Gathering Eggs & Updating The Chicken Run

in #homesteading5 months ago

OOur last flock of chickens got wiped out by predators (probably hawks), so we've had to start over. So, I'm working on builfing a run for this group. I want it to be fairly large, and we'll have to put a top over it. It has turned into a much harder job than I had expected. It is nearly impossible to dig a post hole in our rocky soil! So, I guess we're going to have to improvise.

Our newest flock has recently begun to lay. We're collecting them every couple of days and averaging 6-7 each time. So far, only our black stars have been laying, but as soon as all of the silkies and frizzles and other frou-frous start laying, I think we'll probably separate them out. That way we will be able to sell the eggs for hatching.


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