[Humor] Why Bankers Want You to Fear Bitcoin

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In reality, after the crisis of the "Real Estate Bubble" and the Banking Crisis that resulted from it, it was evidenced that the risk of investments made by investment funds, by banks, by Savings Banks and other financial institutions It was a high risk and that the opacity of the operations made it relatively easy to establish scams or, in the most innocent of cases, of "houses of cards" that with the first shock of reality collapsed and generated a crisis of planetary scale.

So is there risk when investing in cryptocurrencies?

The short answer: Yes! As much as the one you have when investing in any instrument offered by a banking institution that you do not study well.

Thus, the first responsibility of each person who has their money in a system (be it banking or in the blockchain) is to study what the system and its actors do with the money that is placed there.

It is not easy, but if as a user of the system, you give up studying what is happening and the projects in progress, then you can not blame anyone but yourself for negligence if things go terribly wrong.

Of course, it can always happen that things go wrong, even if you study hard and take all possible forecasts, but I think that in such cases, knowing that the forecasts failed, you can get back on your feet faster, because at least you would have an idea of ​​what went wrong and what you should do to prevent it from happening again.

Okay, I'm being overly optimistic, but for today, let me dream a bit.

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