Seeing is believing ... that was before.

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In the past, when it came to getting dates through an intermediation, whether through matchmakers or matchmakers or whatever, a lot was depended on the description of the traits if it was a "blind date" or that the other person was accompanied of our "person of contact" so that he / she introduced us and we could identify ourselves.

So, to ask for a portrait, and later, with the advance of the 20th century, a photograph. So the old adage that "a picture is better than a thousand words" or also "seeing is believing" was very true.

Well, the same advance in technology has played us now, since image manipulation has reached levels that can really deceive very well, so that "seeing is believing" well, it is not so reliable if not we see the person live.

Even looking at the person live, makeup, temporary implants and extensions often make a personal image look incredibly better than it usually is.

In this I must remember an old joke from a comedian from my homeland, who said that when you meet someone you might like, invite them to the beach, or to the river if there are no nearby beaches, or in the most extreme of cases Invite him to at least one wet t-shirt party or volunteer together at a car wash to raise money for a good cause.

Why did the comedian recommend that?

Because it is much more difficult to hide or make up the real figure of the body in these conditions, it is about showing yourself as you are as possible and observing how the other person is, in its most "natural" state possible.

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