Need to find a good Hive/life balance :)

    !ENGAGE 20

    You need to have 1000 ENGAGE, in order to use this service.

    Totally agree, if someone has taken the time to write something in response to your post or comment, the least you can do is respond

    It's just basic civility



    *Goes off to check if I've missed replying to any of my notifications*

    Great piece of work, much appreciate stuff like this, I read and inwardly digest.

    Another thing I see is accounts full of brief posts such as Actifit updates saying 'went for a long walk today'.

    What’s the point?
    It’s like fb users posting snaps of their fucking Sunday roast!
    I’d probably take more notice if it read
    “ got the fleshlight out today, lasted 2min18 sec,” Back of the net

    But that’s just me

    The chance of rewards changes how people behave. If you know you can get votes whatever you post then it's tempting to churn out low effort stuff. I try to avoid that. Seems a few people found this post useful.

    Actifit really does make me more active, but the posts earn a few cents and should be posted in the community only. The mistake here is that some users post them to their blog feed too.

    Imagine seeing that as an Actifit post!

    That would be hilarious

    "What? It counts as exercise!!"

    lol good for certain “muscles”

    I would support new users, watch them for a while and see how much they are willing to engage with the community. If they fail the engagement test, then they are not going to be good to support and just move on to the next one.

    I do some of that. Some fail to realise you have to put some effort in to get rewards.

    There's definitely some good insight there. I like to comment whenever I vote, personally, just to let the person know that I've read their post (conversely, it's also nice to know that people have read my posts). the largest exception to that rule is the xhaust community, where voting seems to be the most appropriate avenue of support (I do read your running posts, but often don't know what to say other than "Awesome!", so I just don't say anything).

    I'm hardly a big player here, so maybe I'm doing things all wrong, but there are certain posts and types of posts I'll just skip right over. For instance, I like to browse the Photography communities, but need to be pulled in to the post on the first photo. I'll typically pass right over Blogging Challenges, too, as a personal preference.

    Luckily there is something for all tastes on Hive. I don't read all the posts on my feed, but I will support some of them anyway as they are friends.We can each choose how to use our votes and I try to spread mine fairly widely.

    Hi @steevc, thank you for your hints on posting. Totally agree with the effort needed to make friends and getting comments. It is so worth the effort because the commenting really gives me a buzz. I have worked out that staying positive is the best way to write posts.

    Really glad to see this here! Efforts like these to inform new and even some older users on why their experience here may not be what they were expecting is really needed.

    I’ve been working on a collab post amongst OCD curators and Community leaders that I will be posting later this week (Wed/Thurs). I’ve been seeing a lot of people question why their posts aren’t getting selected for curation or what do curators base their selections of off. I will also be including some of the do nots (a couple which you’ve already listed here) and the things that make curators cringe.

    Seeing by the reaction of your post people are finally listening and maybe even considering taking some of this advice we share into account.

    Thanks for making this post and hopefully along the way we will see many other leaders take the time to share their points and what they’ve seen that are hurting people’s chances of being curated. We all started from scratch and had to learn along the way so it’s great to lend a helping hand and share our knowledge based on our own experiences to those newer to the platform.

    Cheers. I hate to see people give up and maybe this can help. I tend not to get involved in the big curation projects as it's extra responsibility I don't want to take on. I'll just do my little bits.


    I’m hoping this could help too.

    Yes, it takes a lot of time and effort to be apart of a curation group.

    Keep doing what you’re doing because it’s reaching folks ;)

    Thanks for the beer!

    Hey @crosheille, here is a little bit of BEER from @steevc for you. Enjoy it!

    Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

    Ha, discovered this piece of work here and thought I can join with a comment or rather a question.

    What I always wondered about is those tags. Is this what 'Phishing for whale votes' is aiming at?

    Like the ocd, gems, ocdb etc. tags?

    When I joined I saw them in several posts and started using them as well just to see what is happening. I still don't really know what they are for or who is behind them.

    With the ocd tag for example I think that my post is visible in the community, even though I am posting in a different one, just as with the gems tag. 🤔 Am I right with this conclusion or am I phishing for whale votes without knowing?

    I don't even know who a whale is here lol, the accounts with high rep?

    Anyway, doesn't really matter, met some great people here already and you are right, with engagement and somewhat decent content things develop on it's own says the one that never used social media before joining Hive and is still somewhat clueless but will stay as long as it's fun 😉

    I don't tend to use those specific tags. They may get you extra attention, but if hundreds of others do the same then votes still may be infrequent. I think it is better to try to connect with those who share your interests. They are more likely to vote for you even if the votes are smaller.

    Some whales have a low rep as they don't post much. You get to be a whale when you have something over 500k HP.

    Given your user name, have you met @beautifulbullies ?

    Yah, sometimes I use them sometimes not. Depending on the post. Maybe it is a bit confusing because you get the feeling you write some original content and want to mark it as such.

    But I try to stick to the communities anyway, so I don't really use them as a vote catcher. But it is nice to gain xtra attention outside of a specific community as it may attract others to the one you're posting in as well.

    Lol, am I confusing you...I confuse myself 😂 .

    And no, haven't met @beautifulbullies yet. Might stalk that profile really quick 🙃

    This is helpful. I’m still navigating and trying to understand HIVE. I think the hard part of trying to bring people over is how difficult at the moment to explain where to sign up and get started without walking someone through it. Hopefully some of my followers on other platforms pick it up and spread the word. I like this platform. Good advice.

    Getting started can be hard. I'm not sure what tutorials and videos are available to help. We really need more new people and there's massive potential to build communities around topics like comics.

    Well @steevc, I do see a lot of people posting the exact same type of post over and over and over again... and then being all surprised and affronted when that doesn't result in rewards OR engagement. "Here's a picture from my village, Vol. 1835" just doesn't have that much appeal.

    @gillianpearce mentioned another pet peeve of mine... using the wrong front end (or tags) simply because you want to get tokens from a "popular" community, even though your post is only marginally relevant (if at all) to the community. Just... don't!

    Another one is NOT using your tags. Or fouling them up completely... like typing "This is a post about playing the guitar" which turns into EIGHT tags, only two of which are even somewhat relevant.


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    There is pressure to come up with something new and some people just run out of ideas. As curators we do have a duty to get rewards to the best stuff. It's going to get interesting as and when Hive really takes off as rewards will be spread thinner. We early adopters will have an advantage.

    Posting for the sake of posting is something I genuinely did on steemit and dtube years ago.

    I started off genuinely wanting to make videos everyday, this want turned into a “need” in my mind and i did that for almost a year straight. I got so burned out and raged quit.

    There’s a difference between wanting to make a fun creative video everyday and feeling the need to make a new video everyday for the sake of making content.

    I am in the habit of posting most days, but try to make it something of value. I do some video stuff, but that can be a lot of work. I try to keep it fun.

    I've always been more of a video maker vs a blog poster. I record myself (even if its just audio sometimes) as I find it more fun then if I were I typing it out.

    That can work too, but not everyone wants to watch videos. We need a mix of content to suit all tastes.

    Very true, I’m slowly making more content, and branching out. Only time will tell

    6 points I have gone through very carefully and you have covered many issues. first one is very interesting that day by day it's going and the sharing of vote will be to less content. engagement is really important so that the followers can reach steam the post to be focused to the whales.
    Too soon good content, Fake engagement, getting upset all are important to know to be successful in hive.
    I want to add three more thinks with you
    Apathy towards learning
    Lack of Consistency

    Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

    Those points you raise are general issues with attitude rather than specific to Hive. It is up to the community to decide what has value here and I hope these tips nudge people to provide that value.

    Ya. Indeed.

    Very well written post again! I don't mean to sound like I'm repeating myself every post about new users but the way you describe things is quite immaculate. However, as I tend to do this a lot, how would you judge a "post for the sake of it"? I do tend to make posts for the sake of it, but I put just as much effort into it as other more planned out posts if that makes sense.

    There's no hard definition of what is a good post, but you see people churn out Actifit or crappy photos with a sentence or two. That takes no real effort. They may still make something for that and so keep doing it, but they are unlikely to really earn. I think it is more about your audience. I want someone to read what I wrote or listen to my music. In this case it seems they did.


    Okay, that makes sense, I have seen some of those posts I think. I was just really worried as I had just made a post that didn't really have a zinger to it. But many times I feel that way, so I would never post if I didn't say screw it. Thank you for the clarification!

    Hey @iikrypticsii, here is a little bit of BEER from @steevc for you. Enjoy it!

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    Nice post!!!

    Just kidding! ;-)
    Well, not kidding, it is a nice post, kidding about commenting just that...
    Actually, you did bring my attention to some points where I could improve my posts...
    I’ll start trying to add some more content to my Actifit posts!
    Thanks for the tip!!!

    Happy to help. We cannot afford to lose good people and so I do what I can to get them on a productive path.

    And successful at it I believe! Love your content!
    Do you happen to know if there is a way of getting notified when an account you follow/love posts something?

    You can subscribe to various bots on Discord and monitor key words or accounts when they make a post on Hive. Checkout FRIDAY, Hive Bot and Gina Bot, they are very useful

    Thank you very much!!! Will take a look! Appreciated!!! 😉🙏

    • Voting with less than 100%

    Well it depends on the size of your vote, but I do see people give me 1% when they have a few hundred HP and think WTF! I don't worry too much about what votes people want to give me. If their comments are good they still get a vote.

    Man, I really gotta be more active on here. Well, thanks for the advice.

    nice post dude!

    Actually it has been a long time ago that I got these kinds of replies. On the old blue board I would have plenty of these, and 1 click into their profile would be enough to see that this was the whole tactic. But here? Nehhh not so much at the moment (luckily!)

    Comment spam is not as bad as I might have expected. Shows we are doing something right.

    I agree with you about the don't dos you wrote and I think those are the most important ones. I can add just a small thing that worked for me: don't write about everything just because you noticed some theme received a lot of earnings, it's better to chose one main topic and/or few other ones. It helps to retain your followers ^_^

    Actually you have reminded me of something I wanted to include. Will add it.

    Am glad I stumbled upon this, they are some real good information on how to grow ones blog, And I have indeed faulted in one or two.
    This is helpful, I will really reblog and hope that others will get to read it too.


          👉   Users putting typos in their main tag.. 😅 😛



    Oops! Can't change it, but I sometimes wonder how much the tags matter.

    True. Nowadays people check communities rather than tags..

    @natalia-irish, this post is for you, I suggest you read it.

    Commenting for the sake of it

    Your comments come one minute apart from each other on post that are 5 - 6 minute read. You may want to reconsider your strategy. This is not a who has the most comments contest.

    Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

    I noticed the same thing! Glad I don't have to address it as you already did this.

    Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

    She (if it's really a she) is a spammer and a milker. Comment spamming, powering down and cashing out everything. This is what she does. I'm glad you see that too.

    Posted Using LeoFinance Beta

    In my experience, the #1 worst thing you can do to fail is to give up before you gain traction. Hive requires a lot of frontloaded work before you can really see results.

    So, you need to write meaningful posts, comments, and replies, and really engage within communities (usually with no rewards) in the beginning to get noticed on the platform. It's only after you have done that and accumulated enough stake that you will see your daily activities generate more upvotes, reblogs, and rewards.

    Unfortunately, a lot of people quit before they can get to that stage. I don't remember where I read this, but I remember someone saying you should first write 20 posts, 100 comments, etc. (not the exact numbers) before gauging your success/failure. But the point is, you'll need to put in the work before you can reap the rewards, otherwise you're just setting yourself to fail in the platform.

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    When I started a lot of my posts made nothing, but I found it fun and did loads of commenting. Now I have 6000 followers and do okay. Need to put the work in.


    Hey @cryptocopy, here is a little bit of BEER from @steevc for you. Enjoy it!

    Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

    So true. It is really a bit of non-friendly to beginners and takes rather a lot of time to get into it...

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    As I am still relatively new to Hive, I am always looking for ways to improve. It helps to know how to build a community which is my main interest. Of course, it helps that your time and attention are rewarded. Hive is the kind of community and platform that you want to shout from the rooftops about. So it helps to know how to go slow, strengthen foundations and build up.

    Those are some great points. I still probably am guilty of chasing that whale vote from time to time. It keeps things a bit exciting around here. Especially when you finally land one!

    This is the best summary of things of do's and don'ts I have read in a long time. I wish I was that eager to do more stuff around here as I used to, but working on a workshop is tiresome. I mean, I'm glad to be making instruments; however, after a day of carving, sanding and cutting, my energies to engage or post are not enough to get interacting much. And I know this has hurt my votes and following. I guess it's time to look for some balance so I can keep up a healthy blog and my work in real life.

    Thanks a lot for your advice!

    You have to find the balance that works for you. I see your posts do well, so you are doing something right.

    I guess I built a good following starting my HIVE career and that has endured until these days.

    I have noticed that usually there are users who just focus on posting and leave it to luck that their post gets voted, don't you think maybe it's a misconception thing when we invite someone to Hive? I mean: when people enter Hive for the first time, is the user's impression that of a social network? Or that of a content writing platform? Maybe that lack of coordination as to what Hive looks like to people logging in here could be one of the reasons why new users have a hard time integrating into the blockchain, finding themselves with a radical change between what they thought Hive was and what it really is when they interact here for the first time.

    Anyway, posts like this really are very useful when it comes to demonstrating the potential of Hive as a community, since I've been back I've been able to see users with large amounts of followers make extremely useful guides for new people who are joining the platform (which, there really are quite a few) and thus raise awareness for these new users to stay here for much, much longer before they get discouraged for not understanding the reasons why their content isn't successful or seen by someone.

    Thanks for this content!

    Hive is a combination of blogging and social. It will never have the privacy features people are used to on Facebook, but some people seem to treat is similarly. I think it's more like Medium with added Youtube. You have to be aware that everything is public and you can be judged on what you do. With rewards at stake people take it seriously. It can still be fun.

    RC pools will change more than we all expect.

    At this point, it doesn't matter anymore if a smt is a HE one or whatever. Onboarding and rewarding will at this point different and more efficient, because it leverages at minimum factor 2.

    1 Hive vote +

    RC pool for onboarding on HE/SMT platform + rewarding in new token.

    That's why we need it so badly.

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    Can't say I understand all this stuff :) Things would improve if people voted manually on what is actually good.

    Well.. not everyone is a blogger.

    And most of the time a blogger just covers another piece of news that was already put out there a few (a lot) of times, so I'll automatically refrain from doing so too.

    I do a lot of brief actifit posts and a comment here and there. But not a lot of posts.

    If I would get awarded for reading them however I'd be a rich man, but it doesn't work that way.

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