Censorship is rising, more recent content related to Hong Kong

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After my latest post about Hong Kong it seems there is a high interest for this content on our platform and discussions about it as many seem un/misinformed, thankfully we have something others don't, which is immutability of text. Unfortunately not video or images but it's blockchain tech so I'm sure it will come over time, there are already projects working on this.

In the r/hongkong subreddit this is currently the stickied post:


So here is some more content related to Hong Kong and censorship, some are images, some video's re-uploaded to my youtube for easier viewing within the post. Feel free to discuss. I highly recommend checking the sources to the Reddit posts for more info and discussions as well as there's a lot of curated comments there going into details, of course trust them at your own judgement.

Bear in mind some of the content can be very graphic, viewer discretion is advised

Modern civil war, please help


HongKong Police Force showing their high brain level here


An arresstee live streamed the process of arrest, recording police uttering death threats, and pepper-spraying them when they were detained


HK Police taking revenge after subduing a protestor


HongKong Police Force brutally beating a teenage who did nothing except wore a surgical mask in tsim sha tsui


Lady being arrested in Hong Kong saying “I will not commit suicide!”


Transporting prisoners by train. Potentially cross-border destination


Terrorists detaining children on their way to school


HKPF terrorists being caught dressing up as protesters


Medics are rounded up by the police


The author said this picture was removed on Twitter, and her account was suspended


 last year (edited)

I don't know very well what's going on in Hong Kong, but those videos are cruel

It is incredible to think that the world is like this, not only in Asia are situations like this happening, here in Latin America there is also too much chaos. For example: lately in Colombia there are protests and there are cases like this (sorry, there's only Spanish)

1197960527844167680 (police beat without reason the girl who appears at the end of the video) twitter metadata:aXx8aHR0cHM6Ly90d2l0dGVyLmNvbS9pL3N0YXR1cy8xMTk3OTYwNTI3ODQ0MTY3NjgwIChwb2xpY2UgYmVhdCB3aXRob3V0IHJlYXNvbiB0aGUgZ2lybCB3aG8gYXBwZWFycyBhdCB0aGUgZW5kIG9mIHRoZSB2aWRlbyl8 ~~~

right now Colombia is in curfew (as far as I understand, only its capital)

I think the worst situation was in Chile. There was social repression and curfew not long ago, there were many videos like these:

Source of the videos <--- there are many more videos, if you want to see them you can take a look there, but the webpage is in Spanish

There's too much chaos in the world (or at least I have that impression), it's incredible, but real. At least in Latin America there is no censorship (I suppose because we still don't handle this technology as Asia does), but the aggressiveness and sadness that these situations give are still the same

I guess Chile doesn't have an army of brainwashed citizens who are incapable of using their own brain cells to determine what's right and wrong

Well, as I said, I don't know very well what's happening in Hong Kong and maybe the amount of disaster is much higher than in Chile.

But in those videos there are people who feel, with family and with plans about their future. Although if Chile's army isn't brainwashed, they're still doing the wrong thing, you don't necessarily have to be brainwashed to hurt people who didn't do anything without reason.

I saw videos where they took people to lonely places, shot them in the legs and left them lying there. What normal person would do that?

Anyway, I don't think this is a matter of comparison, it's something that shouldn't happen under any circumstances

There are clips that the *condoms wish would disappear. This is a 12 second clip of how they treat an unconscious protester

Once the pro CCP gets to it, it may disappear as well.

*condoms is the nickname for the police force

It's absolutely savage over there, but the resistance is some of the most ingenious and and perseverant I've ever seen. What's going on Chile as well, some very smart and tactical resistance there too.

Wow this is hectic

We did not have smart phones, nor the internet back in 1988. Hopefully that makes a difference this time around.

Dam, they need get on Steem.

Downvoting censorship would never happen here on steem......oh wait.

Why are we here again?

That happens everywhere but on Reddit you can't tell who or what accounts are doing the downvoting since everything is private. Not to mention tencent owns Reddit shares and may manipulate what is being shown and not shown there. Here nothing gets deleted.

I apologise for my facetious comment. I do realise that steem is still better than reddit, I was just pointing out that recent developments here do not really help highlight our points of difference.

The downvote pool was highly needed or the abuse and milking would've remained the way it was, not to mention the bid bots and other things that did nothing for Steem. Bear in mind I'm saying this as someone who's being targeted by downvotes by certain users ever since.

Now we have the abuse of downvotes. It's not really a surprise :)

May your downvotes be well deserved and not punitive :)

Well, I think even if there are downvotes in Steem, it's not censorship at all. The information can still be seen, everything is recorded in the blockchain, which is not the case in Reddit (I'm assuming it's not so, being honest: I've never used Reddit, lol)

Not everything. Those videos are not on the blockchain. They are on youtube. Only hyperlinks to them are stored on the blockchain.

The hyperlink to the video is stored (which is not in the blockchain, as you said, it's out of it) but the information saved here (steem blockchain) will always be recorded :)

Highly resteemed.

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sad state of affairs to have to say you will not commit suicide when the boys tasked with "saving you" show up..

HONG KONG, 8 April 2020
Headline in The South China Bugle: Successful Hong Kong Protesters Credit Steemit's Matrix-8 Platform for Renaissance of Democratic Process

"Following today's unprecedented, and unannounced 17 million-strong demonstrations in 47 cities throughout Sino-Asia – Chicom Premier-for-Eternity Mou Sy-Dung has taken an awkward, but portentous step back. Unaccustomed to surprises, or to acknowledging even the slightest defeat, he has nonetheless announced a year-long moratorium on governmental responses to peaceful protests in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Tibet. It would seem that The Chinese People's Voice—as they are calling it—has been heard!"

A new baby has been born – and left on your doorstep! This baby comes from a long line of Social Media Platforms. Its mother is Chatrooms; its father is Crowdfunding Platforms; and it speaks pure Democratic Process. Its name is the Matrix-8 Platform. And the above news report is an example of its 2020 foresight.

Source: https://steempeak.com/steemit/@matrix-8/a-newbie-s-combination-introduction-and-white-paper

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#thegreatliberation is coming