Wondering if I can find someone to rent my house through Steem?

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Given that...

  • I'm feeling the need to move on by November 2020, and
  • I don't want to sell my house, and
  • I don't want to rent through an agency, and
  • I don't fucking know anyone closely enough locally....

I've just concluded that maybe I should try and rent my house through Steem, and this is just a tester post to see what kind of response I get.


The rationale

My house is just lovely, but a bit quirky, and so not your standard rental property, so it probably wouldn't go down too well with normies, but it is perfect for someone's rouge 20 something son and their partner, or friend of a friend who doesn't mind something a bit rough around the edges.

And then there's trust....

Renting a house requires trust, and I just don't trust agencies to find me someone really trustworthy.

However, I've had a few economic interactions on Steem that have made me trust it - I've bought Steem on trust via PayPal from @creator (@ around $4 I remember, you did well there!) and @teamhumble has done some work for me, paid in Steem, and I've just received advance payment for some @steemonboarding scripts from @anomadsoul, all on trust.

Maybe I'm too out of touch with normality, maybe that's always been the case, maybe that was too much acid in my teens, but whatever, I've come to trust peer to peer Steem interactions.

So maybe I can find someone with a decent Steem provenance that knows someone that wants to rent my house...

Maybe someone's got a rogue child in their 20s living with them that just needs to move somewhere on their own for a while, or maybe someone just wants a change of scene, or someone's looking to come to the UK for work (not that Hereford is that great a place to seek employment), or marriage gone/ going wrong, so many possibilities..

Below market rate for a tenant found via Steem....

I'm prepared to offer a rate of around 70% of the going market rate, which is currently £600 a month, so say £450 a month for the place, and I'm prepared to offer a cheap deposit of only £500.

NB this isn't an advert, just a feeler!

Back to normality

I think I'd probably want a regular contract in place. A standard contract.

So I'm actually looking for quite a normal arrangement, I'm just wondering if I can find someone via Steem...

Just putting it out there!

Thanks to @steemmat for giving me this idea!


I found my flat in Chelsea at mates rates through social media and a friend of a friend. It worked well for us for four years and we're still friends, so I'd say there's a good chance :)

Ohh Chelsea, very nice!

Maybe there is hope!


I'm not sure what you mean about quirky, your house looks very pretty.

I'm not sure what you
Mean about quirky, your house
Looks very pretty.

                 - shanibeer

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Oh the front garden is lovely.

Downstairs bathroom though, no bath! It's tiny.

And the kitchen isn't 'modern'.

I love it though, hence why I don't want to sell.

You mentioned a couple of bitcoin wallets the other day, can you remind me what they were? Thanks - I can't find the comment now!

One of them was Coinomi, the crypterium wallet is worth a look too, comes with a credit card. I also use the ledger, but I'm not a fan of the latter.

ah, thanks. I can't hear the discord chat .. nor on vimm.tv either

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Interesting experiment.

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Hi, I like the idea. Where is the house? Countryside? Small town? Trendy place in ...? Tell us and your future tenants a little more, please.

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I will do when I put the proper ad out, just a feeler!

It's in Hereford, Welsh borders UK, 8 mins walk from the town centre, great location!

I hope you'll find someone through Steemit, it would be pretty cool.

Best of luck! :)

Interesting idea! :D Not looking for a place in your country now, but if I lived there already I would definitely consider it, seems like a good deal and it could be fun to move houses without too many strings attached as the trust can be settled through the blockchain. Curious to see if you are going to find someone through Steem :-)

I'd rather do it locally TBH but I don't know that many people. I'd much rather know someone I rent to!

It would be cool to find someone through Steem, but the locality thing is a limitation, even in Northern Europe where distance isn't that much of an issue.

Yes, it has to be someone who isn't going to have to travel longer to/from work for example, but hey, nowadays many people can work from home :-)

If you do a 'real' ad of some sorts I'll resteem it!

OK cheers, yes that wasn't a real ad, just a thought that occurred to me after the pub and before dinner and I was in the mood for writing something.


And I'm glad you shared, I love seeing where you're going with this <3

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A first - The UK house, 'steem time share' for steem users, perhaps? lol

That's taking it to the next level!

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