40 Kg Honey Harvest

Hey everyone, nothing quiet beats the sounds of the honey flow, but Craig, what does a honey flow sound like? Bzzzzzzzzz, what else? Hehehee



Not much is quiet as rewarding as been a bee-keeper. I have millions of workers working for me day and night without fail and I need not pay them a cent, what am I ? A Bee-keeper, best job on Earth eh!


Above and below we have some epic fully capped and mature ripe honey, what a blessing. Every year from around October to January we have the most incredible Jacaranda and citrus blossoms thus allowing for an amazing honey season.


Last night we harvested a whopping 45kgs from 7 hives, truly incredible!


These we will need to uncap and spin off, then bottle should take me a few hours but free money for a little work, blessings intop of blessings .. haha

Nature the incredible.

I trust you have an amazing Weekend!

Love and light always and may you always be abundantly blessed.



Hi craigcryptoking,

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Saweet thanks boss .. Cheer$;P