Thursday Green, with a soundtrack

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Yesterday wasn't quite as hot as Tuesday, but it was still plenty unpleasant. The goats were looking uncomfortable when I went to check on them, and I had to show them the shade again. It's like they forget it's there as soon as I leave.


They aren't usually prone to lolling about when I'm there, but they were too hot to care. I gave them fresh water again, although I didn't hose them down, since they were still a little leery of the hosing they got the day before. This next shot is for @melinda010100. I know the animal photo contest was months ago, but I didn't have any sun at the time. Here's Carl's head shot.


I woke up at 2:00 this morning to the windows rattling. We got a surprise thunderstorm! A surprise both because it wasn't in the forecast and because we very rarely get thunderstorms. This one was a doozy. There was no sleeping through it, so I went out and sat on the back patio to watch the show. When we do get lightning, it's usually the kind that stays behind the clouds and lights them up. Pretty cool, but nothing too exciting. This one was the real thing: giant forked electric beasts flashing for an instant, making me a little blind in their wake. And then the deafening thunderclaps rolling around the hills like the Doppler effect from hell. Either it didn't bother any of the dogs, or they were cowering under the bed. I only saw Trixie, who had been sleeping outside as usual and went in the house to sleep as soon as she saw me. I guess she figured if I was watching over everything she could clock out. It was an amazing hour spent out in the dark by myself, and when the thunder and lightning were further apart, I went back to sleep for a couple of hours.


Today's clouds look only mildly ominous, but aside from a little rain, there haven't been any more theatrics from the heavens.


It was much cooler today, so the goats were more comfortable, but they have eaten just about all they can reach. This bank of blackberries is on the edge of a very steep drop-off that goes down to the slough. I spent an hour clipping huge canes and pulling them down where the goats can reach them. I will have to move their fence tomorrow, or cheat and just feed them.


Screech wanted his close-up. He's a little bit of a ham, but I think he looks kind of funny in this shot. Don't tell him I said so.

This is the slough I could see from where the goats are if they actually ate all the blackberries. The funk on the surface of the water is mostly thistle down. The thistles have their moment, but they really muck up the picturesque quality of the water this time of year.


Stay grounded, everyone, unless there's a thunderstorm!

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Is that screech as inspired by the nineties TV show ?

Storms are great to hear if possible from the safety of one's bed.

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Good pop culture memory! Screech was rejected by his mother and spent his first month living in the house. He was very demanding when it was time for his bottle. It's a habit he still hasn't outgrown.

The storm was too loud to stay in bed. I had to go outside to enjoy it.

I wouldn't have thought thistle down would do so much!
Cool thunderstorm!
Are you using Discord at all at the moment?

I've hardly been online at all the last week or so. It's been so crazy busy. I will check Discord, though!

There are hundreds of thistles on that property and they make quite a mess when they pop.

I love a good thunderstorm. Just had to google 'doozy'.

I do too. That's funny. I've had to google lingo that other people use too.

Lightning storms are frighting but thrilling. A bit like Scary Mary ... :-)DSC_0125.JPG

Hahahaha! So true!

Ha! Fantastic shadow shot! I love it. They we're predicting a thunderstorm this afternoon here and somehow or another it vanished and now I need to go out to water my plants! Good to know Trixie trusts you to take over such an important role.

Thank you! I think of you every time I see shadows in my photos. The thunderstorm was pretty exciting. Apparently one bolt hit a tree and started a fire. We don't get that kind of thing around here very often.

Trixie is the supreme overseer of everything, unless she needs some time off! Ha ha.

We also have rain fir almost two weeks now!

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I have to admit when I read you have to show the goats to go into the shade I have people at work that would fit in well with your goats LOL

The average Brit doesn't know to get into the shade.
Especially the balmy army brigade when on tour for the ashes in Oz.

I'm sorry @goat-girlz that is all probably gobbledygook to you but jay will get it.

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Lol and yes I get it
Now I am very pale skinned so I can’t really talk but as a Brit friend said to me once in Singapore I think it was
How can you spot a British Tourist here? There either Snow White or a hot burnt red

And also the old saying only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun ☀️

Your goats are always a pleasure to see. Nice shadow of Carl’s head.
Glad the thunderstorm is over and no harm done.

Thank you! I'm glad it cooled down a little. The goats aren't used to the heat.

Hey, hope you're well. I've just started curating for @curangel and proposed this post for an upvote which should come through at some stage hopefully. Keep up the good work @goat-girlz! Love ya work!

Check out @cureangel for details on the initiative.

Thank you so much! I appreciate the support.

You're welcome. @curangel offers the support, I just sent your post as something I felt could use it. You always post well...I'll send more of your work I'm sure, because I enjoy it, and because it's good.

Looking at Screech! His two eyes are quite far apart! I wonder how he sees things: as a flat screen or a curve vision?!

That's a good question!

Please ask the goats for me!

At least the thunderstorm gave you some respite from the heat. 😊

It was such a nice break! We had some rain the next day that really cooled things down.

👍 😊

Haha – Nice description of the storm. We get a lot of them in Minnesota during the summers. Funny the dogs weren't around. My first dog used to try to squeeze under whatever you were sitting on at the first thunderclap.

I'm pretty sure they were hiding under the bed!

I can't blame them, is too hot to remember where the heck the shadows are! 😅