White Christmas - Music Comedian Ray Stevens Knows Fun!- Enjoy with Troy!

in humor •  2 months ago 

The Fun of Christmas

Is that Brunette really singing bass?

Here is a fun video of White Christmas by music comedian, Ray Stevens, and his three cherry back up singers. Stevens captures a few Elvis sounds with this song in the melodic liberties he takes. It is a lot of fun to listen. My mom listens to Ray Stevens every Saturday night.

Hey Ray, where do I find some back up singers like that for the holidays? Dear Santa...

images (9).png

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Hurray, Ray Stevens has a christmas song

I love his album
#1 with a Bullet.

I have always enjoyed his music my friend. Blessings.


Yes, Santa, BRING it! ;)



It is all in God's time. Blessings @creatr