House building diary. March 2020

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I have not covered the progress of the construction of my house for a long time. Not sure if anyone else is interested in this topic, but nonetheless I decided to write today a small report on the progress of the construction.

My wife and I finally installed a large window in the living room


I set the stairs to the second floor


Almost finished laying the tiles in the bathroom and installing equipment for water supply



I installed the door to the bedroom, held out electrical outlets and covered the floors. I haven’t finished with the walls yet, I will leave this task for the summer, when it will be warm and dry.



In parallel with the internal work, I began to cover the house with handmade plywood shingles (I will do a separate post about this)


Today my wife with one of our sons inspected the progress of the construction and were satisfied, and since they are happy, then I am.


I would like to complete the construction quickly, but to do everything alone is not so simple, but I still try to finish the construction already this summer.

So wish me luck :)


It's amazing that you're able to do all this work by yourself. Well, with the help of your wife. :)

It's really impressive! Good luck with the rest of construction.


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