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In my last post we lost our workhorse at the homestead. It was our 1981 Honda 185S three-wheeler. We had had her about ten years and supplied us a lot of fun and helped us achieve ton of work over the years. But alas, something in the engine or transmission locked up...

But then I got a phone call from my dad asking me to stop by. When I got there he said he was wanting to show me a four-wheeler he had....but then he told me he was wanting to give it to my family for free and I wanted to cry.( I didn't because that's not how it is with my dad and me.) I hadn't even told him yet about the three-wheeler breaking.

All I could think is that all the positive vibrations I give out have brought me this gift at the exact moment I needed it. And here it is the new workhorse for our homestead.


As much as I love our three-wheeler, this is quite a huge improvement. It has a 300 cc motor verses our previous 185. It will have a lot more power for our big jobs. Plus, because it's a four-wheeler, it will be safer for us to use. It will be more stable and easier to use on our rough trails.

And all that is great, but without my dad and his huge generous heart, we would not have it.


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This is wonderful, and how timely! It was lovely for @mrnightmare89 to share this happy story with us in PYPT! 😊

Thank you so much. And yes, it's always nice to see him come out of his shell. Thank you also for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed my attempt at a post.😁😁

We'd like for you to come on mic some week at PYPT, too!

I'd love to be on too! I've tried a couple times. But my life is a little bit crazy busy right now. But is there two show on Thursday? Maybe i can do it if there are different times I can try.

Yes, we do PYPT twice each Thursday: at 11am EDT, and then again at 7pm EDT!

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That is the spirit of the one big happy family. Not like mine always fighting I don't know why?

I'm sorry to hear that brother. Just stay positive and believe in peace for yous in the future...and love them all. I think that is all you can do my friend. I sincerely hope this GS will get better dear brother.

Yes, true I don't know why brother, time change actually we are a religious family but I don't know why they change my father ways treat.

What a great gift. Thanks Big Daddy Doer!!

Be careful with the four wheeler though. Here in Australia, there are a number of deaths reported each year where people (sadly often children) are attempting to exceed the capabilities of their machine and the laws of physics.

I agree...A BIG THANKS TO BIG DADDY DOER!! And we will of course be careful. Evan will not be allowed to ride this one by himself as it is too big and powerful for him to handle. But he is so excited to have it after his 3 wheeler broke. Thanks for the heads up and for thinking about us dear friend. It means a lot.🤗

Oh.... wonderful, after your horse was damage here's another blessings for you brother. It seems the fate is doing amazing to you. You're being love my friend, I'm happy for you. Now you can use that into your farm, by the way I think I didn't see content that you're father was invloved and a photo of him. Just wondering my friend,

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Thanks brother. And as far as my dad, he doesn't like having his picture taken. He is shy like you are at times. But regardless i am sooo happy and thankful that he was thinking of us.

Amazing isn't it? How loves you shared bring more loves to you and your family😉 I think with this new 4 wheels... Evan could take Evil too😁 congratulations.. Happy for you and looking forward for more progress at the new homestead😉

It really is neat to watch love work in full circles. And i beat Evan will love trying to take Evil with him. But she is a crazy dog and would probably no off to go after the first squirrel or rabbit she saw so she needs to stay off the four wheeler.😁😁 Thank you so much Cici for everything you have done. We send you and your awesome husband all our love!

Thank you @johndoer123 ..what a lovely face to see both of you smiling like that

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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