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Below is a video showing how I use the Alaskan sawmill to cut the tops of our cabin wall logs perfectly flush and level with one another.

See how great I am at shooting video?😂🤣 That is why all my stuff is primarily just blogs. I can barely operate my camera at times,let alone use it like a professional. @samstonehill would be laughing at my attempts to be a videographer.🤣😂

But I have fun while I'm recording and while I'm working, so I know he would be happy to see that.

I don't have much to add other then the above as it's been a slow couple days at the homestead. But we are prepped and ready to start building the roof, so stay tuned for those updates. We managed to get a couple of boards in place, but the final fastening isn't even finished yet.

*A view from the top.

*One from the side.

*And one of my son and me in full selfie mode.🤣😂

Have an amazing day everyone. Take a minute to tell your friends and family you love them...for tomorrow is never guaranteed. And thanks a million for stopping by. If you enjoyed being here, please show your support by hitting the upvote button. Or even better, leave me a comment below so we can chat. To our supporters, thanks again as always for all you great folks do. I wish I could find the words to tell you all how much you each mean to us. Our life would be a lot more trying without all the great love and support we receive. 🤗🤗🤗

All photos and videos are my own taken with my Kyocera phone.

Good skills I like it 💯🐒

I'm all about a good monkeys approval. I'm glad you stopped by friend!!

Hahah fully approved 💯🐒

Brother, I am very happy you brought me here with your mention of my name. So great to see what you are up to! And I would never laugh at anyone brave enough to turn the camera upon themselves. You may have noticed there are not too many of us who do this!

And wow... where did you learn to do that? Such a great technique with the Alaskan sawmill and I feel sure this is something I will one day need to do. I was just talking with Sabrina yesterday about my desire to build a cabin in the woods, if only the local mayor would let us.

Thanks for sharing and feel free to mention me again!

Seriously impressed with what you are doing there.

Yeah, turning it on yourself it tough. It took me forever to get used to my own voice, let alone my face.🤣😂 And I learned it on line. I watched a guy cutting up big cedar trees doing and trees are little compared to his, I can do this! Also, I'm not supposed to be building this either. But it is literally in the middle of the woods. No driveway, no mailbox, no power lines(we have our own little solar array), no water/sewer hookups(we have a spring and compost our wastes), no nothing to let anyone know we ate back here. So hopefully it'll stay that way and we won't get in trouble. I believe the world may very possibly fall into chaos long before we have to worry about anything else. I'll put a video here from a while back showing our pluace.😁 Can you build a small cabin and maybe get away from it?
And thank you for your kind words, I've looked up to you for the longest time. So they mean a lot. Tell the family I said hello and I send you all all of my best love and positive vibes.

Perfect! Having now watched this film I can see how far you have come already. You are doing the right thing building it there, as a free man who does not need to seek the permission of a governing authority to build a homestead. We would not be able to do that here. So many hunters, they cover a lot of ground (and are notoriously good at finding & destroying secret weed plantations!) so would likely notice and report any building work. Soon they will outlaw hunting (due to african swine flu is my prediction) and I will be more confident to create a little spot in the woods where we can run to if we need to.

I am wondering why you chose to build on stilts?

Won't this be much harder to keep warm in the winter?

Very cool idea 👍

Thanks friend. I'm glad you stopped by.