Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar Continues

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So a couple of months ago I wrote about starting a new batch of homemade ACV using apple scraps. Well if you know me you know I'm a spacey dork because the apples have been soaking this whole time, lol. I strained them off today, though!


So I was right, and out of three full quart jars of apple pieces soaking when I started, I got about one quart finished. It smells very strong, very fermented, lol. I strained it into the "done" jars thinking that that was correct but now I see that online tutorials say I should have put it back in with the cheesecloth cover for the next month. Do you experienced ACV makers think I'll be okay if I just shake these up for the next month instead?

And yeah, I reuse cool jars - that's a rum bottle (which I was making vanilla extract with. It's the first time I used rum instead of vodka, and you do taste the rum more than the vanilla, at least with this one, which was a dark rum. In something baked like cake it's not noticeable, but in whipped cream it kinda is) and a maple syrup bottle. :)

So instead of two months, it will be three months-ish until I get finished apple cider vinegar. That's cool, vanilla takes at least that long to tincture. :D

What homemade things do you like to make?


Heyyy it didn't mould!! YASSSS!!! ACV SUCCESS!! So are you going to keep them sealed, or put a little cloth over those bottles for the next month?

I have been keeping the caps on but periodically opening them up to let out the pressure. The first time I did that, the little bottle let out a big "woosh!" of air. It always smells alcohol-y when I do it, so I supposed it will be finished when it no longer smells like booze. LOL

I make vinegar, but I use apple cider. I get lovely mothers in them this way. I make my own celery salt, onion powder, salves, and dry many of my own herbs. I make raw milk butter (50# for this year) and we do all our own butchering (chickens, beef, pigs). I make chicken and beef bone stock for a whole year and freeze it. And lots of frozen and canned vegs and fruits.

Ooh how do you make onion powder, do you need a dehydrator to do that? And do you freeze the butter?

Yes, you need a dehydrator for powders. Yes, I vacuum seal it and freeze butter.

Thank you @phoenixwren, for using the CO2 Compensation Coin (COCO) to reduce your CO2 footprint.

I drink ACV all the time to maintain good health!

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Right on! Have you ever tried making it?

Icchhh... Vinegar! 🤢
That is something I want to keep as far as my food as possible. For some reason, I simply can't stand the taste of it... I heard vinegar can be pretty good at eliminating mould, though! 😉

I use it in cleaning a lot. Diluted it also makes good hair conditioner. :)