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These are Strawberries and Blackberries. I am dehydrating them and after they are done, I will be vacuum sealing them into bags so they will stay good a long time.(many years) They will then be put(along with other foods) in a water tight storage container and buried. I don't want to worry about food in a worst case scenario.


These are bananas and blackberries. We have also already done apples and oranges in the past as well. They are already sealed up and ready to go.



I know a few of you out there probably think I'm going a little over the top.(you may also be one of the many hoarding toilet paper.) BUT....if you don't have food to eat, you won't have any need for all that T.P.😆

Besides toilet paper is not , in my eyes, anywhere near essential enough for me to buy a bunch, because if things get bad, I'll use what I have(old clothes, leaves, animal furs) There really are a lot of options for that without the need to buy a bunch.

Have you ever spent a weekend trying to live off the land? If not, let me share my experiences doing so as I have lived "in the rough" for over a week on a few occasions.

First,I never found myself wanting/needing toilet paper while trying to hunt/scavenge for my next meal. When it's time for "number 2" I always simply went in the woods and cleaned up with some leaves....

My point is this...Things like T.P. are nice...but not essential. As I heard the stories of the masses buying it, I wondered how much non perishable goods do these people have at home? And I hoped that they already had lots of it before spending a lot on things that aren't truly essential.


Yummy.... Blueberries and Strawberries. We love variety and it's good for us to have a good mixture of healthy stored food goods so we can stay healthy in dire times.


Really in a world, that at times, can be so far beyond our control, focusing on the good, is all we have. I am enjoying as much time as possible with my family and loved ones. I am also looking for news stories about people helping one another as this makes me feel better about the current world situations.


MMMMMM.....bananas. My family loves them and this time around I'm making up four big bundles into dried banana chips.

.....just saw the clock.........time to get to work, so I can afford some more toilet paper.😂😆😂

I'm kidding my friends....about the toilet paper, not about having to go. So until next time....

Love your loved ones and the needy members of your community. Help those in need and those who cannot help themselves. Take time for those who need you for a second.

And don't worry so much about this virus, if it doesn't kill you.... I promise, something else is going to. SO ENJOY LIFE WHILE YOU CAN! GET OUT OF YOUR HOUSE AND BREATH SOME FRESH AIR.

As always thank you all for swinging by and if you enjoyed my little rantings, feel free to so some love in the form of an upvote or resteem. Thanks for all your love and support, it means the world to me.🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

All pictures are my own taken with my Kyocera phone.
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That is very wise of you to do @johndoer123 i was wondering if you store them long will they not get damaged by fungi since they have no preservatives?

Here in my place if there will be nothing to buy at the stores we are done for :/
I don't think that my parents will fish to the nearby river, maybe collect clams there they can >o<

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Looks delicious! I'm a big a Fruit 🤣... lover.