[EN] Upgrade to Beta, new interface and other changes

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Here we go. The new interface has arrived. Discover Human-History in a new light !!!


You now have the choice between two characters to represent you.


The inventory is in the list of tabs to the right of the character and the weapons and armor you are equipped with are no longer in the inventory but below your character.

Character interface


Jobs interface


Hunts interface


Housings interface

Shop and market

Find at the bottom of each object its price in nuggets or gems and its health.

Shop interface

Market interface


You can use the banner in your profile to refer new users. You can copy and paste directly the HTML code (for forums) or the Markdown code (for Hive for example).

Referal interface.png

Don't forget to identify the @human-history account and use the #humanhistorygame tag to receive an upvote from us.

Price of gems

The purchase price of gems has changed

QuantityOld pricesNew prices
10 gems1000 HISTC/5 HIVE/2.99€2500 HISTC/2.5 HIVE/1.99€
25 gems2000 HISTC/5 HIVE/5.99€5000 HISTC/5 HIVE/3.99€
50 gems3800 HISTC/5 HIVE/10.99€9500 HISTC/9.5 HIVE/7.49€
100 gemsX18000 HISTC/18 HIVE/14.29€

Price of gods

The price of the gods will evolve, each day at midnight server time, up or down depending on the number of gods in circulation in relation to the number of players.


For the next activity and weight competitions, the prizes to be won will be the same as for the click competition.

Gifts of gems at work and hunting

The chances of obtaining gems from hunt or work have been doubled.

That will be all for today. I hope you like the new interface.
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