I started working on a new tool for the homestead,what do you think?

in homestead •  28 days ago  (edited)

I found a John Deere Gator with a dump bed, used but in good shape.


Even though it is running, I am rebuilding the carburetor, new shocks, a cab, and I will add a power kit to the dump bed.

Here it is with the dump bed raised.


It has a Kawasaki engine that sounds pretty good. The starter is new, but I intend to paint the exhaust with black high temp barbecue paint, to stop corrosion.


When I'm done I'll use this Gator as a small dump truck to move the dirt that I'm going to dig out, when I make the walipini greenhouse.

With a small backhoe I already bought I should be able to dig the entire Greenhouse structure out without ever touching the dirt.


I think this will be a good combination, and should save me a lot of time; when I begin the actual build on the homestead. It should save my back too, because I need to move several thousand cubic feet of dirt for the walipini greenhouse.

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Now you're just tryin to make me jealous! What do you mean by "power kit" for the bed?

You know they don't allow machines in Texas, has to be a horse, LOL!

The power kit will dump the bed at the touch of a button. Tilt beds allow the driver to manually tilt the bed. I have to dump several hundred loads...NOT by hand!

I hope to add a PTO pump too, maybe to run a large generator in a pinch. It should spin a 20 KW generator, and I think I found one that needs work.


Oh that sounds cool! Is the power kit an add on that you buy like an accessory from the dealer? I would want one of those too.

Yes, they sell it as an upgrade. I will look at it, I may build my own if they are greedy, LOL!

It will make it more useful for sure. I will be adding a winch too, on the front. Likely a cab when that is done.

Oh a wench would be great. If it ever goes missing don't worry about it, I got it. lol.

No problem, I shoot trespassers...might be worth it, LOL!


What if I case your place and wait until you leave?

My dog bites...and Debbie is a great shot, so come on by! Be sure to tell her you are a Texican too, ROFLOL!


This looks like a good little project and will certainly take some of the effort out of moving stuff around. I'm afraid I'd hoon around in it dirt-track racing style if I was there, although i don't suppose it would reach the speeds I would like it to...And that you'd get annoyed with me so I'd probably just ride in the shotgun seat and let you do the driving.

It will save me a lot of hard work. I also plan to run the trails along the lakeshore, and use it to move my canoe to the lake. So It's half work, and half play; should be a lot of fun....

You're Always welcome to ride shotgun with me...I'll even let you pick out the shotgun!


The black powder one please. Lol

I'll have it ready!

Double barrel...good choice. I have a NASTY load for that one! a ring of six smaller buckshot, with a 5/8 inch single ball, and six more on top. It Makes a Nasty hole.....


That'll make a statement when I fire it at an appropriate target. 🙂

You should have a verbal statement to match....

BTW you have to wait a few seconds until the smoke dissipates, before you can see the target, LOL!


Lol, well that's a good thing, because if I miss they won't be able to see me to return fire. By then, I'm reloaded and ready to go again.

Double barrel solves that, LOL!

They used to load one with buckshot for close, and one with a ball shot for longer ranges. They called it Buck and Ball, and it made a double barrel a feared toy back then! This one loads a 5/8 inch (15+mm) ball, and weighs 350 grains...That is going to HURT, LOL!

I like to dump 100 grains of powder behind it, that way, the target gets burned a little too....


Positive completion of your work!

Trying to get it done, LOL! All I lack is finishing up....


Patience, patience and good results at work! :-)))

Sometimes it seems like I spend my entire day repairing things! Just fixed a fuel pump on the pickup we have been fixing! One less thing to do now, LOL!

Travel trailer move is next....


You are probably a specialist in finding a job for yourself! :-)))
That is, you can’t sit still! :-)))

If I stop, nothing gets done, and That is Not acceptable. So sometimes I push a little, LOL!


Push, push!
I wish you more strength! :-)))

Well the bed is back on the pickup we are repairing for the single Mom. Next step is a new ignition, plugs here, wires coming. Trying to make sure she doesn't have trouble!

Tongue lock coming for the travel trailer. It would be bad to tow it to the Homestead, only to have it stolen (Not Likely) when I leave it there, LOL!

I have to get out there before I plant much, the deer eat it otherwise.


It is worth saving your back by any means, you can get new machines anytime

True, I need to protect my back, so I can get everything else done! This will have a big role in speeding things up, and getting us out to the Homestead.



Probably will be worth 4 months time saved.



And one back saved too, LOL!


The most important part of the whole thing I would say

I have had three back surgeries, so I am cautious about moving thousands of cubic feet of dirt. This way, the machines do the work, not my back....


Nice having the right tools for the job mate.

This is a minimum for what I have to do, but it is enough; I'll get the holes dug....