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Thinking more about how we as members can help ReggaeSteem expand growth, I spoke with my guy @crypticat about how I personally could do this as a frequent traveler to Jamaica. Cat is a smart fellow and he mentioned a number of ideas for me to think about.

He also has recently taken a trip - which I'm sure all of us are aware of by now - to Negril, Jamaica. He was the first JAHM/ReggaeSteem/Crypto tourist to embark on a journey to Negril, and his trip was nothing short of EPIC. He attended a meeting with hoteliers, locals and core team members; used JAHM at both @miyard's and the @iriegiftshop; and even had the chance to visit a number of property locations to shill ReggaeSteem and take hundreds of photographs for future content . It was a vacation as well as a business trip all wrapped into one (love).

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His ideas made me think a bit and one of them I have actually already decided to take up. Since ReggaeSteem specifically looks to target a wide and diverse audience, of which including local businesses such as restaurants and hotels, it's a good idea to share experiences of places you have been to help spread the word. What better way to do this than reviewing places you've stayed that could potentially accept JAHM as a form of payment in the future. TripAdvisor is one of the most popular and credible travel forums for travel related content and reviews. I decided to take @crypticat's advice and provide a short review for some of the places I have been and dropping the original links there for those who click on my review.

Screenshot (167)_LI.jpg

Hotels, restaurants and other businesses will benefit from being on ReggaeSteem in the future as tourists who use the platform look for places to redeem their points. JAHM accepted here locations will also have the opportunity to earn points for their content, incentivizing them of becoming active as well. Doing so will act as an additional advertising method for their business to utilize. It's a win-win. Businesses may redeem JAHM points for marketing services directly on ReggaeSteem, where the community can get involved by writing about or reviewing their business.

The information then may be disseminated elsewhere, acting as a funnel for information to organically flow from one place to another. As other social media platforms' advertising costs get higher and campaigns become less-effective, community driven initiatives will play an enormous role on marketing efforts in ReggaeSteem's future. Small to medium sized businesses becoming early adopters of JAHM rewards will establish themselves for the future and attract the younger generations beginning to embrace this next generation technology which ReggaeSteem hopes to become an active and early trendsetter for.

Referenced below you will find TripAdvisor Reviews for both The Rondel Village and Samsara Cliffs Resort located in beautiful Negril, Jamaica:

(1) The Rondel Village

Jamaica 2014 136.jpg

(2) Samsara Cliffs Resort

Jamacia August 2007 124.jpg

Note: I will be adding more reviews to this list as I begin to review more locations in which I have been to in Negril. Please use this merely as a means of reference and do not use this information for any other purpose. These are reviews of places I have actually been and include personal photographs from my experiences in Negril.

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I wonder how they see people leaving links to SNS on their site. A decent blog is worth 100 short testimonials.

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I bet not too many people provide links to alternate sources. I bet they probably don’t care, though. I essentially advertised their business in multiple places 😸

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OUCH they deleted the reviews it seems. Yeah those sites don't like external links. Loving the reviews though and it makes so much sense.

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Dang ! Their loss bc I shilled them pretty hardcore... Oh well. I guess you can’t make everyone happy

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