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This week January draws to a close and the first month of the year is nearly through. I've thoroughly enjoyed the wealth of fantastic articles in the alternative lifestyle categories and know there are probably lots that I've missed. I hope you're in the mood to read and discover new things, because there's lots of juicy content for you today and a few contests to get your own creative juices flowing too.

Things happening in the community.

It's a new year and a new tag for @simplymike's garden journal challenge. If you've taken part in this before, then be aware that the tag will now be just #gardenjournal moving forward. I think it's become enough of a fixture for the gardeners on here to have a tag that weathers the passage of time. ;D Thank you @simplymike for keeping this ball rolling.


@naturalmedicine have an "art is healing" challenge out. I can't seem to find a dealine for it, but they usually run for a couple of weeks, so I'm sure you'll have plenty of time to get something in.


Just out is the new question of the week from @ecotrain! This week they're asking what your most important needs are and if they are being fulfilled. This ties in with the ongoing non-violent communication workshop from @eco-alex.


Some highlights of the week

Well @roleerob has been doing quite some research on permaculture, food forests and back to eden gardening! This is a fantastic article to put you on your own path to finding more out about these topics, especially if you're struggling to figure out where to start.


@samstonehill has been looking at vertical gardeing, but rather than buying the wall planters in, he's seeing how he can build one using old bottles which would normally go to waste.


@kindredacres discusses seasonal plants and how their nutritional and medicinal properties are often there at the perfect time for us.


There have been so many great posts this week, that for what I'd normally have as my finally entry I'm going to put some links to some enjoyable reads that I fully recommend:

@generikat: Falling Into Entrepreneurship,A Trip To An Indoor Farmers Market
@nateonsteemit: manifesting physical health through the gift of creation.
@tillysfamilyfarm: 7 Things I learned Gardening in 2019.
@gems.and.cookies: Mother-In-Law's Tongue
@jacobpeacock: The Fantastica Chronicles.

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@homesteaderscoop, On this blog looks like always aspects of natural abundance is flowing. Keep up the abundant work team and stay blessed.

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great to see some interesting projects being covered.. nice work.

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Thank you. Always a joy to cover those projects.

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Just now seeing this @homesteaderscoop / @minismallholding, as I am new to your community. It is very encouraging to me to learn you found this post to have sufficient value to support it! 😊 👍

Supported in turn and resteemed!

With the possibility / likelihood of continuing to write about this inspirational "new chapter" in our lives, I would welcome any input you might have on the best tags to use for them.

These future posts will cover the unfolding story of how we began to "bring to life" these inspirational concepts on our own little piece of the good earth.

P.S. And, yes, I see the tags you have chosen to use, but I just want to ask, as I imagine you cover a much greater scope of posts than just what I have and will continue to write about ...

Thanks, in advance, for any input you would care to provide.

Great curation @minismallholding - nice job!

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Thank you. I'm still trying to figure Twitter out at the moment, but I'll see what I can do.