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I am posting this as a time-stamped record, thanks to the wonderful immutability of or chain.

After recently posting concerning a trespasser being caught on camera on my property,(read about it here.) I got a new episode of trespassing caught on video.




I called the local law enforcement to make them aware of the situation. I did not give them my evidence or much information. I simply wanted them to be aware of what was happening. And after talking to them, I decided they seemed pretty ignorant, and that I am probably better off figuring this out on my own.


This is what did it. I called the neighbor to the east of me. He lives a little ways up the road, and I was relieved by what he had to tell me. Simply put, it was him who is in the pictures above. He was not wanting to drive through his crops to get to his hunting spot so he was using my road. This is a lot better then a lot of the scenarios that went through my head.

We chatted for a bit and at the end of our conversation we agreed that we would work together on hunting to try to maximize our harvests.

I am extremely happy with the outcome of this situation and I am hopeful for our continued relationship. It is always better to work with people then to fight. And compromising to meet common goals is an amazing way to build community and friendships.

*All photos are mine taken from my Moultrie trail cameras.

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Great news that it was your neighbour just passing through, and not someone hunting illegally on your property . A collaborative relationship with your neighbour sounds like it's in everyone's best interests - you might even be able to recruit him to Steem as well.

PS - These Homestead updates would be perfect for the #lifestyle tag - gotta get stack those tokens as well as Steem when you can my friend.

Lifestyle tag...I need to remember that as i was having a hard time coming up with tags for this one. And yeah, I'll stack every token I can.😁 And that is an interesting thought about recruiting him to steem. He's a little older then me so I'm not sure on his level of tech savvy but i think I'll give it a shot in the near future. Nice SBI vote by the way.😁

well, good to know that you made new friends there my friend. Yeah it's better to have more people to work for..
be safe always brother

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Yeah hopefully our friendship will grow and we can help each other.

Just like the saying goes, two hands are better than one.
Weldone John. It's also good you called the Sheriff to inform them about matter.

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Yeah it is just better to make friendships with people than to just make an enemy out of them which would make your world more easy and secured @johndoer123
Best regards to your farm :D

Yes. Since i don't live there yet I am hoping he will be an extra set of eyes to help me keep the place safe.

I was waiting for your, I caught the trespasser post.

I'm happy to read it was just your neighbor.

Sounds like good news all around.

I was glad to make the post... especially since it ended up so we'll resolved. Now, to the future and hopefully a good new relationship.